29 Sep 2011

Baby Shower and Registry

I just came back from Mrs Pancakes loving and exciting virtual baby shower. Being surrounded by lovely and kind people it reminded me of what happened last week.

So, last week hubby comes home and says:

  1. “16th October my boss’s wife and another colleague want to throw us a joint baby shower.”
  2. “They asked me if we have a baby gift registry.”

I was so touched by the thought of them hosting a baby shower for us. That’s so kind of them, it makes me all speechless and teary for happiness. I never thought we were going to have a baby shower because our family is all over the world apart from this little town in Canada; but here we are, going to have a baby shower. We are happy to be surrounded by such wonderful thoughtful and kind people. We feel truly blessed!

Then the question of baby registry sent us into a complete panic state. To do baby registry or not to baby registry?Gifts_for_baby


That’s the question!

We never thought about baby registry. Now that they’ve been asked if we have one, we don’t know what to do. Hubby doesn’t like the idea of baby registry because he doesn’t want people to feel like they HAVE to buy us something. We were not expecting this kindness and whatever people feel like giving us will be more than welcome.

What would you do? Baby registry or not to baby registry?


  1. NOT-registering is somethign we never even considered. Where we live it just kind of goes with the territory of being pregnant...of course I have 2 showers that were being planned practically before we even knew we were pregnant!

    If someone has offered to throw you a shower, I always like having some idea of what the couple is interested in, needs, etc. instead of just buying something random...of course you'll get plenty of random gifts as well!

  2. You need to register asap! Like Lauren said, I didn't know people didn't register, at least for the 1st one. Go tonight!

  3. Oh ladies thanks for the advice.

    We are going to do a baby registry, because as you clearly make me notice it will help our guests :)!

  4. Ooh yeahhh for baby registry...only way I will be getting my sister something before I see her is through her registry so it does help:-) good luck with choosing...I heard that's the best. And how thoughtful are your hubby's co-wokers! Makes my heart happy for you!

  5. definitely do a baby registry. diapers.com is a good site you don't want to end up getting two strollers or two high chairs or whatever so it's best to do one if you'd like you can put things on there that aren't very expensive like onesies, diaper cloths, small toys and things like that...good luck

  6. Baby registers are awesome! How sweet to have a virtual one though!

    My blog is a week and a half old and having a blast meeting everyone! I'm a new follower!!

  7. Register! I felt weird registering for some things for similar reasons, but its just a guide not a must-buy. Some people will want to buy gifts no matter what, so for those that do and don't know what to get.....check the registry. I know you already got that, but I still wanted to comment. :-)
    Excited for you!

  8. you def. have to register! i don't have experience firsthand but it is so helpful going to a shower knowing what the couple needs instead of buying something that the couple may not need!

  9. I think you should register so you can get things you like. That is so touching that they are throwing you a shower. My one piece of advice would to make sure to register for gifts at all price points so people can find something that they are comfortable spending! congrats! xoxo

  10. I agree with all the ladies. You should register for sure. Good luck :)

  11. I always think registries are a good idea and you'll be so happy to receive things you actually wanted. You'll definitely still get your share of the random gifts as well.
    We did with our wedding!


  12. I'd register. It gives your guests an idea of what you are wanting. They can chose from there or not. Love your blog.

  13. I just put together a list of items I knew I needed along with theme and color scheme we were going along with. I left it up to my guests to decide where they wanted to purchase items from. So, maybe that would be a great alternative for you all instead of registering with a specific store.


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