13 Oct 2011

Help Us Choose Baby Items

Yesterday when hubby came home from work he said “Today after my meeting with HW (the boss), he said he and his wife went on our baby registry but didn’t find anything they really want to buy us. They want to buy us something more than the little pieces we got there.”

We didn’t want to be greedy and rude by adding items that we think are too expensive, but here we are been asked to add something more than $100. At the moment the following are some of the 13 items I’ve put on the registry registry


(we also have cloth diaper baby registry for ourselves and our families if they ask us)

We’ve bought most of the items for Berry’s nurserynursery1  I don’t know what we will need.

Also a couple of friends have given us their baby bouncer and 2 car seats (the infant one is the one in the picture, the toddler one is in the basement), because they’ve finished with baby making.seats

another couple lend us their automatic swingswing

and baby bassinet

PA115215-horzall I need to do is to wash them and buy new covers for every item.

I thought about something I would like which will be essential in this city, for when we want to go for walks on rough and snowy terrains.



I am sure there are other items I can put on the registry but my mind is closing in for ideas. Monique @ Tipa Tipa told me about diapers.com, a very nice baby registry website, but unfortunately they don’t ship to Canada :(.

So I just have to try hard to add more on the toysrus.ca baby registry. Please ladies help me!

Question: What did/would you put on your baby registry?

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  1. We registered for close to 100 items for our Babies R Us registry and we also registered at a local boutique with some other items. We just walked the aisles of Babies R Us and scanned items and had a fabulous time with it. If anything we plan on using it as a list for ourselves as items we need/want to buy. What about a play mat for tummy time or some sort of stationary activity item? We also registered for additional sheets, toys, diapers, a Baby Bjorn, etc. Good luck, and most importantly don't stress over it! have fun!

  2. Baby carriers are quite expensive (as I soon found out) Not quite $100 but still pricey. Not sure how you feel about carriers. That stroller is great though. My brother and his wife have it for their little one and I love it.

  3. Do you plan on breastfeeding? If so, how about adding a high quality pump so that hubby can feed Berry sometimes.

  4. Bottles, bottle cleaners! Diapers in all sizes and wipes. I heard of a couple that had a diaper/pampers party because you go through them so much. I LOVE all the items you got for Berry so far!

  5. Ladies, I can't reply to you through email because you haven't set that up :)!

    @ RBoSF I found one on amazon for a little just over 150. I alos have the playpen - courtesy of the friends with the car seats.

    @ Ok Dani, yes I plan to breastfeed, so great idea. I am going to look for a nice bump :)!

    @ Mrs Pancakes, thank you. I am going to add some bottle clearnes. I am thinking about cloth diapers (CD) and cloth wipes more. I will add 7generation disposable diapers because it is greener maybe just a couple for the first few weeks and then I will dig into CD :).

  6. You can also add toys and activity sets. Trust me you will need something to help keep Berry entertained.

  7. I had thing happen to us, family and friends told me to add more things that were over $50.00. So then I just went crazy adding soo many things. You have many of the big things... Do you need a Playyard? Add a carrier, diaper genie, toys, high chair, blender, 3 in 1 car seat, Activity Jumper, Diaper bag, diaper warmer, Monitor... Add as much as you can, people will choose the price range. Good luck!! :)

  8. Do you have a baby monitor? That can be quite useful. We just bought one for our cousins off their Babies R Us registry...

  9. I agree with Dani... A nice breast pump is wonderful for a nursing mother! And they are a little on the pricey side for a good one! So if they don't mind paying for one of the more pricey items thats a great suggestion!

    Something also to consider for breast feeding is a boppy!! I swear by it :) You could add one that had a cover than add in an extra cover to the registry and you have a great gift right around the $50 range or two great gifts for different ranges, Pillow and Cover $35 and a extra cover $15 :)

    Also... I LOVED my shopping cart cover! They range in price from $25-$50!

    Good Luck though!!

  10. P.S. Boppy's also work great for bottle feeding as well! They allow for you to still be close to your baby and get the contact they need, but eases some of the strain it can put on your arm.

  11. I would definitely add the stroller on there. Those things are expensive. Love the crib. And what nice friends you all have to donate all that baby stuff to you guys. Yay!

    I would say try ebay for toys, books, clothing or anything else you might want to get Berry yourself. Toys 'R Us and Babies 'R Us both have outlets on there and you can shop their entire clearance selection in addition to regular priced things.

  12. One more month for your sweet guy to arrive and I know you are super excited.

    I love the color of the car seats so adorable.


  13. You can put pump, milk storage bags, nipple cream, stroller, clothes, diapers, ointment, wipes, breast pads, play yard, baby monitor, baby body was, baby shampoo.

  14. I am very excited for you and the new addition to your family! The baby is going to be adorable! I don't have kids but I think if I were to register, I'd have my friends collectively pool the money and get me a gucci diaper bag :)

  15. 13! Girl I had like 150! Put everything on there. At the end, they give you discounts on the items on the registry. Put the pump on there for sure! I love the bumbo but they are pretty expensive, search on ebay for one.

  16. One of the BEST pieces of advice I was given during my pregnancy was to register for items for every stage, not just the newborn phase. Thankfully we put a baby gate, toddler toys, toddler clothes, walker, exersaucer, educational DVD's, etc. on our registry. It worked out perfectly! It's easy to focus on what a newborn needs, but they grow so fast.


Yes, I L*O*V*E them and look forward to receive great advice and encouragement. Let me know you are here, just write hi :)

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