4 Sep 2011

Home Grown Vegetables

Apart from growing a baby in the belly, we are also trying our hand at growing our own vegetables.

It is our first time trying to grow our own vegetables. Initially we were worried nothing will come out of the soil, because we didn’t plan anything. We just went row by row, and the beans we collapsing as they grew, we didn’t see anything on the plant until few weeks ago. However, we are eating what we sowed. homegrownhomegrown2 homegrown3It makes us happy to be able to hold in our hands something little we put in the soil at the beginning of spring. It fels me with pure joy.homegrown4Everything was delicious, but the potatoes were, OMG, so SO buttery. Home grown stuff are great. We are happy we tried. We still have sweet corn to pick. This was a great lesson, next year we will be little a bit prepared.  

Hope your Sunday was nice and relaxing.

Unknown Mami


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  1. Oh that's beautiful. I would love to grow my own vegetables. I need to get a fence first to keep the animals away.

  2. wow..i love that! i do find that home grown vegetables are much more delicious. glad yours tasted a little heavenly!

  3. Can't wait until I start gardening again!

  4. wow your bounty of vegetables is amazing!

  5. Wow, that is great. Like Keya, we have deer around so it's hard to grow anything around here. Your harvest of veggies look great. Congrats!

  6. ahhh, looks so good! i can only imagine how great and proud you both must feel ... i hope to grow our veggies next spring! crossing my fingers that i get a green thumb for next Spring! :)


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