5 Oct 2011

Belly Bump Dos and Don’ts

The following list was compiled by Noella Gabrielle, director of products and treatment development of Elemis long time ago – 8 years ago, because even before I was married I knew that one day I would like a baby and wanted to prepare far in advance!elemis

The list goes like this:

  • Avoid pressure-point massage during pregnancy. A pregnancy massage should be more about energy than pressure
  • Don’t lie flat on the couch or on a hard surface. you could cramp the lower back.
  • Avoid essential oils. They’re designed to make demands on the body – that’s why they work. Use camellia oil.
  • Be vey careful about what you put in the bath. Avoid strong-smelling stuff and anything that dries your skin.
  • Pregnancy is very drying for the skin, so swap creams for oils. Your body absorbs it much better.
  • Avoid stretch marks by oiling your bump, bust and bottom daily from the day you get a positive pregnancy test.
  • Some women develop acne rosea or acne during pregnancy. If so, get expert advice.
  • Yield to the nine-month journey of pregnancy. Listen to your body and slow down.

I started to RUB, RUB oil on my tummy, bust and bottom three years before starting to try for baby. I am never going to stop my beauty regime!

Question: What is/was your belly bump do and don’t?


  1. I did the same since the beginning. I oil up whole body, I still got stretch marks on my booty. boo! but nothing on my baby bump whoohoo. :)

  2. This is good to know! Thanks for sharing. I'll need this information...someday! :)

    ~ Angela

  3. all great tips. I was oiling my body down from the moment we found out I was preggers. No stretch marks here! Whew - I was worried.

  4. What fabulous tips. Thanks so much for sharing. And thanks for stopping by :)

  5. I can't tell you how much I am enjoying your blog. I am preparing for baby in just a year or two and am trying to take in as much info as possible! This is so helpful!
    Thank you!

  6. Wow, I never knew any of this.

  7. I was all buttered up the entire time I was pregnant. Unfortunately, right after giving birth, when my milk came in, I could have slept in a bath of oils and butter creams and it would not have made a difference.

    PS: thanks for stopping by and for your sweet comment :-)

  8. I used baby oil with vitamin E and cocoa butter. I think it was helped. I was cursed with stretch marks at an early age, I was a chubby kid and the marks lingered around to remind me of that.....Crazy, I know.
    Around the 36 week mark, I went in for pedicures so they could do the foot massages and I could sit in the massage chair.....I wanted to go into labor, so I was being bold. lol

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  10. Body butters and shea butters all the way! I used this with my first and didn't get any stretch marks so of course I've been doing that again now.

  11. Good tips- I use a shea butter and vitamin E cream! And congratulations on the beautiful bump!

  12. Oh, I love this!! I will definitely be oiling up to avoid the stretch marks!!


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