14 Sep 2011

If I Was A Rich Girl: Elemis and Mama Mio

Yes, if I was a rich girl I would treat myself like a celebrity and get all the best body oils out there.

I have a list of products I wanted for my body when I was planning to become pregnant but I haven’t be able to buy them because… I am not living in London and some of these products seem to be hard to find here {{{blame it on the location}}}.

For instance I wanted to buy Japanese Camellia Oil by Elemis, an oil great for preventing stretch marks. Mama Mio tummy Rub stretch mark oil and boob tube bust & neck firmer. elemis-horz


VB used Elemis in all her pregnancies and she loved it. Jessica Alba used Mama Mio products and she says it smells yummy. I also know that all products are great for post-pregnancy, so I am going to buy them as soon as I can.

In the meantime I use these oils:oils

If you were a rich girl, which expensive body oils would you buy? What are your favourite body oils?


  1. I can't even remember what I'm using, but my parents brought it back to me from a vacation to St. Bart's! It's been fabulous and I love it!

  2. I might be a simple girl because all I use is cocoa butter!

  3. I don't really have a favorite oil, but when I was pregnant I used baby oil with vitamin E. Cocoa Butter by Palmers, I thought was good too.
    As far as stretch marks I don't know if there really is anything 100%....

  4. honestly, i have no clue! because i don't use any expensive oils so i don't know which ones would or does work well ... ahh, if i were rich, all the things i would know! :)


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