6 Oct 2011

Let’s Take It in Moderation

No really, can you stop laughing when you see a scene like the one below?

As funny as it is, it is also a reminder of how bad alcohol can be.

Let’s take is in moderation.


  1. LOL. That is really funny - in a sad way. Definitely all things in moderation, for sure.

  2. I saw this on MTV last week. He needs to stop drinking all together. Come link up for Follow Friday over at YUMMommy.

  3. So cruel for the store owner to post such footage of a person clearly in pain both emotionally & physically. For there is no reason for a man to drink himself to this degree of loss.

  4. While I also agree with Anonymous above...I must admit that I did laugh.

    The music added to it was priceless, as was the guy in the red shirt peering at him from over the shelf.

    I agree with you too - drink in moderation folks!


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