26 Sep 2011


Hello ladies,

how y’all doing? – I like it when in my head I sound American but if I try to speak I sound so different, LOL!

Anyway, how are you all doing? Hope well.

Here in my city life is getting enjoyably hectic. We’ve been up and down enjoying life.

Also in the blogsphere/websphere I am enjoying popularity – so to speak. Anna Deskins, a children’s writer, interviewed few weeks ago and today you can read the interview on her website. Hope you can stop by to read to learn more about me – bare in mind that Tatiana is my pseudonym, you can read about the name here!

See you on AnnaDeskins.com!


  1. just read your lovely interview...you will write an amazing book i always enjoy reading what you write..keep it up!

  2. Thank you Monique, your words are very encouraging :)!

  3. Very cool - I will go and read your interview now. :)

  4. Congrats on being featured! I enjoyed reading it and getting to know you more :)

  5. lovely interview! i agree with Monique ... you are a great writer! can't wait until the day you tell us you are being published.

    p.s. you are going to be {are} an amazing mother.

  6. Excellent job TOI! it was a pleasure reading more about you as a soon to be mom and writer!

  7. So nice to get to know you better!

    ~ Angela

  8. Thank you ladies for stopping by and reading :)

  9. What a fun interview! I think it's so neat that you were chosen for that! Best of luck with all your writing dreams and ambitions. I think Tatiana is a lovely name. I have a dear friend with that name. :)

  10. Very encouraging, thanks for posting


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