12 Sep 2011

The Midwife

I have a midwife just due to Almighty’s blessings. I give Him praise and honour.

I am lucky to have a midwife, because the city I live in there are only three midwives at the moment. In this city – or I believe everywhere in Canada, I am not sure – you can either have an obstetrician or a midwife. But you have to register with the midwifery system the minute you find you you are pregnant.  So, I call it luck because I was able to find a midwife three and half months after finding out that I am carrying Berry.

I received her call one morning and that day for some weird reason I had my phone one bed, next to me. She asked me if I could attend an induction. It was an induction for women due in February.

I felt bad leaving my OB, but I thought about what I was looking for in a midwife and opted to switch. I am so happy I did. Although I met my OB from week 12 up to week 24, I feel like I know my midwife more though I’ve met her only three times. I also met another of the midwives and I have the same sensation. Since getting to know my midwife, I am planning a different type of birth. I always wanted a natural birth, but now I have also the option of home/water birth. With the OB I only had natural/hospital birth.

I like going to see my midwife. Since week 28 I have to see her every two weeks and I count the days till I see her. She is patient and takes time to explain each question I ask. She answer my silly questions such as “Am I squashing the baby in this position? Is it okay to rub the belly in this way, am I am pressing too much?” as if they were important. I leave the appointment satisfied with myself.

She also tells me how Berry is positioned. Today I know that Berry is positioned head down, bottom up and back on my left side. I like to know the baby’s position to study the kicks and movements in details. In this way I can daydream about which part of the little body is stretching against my belly wall.  

I also like my midwife because she is friendly and supportive. She encourages me to meet with other pregnant women to share experiences. To get to know other couples and today she said she is going to try to introduce us to another mix race couple. I don’t mind which couple we meet but I must admit getting to know other mix race couple in this medium size city will be nice. She told me the couple have two children, one is two years and the other was born in March. I am looking forward to meet them because we will have lot to discourse. I thought it was going to easy to get to know parents but if your midwife doesn’t suggest websites to browse and expecting parents events to attend then we would have been clueless.

Each midwife appointment lasts about 1 hour.  

This kind of dedication is one thing that the OB never gave us – the appointment was about 20 minutes, 5 of which was spent waiting for her to come.

If it was not for my midwife I would have never known about natural prenatal birth classes. We are attending three prenatal classes with the hospital and from Wednesday we will start an eight week prenatal classes with a doula. This class will more personal.

I feel so lucky also because every service I am receiving at the moment – apart from the hospital prenatal classes – are free, because hubby is paying the tax. We are so blessed. I am so happy to have a midwife and live in Canada.

God is good, all the time! All the time, God is good!


  1. I think a midwife is a great option.I had an OB, but I know many who have had great experiences with a midwife. I wish you a great experience, which seems you are already on that path.

  2. Ahhh Canada...you gotta love! A country where your taxes works for you in every way. Love it! Plus dont feel guilty for
    Changing your OB this is a lot your comfort level!

  3. I'm glad you were able to find a midwife! I love midwives and wish they were more popular here. People look at you strangly if you say you are seeing a midwife over an OB.

  4. that is so great! very happy to hear this good news! you are indeed blessed!

  5. Glad everything is going well! :)


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