3 Oct 2011

My Pregnant Belly Turns Me On

Yeah right, you might say!

But let me explain.

I never thought pregnancy could make a person look beautiful.

In fact before contemplating pregnancy I was scared because I’ve seen some women swollen up during pregnancy. I was so scared to have a ‘pregnant face’ – puffy cheeks, to feel ugly most of the time.

In the August 2003 InStyle special issue on pregnancy, I read some comments that made me think and re-thing about the bad effect of pregnancy  on women. The first comment was by Lisa Kudrow “I didn’t think my belly was beautiful or goddess-like in the least. It wasn’t pretty. It wasn’t a turn-on to my husband. The two of us were like ‘Well, it’ll be over soon’.” 

Elizabeth Hurley said “I had the worst swollen feet. I felt like a 90-year-old man with gout.” On the other hand Julienne Moore stated “I’ll never get back to my pre-pregnancy state, but I like the way I look now. My stomach looks more interesting, sort of looser.” (InStyle 2003)

These straight talks didn’t comfort me because my fears were confirmed even by the celebrities. It meant that I couldn’t return back to my old self after pregnancy and I was not going to like my pregnant body. At some point I even thought I might never come around the idea of getting knocked up. Then the instinct that switch in most women switched. A year before, I began to prepare myself mentally and physically to become pregnant.

Mentally I reached a stable point which made me think that I was going to enjoy each kick and any change my pregnancy was going to take me through. I didn’t mind having swollen face and back pains. I also worked hard on my fitness to reach my physical goal. I learnt to eat healthy, stop taking painkillers when I had my period. 

Then I became pregnant and apart from the initial tiredness and mood swings I’ve been feeling good. I am in my third trimester and I think I don’t have swollen face, fingers and feet. I am enjoying this pregnancy and if all pregnancies were like this one I would have 12 babies – kidding :). But I know that one pregnancy is different from another. I wish everyone could have a nice pregnancy and feel good the way I am feeling.

I don’t sugar-coat my pregnancy updates, though some days I feel stiff and have back pains, the positive side of this pregnancy outweighs the negative. I like to see my pregnant belly in mirrors and I always smile when I see this funny big belly on my small legs. P9244704 I just like the way I look and sincerely my pregnant belly turns me on! Even if hubby may be taken aback to see a pregnant woman trying to seduce him, I try to bring sexy back!

I am still looking at the positive side of pregnancy. I believe positive thinking helps and release good vibes to the body. I pray that many of my ladies get to experience a healthy and uneventful pregnancy when is their turn. Just remember not all pregnancies give the swollen body – just eat well and keep active.

Hurray to a happy and sexy pregnancy!

Questions: How and when would you prepare yourself if you decide to TTC (try to conceive)? Did you prepare mentally and physically before pregnancy? Did you enjoy your pregnant body?


  1. I love the silhouette of you pregnant.

  2. You look great pregnant! I really like this post because I agree with everything you said.

  3. First of all...CONGRATULATIONS!! OMGosh I can't believe how much I've missed. I can't believe you are preggo...how exciting!

    I hear you about your baby belly turning you on. Never mind that it turned my ex-husband on too..LOL Even though my last preganancy was super rough, each time I would look at my stomach it made me feel powerful, blessed, and so lucky. Life is being created! That is a beautiful thing!

    Turn yourself girlfriend, you have every reason to be!

  4. This post totally made me smile. There is such a negative view about the pregnant body and this post takes a positive spin on this! Sexy pregnancy...congrats lady...your silhouette is BEAUTIFUL!

  5. Thank you for this post! My husband and I just got married and we are still in the "brainstorming" stage of having a child. The more I think about it...the more terrified I get. Especially when I hear all of the horror stories. Thank you for sharing your story! It makes me feel more confident about having a baby!
    You are a beautiful mama and I can't wait to see your new little one!

  6. I love this silhouette picture!!! I also didn't get swollen or have too many negative physical effects during my pregnancy but I was very tired and didn't ever feel up to 'sexy time'. I had to put a lot of effort in it.

    P.S. I am going to get around to doing my 'seven things' post really soon...

  7. I love this post and I so can appreciate it. Your silhouette is beautiful by the way. I am liking my pregnant body so far too :)

  8. I'm glad you see the beauty in your pregnant body. Pregnancy really is a beautiful thing. I enjoyed my body both times and I'm looking forward to it when I do conceive again.

  9. When we started talking about having a baby I started taking Pilates. It helped to get my body ready and helped me to get back in shape after. I loved being pregnant! I think staying active helped a lot.

  10. It's true that it's easier to get your body back after baby if you are in good shape. I love the picture! I'm going to "borrow" the idea for when my bump gets bigger

  11. this photo is amazing well done and so glad you love your sexy pregnant body! it's so important that you do!

  12. I really enjoyed being pregnant and miss it at times. What I don't miss is the all day morning sickness I had for 9 months. I did enjoy eating whatever I wanted to and not have to worry about being called fat. I walked a lot during my pregnancy that helped with me not getting to big. You look beautiful. This is the home stretch.

  13. Yes! Bring that sexy(bump) back! I'm a huge fan of silhouettes, btw ;)

    (Go my Team Jacob sister!)

  14. I love the silhouette, very cool photo! :)


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