17 Oct 2011

Last Twosome Dates Anyone?

Hello my lovelies, how was your weekend? My was good!

Today I want to talk about twosome dates

I believe dating as married couples is not very difficult if you can get out of your normal routine and do something together as a couple. Even sitting in front of the telly and cuddling, instead of being adsorbed in your own world, can be a date. But sometimes you need to do something more than that.

The past few months AMI and I have been going on small dates. We have our cinema nights out, our gym/swimming pool weekends out and our breakfast or lunch at Christies, our favourite bakery/cafe shop, once or twice a month.

However, we've started to think about Berry while on these dates. For instance after our last morning date AMI said "I can't wait to bring AO, aka Berry, here for breakfast."

To which comment I replied "You two can go for breakfast and mummy will have her me-time."

After swimming last time we both said how nice it will be to take Berry to the family session of the pool. I daydream about Berry swimming very well.

At our local cinema there is an afternoon dedicated to parents, during the advert I said "We can all come together some afternoons."

As you can read above, we are always thinking about family activities with our sweet Berry.

Though we will try our best to do things as a couple, we have both come to terms with the idea that our life will change, in better but it will CHANGE. We might not have time to go out when it pleases us, and not going on dates as a couple for at least a year is very probable. We might watch a film in the middle of the night while we are trying to sooth baby to sleep, but it will not be just the two of us cuddling in front of the telly.

bearcuddleOne of the pregnancy books I am reading suggests we make time in the evening just to be together as a couple, without talking about pregnancy, neither about parenthood. We try but sometimes it is challenging, especially when baby nudges wanting you to acknowledge that there is little Berry in the belly.

For these reasons, as the days come closer to meeting the precious little human being I am carrying, AMI suggested we do things that we might not be able to do when baby is here. We thought it would be nice to do 10 things before baby is due. But we don't know what to do.

I would like to ask my ladies : what can we do to enjoy our last month and  a bit of just the two of us?



  1. I can't think of anything else. You guys seem to be doing it all. Enjoy these last couple of weeks but I will have to say in only gets better when you add baby. My husband and I haven't been on a date with just the two of us in a year. We don't live near family. We went to a concert for our date and the whole time we kept thinking about our boys.

  2. i think you guys have it down! there isn't too much i could suggest that you both aren't already doing, and some just might be too much for a pregnant woman.

    i think you both should go with the flow and just enjoy the time left with it just being the two of you.

    if you might not have a date together for over a year when Berry gets here, then you def. have to get on it! :)

  3. It sounds like you and the hubby are already have lots of date ideas! But we love to have breakfast in bed, play scrabble uninterrupted(at least I do), and watch movies together. But whatever you are doing as long as you are enjoying each other's company!

  4. I agree with the ladies. Enjoy your peace and quiet. Go to the theater or to a "quiet restaurant." LOL.

  5. Go out to nice dinners as often as your budget allows! You'll really miss dinner dates once the baby gets here. I mean you take baby with you, but it just isn't as easy when you have a little person to worry about.

    I'd also say the movie theater, but it sounds like you already do that.

    Those are two things my husband and I miss the most.

  6. Even though I am not married and I don't have kids I do think it is important to go out w/your spouse to dinner. My parents went out very infrequently without us, it's almost as if they felt it was a sin. Sorry to say this but...we would have rather stayed home w/a cool sitter than go to the restaurant with menus we didn't know what they served :) just sayin' :)

  7. schedule a couple's massage if it's okay with the pregnancy or go on a long weekend getaway. hmm you may want a massage for after you give birth. such a sweet post!


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