10 Oct 2011

Them Children Need Discipline

Have you ever being to a gathering where the children won’t listen to their parents?

Where the children go away with crime because their parents are too scared to discipline them?

Where the children shout at their parents and their parents smile and obey?

Where children see your favourite nail polish and say I want that. And you have to be the witch and say “No, you are not having that!”

Where parents say “At home they are so good but out they are very naughty.” Or parents say “If they can say no to me, maybe they can say no to drug.”

And you think OMG, how are they going to turn out when they turn sixteen – just to say a good number. Once at home {where you behave naughty} you say “Them children need some discipline.”child-discipline {via}

Question: Would you discipline your child in public?


  1. I'm gonna tell you I had very similar thoughts before I became a mom. I even wrote a post about it, where I apologized for ever thinking bad thoughts about those parents. Kids push you to the limit!!!! And some days you just have to let them get away with some things to keep from going crazy!
    However, back to your question...YES I discipline my son when needed. Somethings have to be corrected when they happen.

  2. I don't have children, but I absolutely applaud parents who discipline their children in public. Sometimes, you just need to be embarrassed...

  3. It's easy to assume what relationship a parent has with their child when you're on the outside looking in. I have a family member who has a daughter who is a high functioning autistic. Most would assume that the child is normal, but her behavior isn't always what is socially acceptable. So when others see the girl throwing fits and her parents not reacting they are quick to judge. There is only so much that her parents can do to control her behavior.

    Anyways, on to your question, I would discipline my son in public but in a way that would not humiliate him. Kids learn from our actions and if we yell at them in public they will do the same to us. It's up to us as parents to set an example. If I find my son unruly I will remove him from the environment. Growing up, when my mother was silent, I knew I had done something very wrong.

  4. I do discipline Moo in public because she needs to know right then in that moment that her behavior is not appropriate it. As a parent you have to demand respect from your kids regardless of where you're at. That doesn't mean you have to make a scene, but it does mean addressing the bad behavior and handling it at the moment it is happening.

  5. I do discipline my child in public. I don't hit him but I talk to him very sternly and if he doesn't listen he will be punished when we get home.

  6. I would disciple my child in public, because I feel that if you do not stop the behavior when it happens they will think it is ok to continue the behavior. I think it sets up different expectations for public and for at home.

  7. i don't have children but i think it's important to discipline your children when they need to be disciplined. whether at home or in public. sometimes the effect is lost if you wait to get home. it's just important NOT to lose your cool and temper anywhere because then someone is calling child welfare on you.

  8. When my girls were little - they were very well behaved - could take them anywhere - no crying -no fussing... We are strict parents and the girls knew what they could and could not do... Not that we were mean and the kids could not express themselves - there was just a time and place... I would have friends who would bring their kids over and the kids would run all over - climb the stairs - open the fridge - pull the dog's tail.. my friend would ignore them... that is just so unacceptable.. Kind of hurt the friendship - I would not invite her over again until her kids were a little bigger. Restaurants - I go completely bonkers when parents let their kids run around... I better stop.. In answer to your question - yes - I would scold my child in public if I had to.
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  9. I agree with Optimistic Mom - I felt the same way before I had my son. I still think some kids get away with murder but I also see the other side. Sometimes, you gotta pick your battles.

  10. I don't have children so I don't pretend to know what I'm talking about nor to be judgmental but I do believe it's important to discipline your children in public, if necessary. You need to call their attention to what behavior is not acceptable.

  11. I have disciplined my children in public. If you don't their behavior tends to escalate the next time. It seems kids know when you will and when you won't tell them no. And if that time is in public, they will embarrass you.

  12. Kids need discipline and positive examples so that they learn. However, as a social worker, I've seen so often the effects of discipline or punishment that is too harsh. It's a fine line. The rule I always go by is make sure your kids know and feel the love you feel for them through the discipline you give. That way they don't fear that they're unloved because they messed up. Kids are going to act out, misbehave, throw tantrums and embarrass you in public. It's natural. But it's amazing how many parents completely lose their cool in public. It always makes me worry what they're like in private if they're ok with getting so angry in public!

    That being said, a tantrum in the toy store definitely should not be rewarded by giving into whatever the kid is demanding. That's just creating a monster right there!

    I'm sure all of this is intimidating for you as you're approaching parenthood. I'm sure you'll find what works for you and your child. And you'll have so much fun along the way! :)

    ~ Angela

  13. I don't have kids so I am not sure. I think there's a time and place for everything.

  14. Girl, I feel ya! yes children need discipline but there is a line. I know with my girls--disciplining in public sometimes escalates things both them and me. It is a hard line to walk because honestly, sometimes I get so exasperated that giving in and just letting them run like wild things is easier! Parenting is hard work but so rewarding!

  15. I'm not a mommy (hopefully next year!!) but, I do believe in disciplining children - even in public.
    I have a friend with two little girls, and I love how she does it. She takes her child aside and whispers to her - so that the child doesn't get embarassed and there's an element of privacy to the discipline and about 98% of the time I've seen her children apologize and begin behaving appropriately. The other 2% (and let's face it, there will always be a percentage of time that nothing you do/say will have an affect on your children) she removes them from the situation so that even if they haven't listened, she reinforces that the behavior is definitely still not acceptable.

  16. Thank you so much ladies for your comments :).

    You all right there are times and places for everything.

    @Kelly L, "climb the stairs - open the fridge - pull the dog's tail..." that's what I am talking about. In that case a parent should be firm and say no - enough is enough, or just take the child and go home, next time the child will learn something.

    @Undomestic "She takes her child aside and whispers to her - so that the child doesn't get embarassed and there's an element of privacy to the discipline and about 98% of the time I've seen her children apologize and begin behaving appropriately", that's very nice approach, I like it :)!

    But we know children are children, sometimes they will run wild and free, but I hope it will be in the park and not in the living room of families or friends.

  17. Great topic, I def believe in discipline. Children need their parents to provide boundaries so they know right from wrong.

  18. I don't have kids yet so I am scared to say because it might turn around and bite me in the rear lol. I look up to parents I think it's one of hardest jobs to do.


  19. oooooooh I am always complaining about badly behaving children in public.

    This is a very cultural question for me because I was raised OG Chinese style - my parents duly believed in hitting and shaming. Same with my boyfriend and he's VERY well-behaved in public lol. His sister will also hit, and if her daughters are being too annoying, she will take them into the bathroom or outside and give them a good smack and they'll shut right up.

  20. I have problems on my kids before; they are very persistent and just want to have everything they want. But now that they have grown I can see how they improve as individuals. I just want to share this site to people who have troubled teens. I know this can help a lot.


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