8 Aug 2011

Water and Sun

Hello everyone, hope your Sunday was fun.

We had a good weekend, which included me starting to paint something on Saturday– hopefully once is done I will have the courage to show it on this blog.

We went to church and then had lunch with some friends at their cabin on Blaine Lake. The invitation included sleeping over as well. In the evening it was just me and hubby, we watched Castaway, and just enjoyed each other’s company. We felt blessed.

This morning the sun coming through the windows wake me up. The water of the lake played it music against the shore. It felt good. I felt blessed to experience such a wonderful moment. I wish I had a camera to capture that moment – I forgot the card at home. But it didn’t matter because the most important thing is to cherish each precious moment without worrying about cameras.

The stay at the cabin made us think that in life is important to live rather than accumulate all the riches in the world without enjoying each moment that the sun brings us.

We want to live and enjoy life together with Berry.

Have a great week my lovelies.


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  1. sounds like the perfect place to be...glad you guys could have some time away!

  2. sounds like the perfect weekend! anytime together is a blessing!

  3. so many positive thoughts...i love the peace that comes with being in nature...so glad you got to spend quality time together.

  4. Nature is incredible, I love it :)

  5. I agree with Monique about the peace and quiet that comes with nature too!


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