2 Sep 2011

Week 28

Berry AO,

yesterday we went to see our midwife. She is very nice. She told me that based on the last scan everything is in the right position. week 28 She measured my belly and we are banged on the measurement we should be at this week. That means you are perfect size for your age. I was so happy to know that. We listened to your heartbeat, it is regular and healthy. Berry you are doing very good.

I still like it when you surprise with a nudge. That’s a game between you and I. Oh, talking about games, daddy likes to crawl on the floor and surprise me. He says I have to get use to a little person crawling on the floor. I join him when he comes crawling. It’s funny, we love it and we can’t wait to try that with you.

Today I drove daddy to work and saw some students going to school. Some schools opened this week. I love classrooms and seeing students make me miss school. I hope you will love education like daddy and I. I miss the smell of old books in the school libraries. My favourite subjects are Literature and History. On the other hand your dad likes Science and Maths. I hope you will like reading, it is my favourite way to escape when I want to dream.

We are going to buy stuff for your nursery tomorrow. You and I are sharing the studio I’ve set up in our house. I had to clear half on the room so daddy would agree, because he believes my books are everywhere. He thinks a baby’s room should be empty, with a mirror on the floor so you can see yourself and learn about yourself. I’ve cleared more than half room for you. I am excited to start putting everything together. I have the theme selected – maybe I’ve already told you this. I hope it is nice once everything is put together. I am going to keep my part clear of clutter.

One of daddy’s work colleagues and his wife want to give us some baby items because they have like two car seats, baby carrier and other stuff they don’t use. We will then start buying baby clothing for you. The time is getting closer and I am just thinking about labour and how to receive you in the world.

I am looking forward to the cold and snow because of you. I really can’t wait to meet you and hold you in my arms. You are going to be our special water bottle.




  1. Reading your last sentence made me smile because I think last year you couldn't wait for the snow to leave:-) having Berry should make it a very cozy winter. Glad you and Berry are doing well. Love the Berry Bump!

  2. ohh, your bump is so cute and perfect! Love it!

  3. this is so lovely, i'm so glad you have kind friends who will give you things for the baby, kids grow out of their stuff so fast. your baby bump looks beautiful


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