23 Sep 2011

Week 31 – 8 +/- Weeks To Go

Dear Berry AO,

we will see each other in 8 weeks +/- seven days from today. I dreamt that you are born on November 29th, the nurse winked at me and said “That’s the date with overdue date included.” You have a cousin born on November 30th 2008, so if you come on that date you two will share date of birth. But maybe you want to come on the 29th.

I was talking to your grandmother and I ask her if she felt much contractions when it was my time to come out. She told me that she was not aware when I was due, she just had me one day without feeling any contractions. Maybe she was thinking I was just kicking.

I love feeling your movements, they don’t disturb my sleep, in fact they make me giggly. You like to shift in there, giving me the funniest belly shapes. I am still trying to film you but without success. Maybe I will not realise you are coming and confuse contractions with nudges – that’s what I pray for.  week31

I will miss having you in my belly but that will mean I will have you flesh and bone in my arms. I will watch you sleep in your crib – which is set up but not completed, I will dress it few days before your birth or during contractions. Breastfeed you anytime you need food. Put on and lace my trainers without feeling as if I am putting pressure on your body.

Last week daddy and I took some maternity photos. I need more because they are not enough. I am still taking my own weekly photos and yesterday I went into the sun to take this week’s. I have to enjoy each autumn ray.week31t

I am still feeling energetic, and sometimes I feel as if I am not pregnant at all, but sometimes myself lower back pains a lot, maybe you are lying low in those moments, pressing again the pelvic bone. I need to buy some jeans for the last two months because the old ones are starting to be uncomfortable.

Only few more weeks to go, I really hope you are head down. Keep on growing strong and healthy for mummy and daddy.

Love you all around the universe and back,


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  1. always a beautiful post to baby berry. wow 8 weeks will be here so soon. stay healthy and energetic!

  2. Yay!!! So exciting! Keep up the exercise, like walking and you'll feel good the rest of the way. :-)

  3. Thank you ladies :).

    I am enjoying swimming as well.

  4. Wow it's not very far away at all! How exciting for you and Berry! What is the AO mean?

  5. AO is the initials of the real first and second names which I will explain one day :)!

  6. This so sweet I was actually born on November 22 which happened to be on thanksgiving and happens this way every couple of years. So it wouldn't be so bad if AO and I shared a birthday :)


  7. As much as I enjoyed being pregnant, once I saw my babies, I was overfilled with joy. There is nothing like holding, kissing, smelling, and snuggling the babe that was inside.

    Finally, I was always surprised how my girls looked. My mental picture was so different from what they looked like.

  8. I can't wait until Berry gets here. Praying for a full term, happy and healthy baby for you and your hubby!

  9. Beautiful post. I'm sure AO will love reading these letters one day. :)

  10. omg, how do you have 8 weeks left?! it feels like your pregnancy is moving sooo quickly, wow!!!

    so excited for Berry to get here and meet her beautiful mama!!! you are looking so good!


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