16 Sep 2011

PAL – week 30

Dear Berry AO,

PAL-horzWe are 30 weeks and 4 days. I love feeling you in my belly. I still feel the warmth and joy when I know you are awake and want to play. I can still sleep quite well and I am still enjoying each minute of carrying you. Your daddy said “If Berry asks me how mummy felt when she was carrying me, I will say she loved you being in her belly so much that she wanted to have you there forever.” That said I am counting the weeks till I can see you and hold you in my arms. I hope you are in the right position.

Today is your maternal grandmother’s birthday. She is the woman who gave birth to me, who made possible for me to be alive to be able to carry you in my womb.

In her honour I wrote:PALBerry, there were times that I argued with your grandmother. There were times I did things that hurt her feelings and viceversa. But for all those years I’ve always known that blood is thicker than water and I would never let anyone say something bad about her because she is my pride, my admiration and love. I know that in the same way I am her pride, her admiration and love. She is my mother and father wrapped in one.

Family is a difficult matter, but always know that PAL has to prevail. I would like you to feel PAL for your grandmother, because, no matter the arguments, we are who we are because of her. week30

And you have to remember that sometimes we might bicker, but pride, admiration and love will be always what I have inside for you.

Always my biggest love,


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  1. such a lovely post! my favorite note to berry so far! you are so cute! this was so sweet and put a smile on my face!

  2. beautiful post!!! your belly totally rocks! being pregnant really is just a very sweet taste. i love this post :]

  3. The poem brought tears to my eyes. Lucky Little Berry to have you as his/her Momma.

  4. Thanks for sharing such beautiful thoughts. It really is a blessing and you have to treat it as such. The pictures are really beautiful. :)

  5. Oh you look adorable and your dress is so adorable!

  6. What an absolutely blog gift to give your child. Always keep your blog safe for years to come. This is priceless.
    Happy SITS day!

    Chalk it up!

  7. Awww. You are a beautiful mum, Toi. :)

  8. Happy 30 Weeks!!! Love the dress.

  9. I had goose bumps reading this letter to Berry! How beautiful that as you are becoming a mother you have PAL for your own mom! You look beautiful too in the pictures!

  10. Cute post! I love your dress and belt. :)

  11. what a beautiful post ... i just love seeing what a beautiful mother you are already! your posts make me so happy.

    you look lovely in your pictures too!


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