1 Sep 2011

First Childbirth Experience and Other Inspirations

Monday we went to our first session of prenatal classes, the one hosted by the local hospital.

It was interesting to attend, because I wasn’t aware that some women are so scared of labour. Many of the women I follow on the blogsphere show the positive side of labour and that’s very important to me. It was interesting also because hubby learnt that the pain of labour is not the pushing itself but the contractions that the pregnant woman experiences in the first stage. This phase can last hours.

We watched a video of women giving birth as part of the class. After the viewing the instructor asked “What are the four letter words that come to mind when you think about labour?”

Some women shouted “Work!” “Pain!” “Fear!” “Help!” In the meantime I was thinking Happy! But that’s five letter words. I don’t think about fear or all the negative side of labour. Then I thought Love, but it was too late for me to say it out loud, because the instructor said “It is true that labour is work, that’s why it’s called ‘labour’. But don’t forget the most important word BABY!” That was the word that my subconscious translated into happy! I am thinking about labour with a happy and positive mindset because it will give me a healthy, strong, happy loving baby! Those are the most important words labour brings to mind.

When I think about labour I am not scared – though before considering the journey to pregnancy I was. I know it can be very painful, many women will agree, even those who had a wonderful experience. But I know that the pain passes that’s why women can have more than one child. I also know that I will have something special after that moment. At the moment I am looking up to one of my sister-in-laws.

June 2005, she asked me to be her support partner at the birth of her first child. 

Her waters broke in the middle of the night – around 2am. My brother, my mother, my sister-in-law and I went to the hospital together. She was in pain but she was so composed and managed the pain so well. I was impressed. While she was knocking her fingers together I was telling her “Don’t worry if you want to shout, don’t worry about letting out the pain.” That’s what I would have done in that moment. I would have cried for the pain, but still feeling the love within me. She didn’t get all the preparation I am fortunate to receive through prenatal classes, because the doctors don’t offer to women in Italy.

She went through the contraction pains by knocking her fingers together. Even when it was time to push, she didn’t scream in pain or nothing dramatic as we see in films. She kept focusing and praying throughout – now I know it is called hypnobirthing. She really made childbirth look easy. After 6 hours of active labour she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.

She is one of my inspirations. I know I might cry at the first stage of active labour, but those will be tears of joy. I will try to focus by listening to love songs and Christian songs. Another inspiration is my mother, I know she gave birth to me and my siblings through natural birth – I guess, it wasn’t the prime option in the seventies and eighties. And currently I am inspired by all the women who are not fortunate, unlike some of us, to have all the medication at their fingertips. I wonder how they do it, I am sure they take childbirth as a natural process. 

Getting inspiration from all the strong women around me, I am getting ready for a home-natural-water birth. I am not a fan of epidural (I will explain in another post). But if in emergency I have to get the epidural, I will not feel like I failed, because all I want is a healthy and happy baby at the end of the push. 


  1. That is the right attitude to have :-)

  2. I love your outlook on labor. I'm also happy to hear you are trying for a natural home water birth. My goal is to labor naturally as well and I too like all the inspiration I've found in bloggers who did it.

  3. I was silently terrified of giving birth. I had an epidural when I reached 5cm which is when it became toooooo painful for me. Hey, I was terrified of needles too, lol! After giving birth twice, I'm glad I did it the way I did it. If I had all the examples that you had, I may have done it differently. I love your outlook going in though!

  4. When I was studying my hypnobabies C.D's they taught me labor is called pressure waves. So I never looked at it as pain. I looked at it as temporary pressure waves that will bring my adorable baby. I was induced with NO epidural. And it was an amazing experience. I'm so happy that you are going to do an at home water birth. It's going to be amazing.

  5. Keya, my midwife suggested hypnobirth, so I am going to find a CD to study.


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