26 Oct 2011

Preparing for Labour

At my week 34 visit with the midwife, thinking about this post, I asked “In 2006 one of my friends told me that she used homeopathic kit, evening primrose oil, raspberry leaf tea and arnica, to prepare herself for labour. I would like to know more about.”

“Very well because it is on the list of things to talk about today.”

She explained all my queries. So since last Saturday I am drinking a cup of raspberry leaf tea to help the muscle of the uterus tone up for labour. Red-Raspberry-Leaf-Tea

I am going to start using the evening primrose oil next week to help the cervix soften. I read the side effects of primrose, but I also read that baby will not come if she or he is not ready to come into the world. primrose oilFrom week 39 I will do more movements thanks to Berry Birth Dance & Upbeat playlist. And from week 40 I will start using the homeopathic kit she recommends. This is just a way to prepare naturally.

Yesterday, our midwife came home for the week 36 home visit routine. Is part of the service to confirm if the house is appropriate for home/water birth. We talked about our birth plan and I am happy about it – I will share some details in another post.

In the afternoon we went to talk to the anaesthetist. Now, in case of an epidural I am more informed. I am not scared to have the needle around my lower area as I was in these posts. Talking to the anaesthetist in private helps a lot because I now understand that things have moved on since I had my lumbar puncture (LP) and epidural is very different from LP. Now, I know that IF I have to have an epidural I will not freak out, because my goal in labour is HEALTH BABY-HEALTHY MUM.

Are you using anything to prepare yourself for labour? Do you have a birth plan?


  1. Sounds like you're taking all the right, healthy and natural steps to prepare for the birth of your baby :)

  2. I used hypnobabies C.D to prepare me for labor.
    I started to make a birth plan, but stopped because I knew I was having a hospital birth and it can go anyway. Luckily it went the way I wanted.

  3. Good luck with everything Toi...

  4. so great to get prepared and be ready for whats to come. i will be sure to chat with you when it's my turn.

  5. It's awesome that you are looking at some healthy and natural ways to make the birthing day easier! Wish you nothing but good wishes sweets!

  6. Sounds like you are right on track and doing all the right things. I wish you a smooth process, but just know baby will come whenever and however when the time is right.
    SN: I had a great epidural experience. =)

  7. Thank you ladies :)

    @Monique, I will be happy to give you tips wen is your turn :)!

  8. My original birthplan for my 1st son called for a completely natural labor process. Welp after 6 hours of pain and tears, I got the epidural and let me tell you, what a waste of time the pain and the tears were! This time around as soon as a doctor mentions the word....I'm down! I decided not to go the birth plan route this time as it all went up in flames last time. I am prepared for however, I just want baby to be healthy!


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