30 Sep 2011

Week 32+4days – To the moon and back

Sweetie Berry of mine,
I imagine you with a lovely smile. I am sure you are going to be full of laughter and bring lots of laughter to the people around you. Last night I couldn’t stop laughing when you started pushing again the uterine walls, tickling me. I am sure daddy thought I am going nuts. But it is really funny and ticklish when you do that. Through all your tickling I can still sleep without suffering from insomnia – I wonder, do you sleep at the same time as me?week32-4days
Yesterday we went to the midwife and after my urine routine check she said I have to start chewing Cranberry tablets to prevent urinary tract infection which is common in pregnant women. She also said that if I feel a burning sensation when the urine pass, I have to contact her immediately, In this way she can prescribe antibiotics. God’s willing, I don’t feel any burning sensation or an urge to urinate frequently or sharp lower abdominal pain. I am chewing the tablets and keep eye on any strange symptom because it can cause preterm labour, we don’t want that.
She measured you in the belly and you are the right size. You are head down – hurray! You are such a good baby, you want to come out at the right time, don’t you? She said we will try to have you here in our arms in November – so you will be a November baby and we can travel if we want to. Today I noticed that my boobs are fuller.
I was talking to your grandmother, my mother, the other day and she said she dreamt of you and you have long hair and round lips. She also told me that she can swim. I don’t know how the conversation ended up there. Well, I was surprise to learn that your grandmother  can swim, I can’t wait to see her show off her skills when we take you swimming.
When she said that I realised that there are few things I know about my mother. For instance I know how hard worker she is, how she like Claudio Baglioni’s songs, how she liked to watch Amici – an Italian music show – but there are other things I don’t know about her. What are her favourite sports or her dreams? I talk to her about her past but I want to know more. tothemoon
Thinking about what I don’t know about my mother, I would like to start telling you about myself. About what I like and what I don’t like in upcoming letters to you. I would like us to know each other very well, first as mother and daughter, and later as mother-daughter-friend. I will explain some of my beliefs to you, so that you don’t find yourself surprised to learn that if I was rich I would like to take a trip around the world.
Until the next entry, my lovely baby. I love you to the moon million times and back,
Your mummy,
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  1. you are looking so good! you have a lovely baby bump.

    i just adore your love letters to Berry ... they make me smile each time. i think you both will have an amazing mother-daughter relationship.

  2. Your letters are great. It is going to mean so much to your little one. Time passes so quickly that you forget everything that you want to do and say to them, so it is great to document it here.

  3. You are the cutest pregnant lady ever! love your outfit and of course Berry is one very lucky baby!

  4. I love your letters, and your outfit! Too cute! :)

  5. You're in the home stretch now! Almost there momma!
    Love, Kyna

  6. You are already a wonderful mother. You are rocking your gorgeousness during pregnancy.

  7. lovely...so sweet words,you are a great mom:D


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