18 Oct 2011

Two Important Dates In November

Like a kid before Christmas school holidays, my countdown until November begins today. Thinking about it, there have been many important things happen to me in November. For instance last year we went to Paris and then I quit my job and went to Italy for some weeks. But from this year November is going to be extra special for us!

1. the screening of Breaking Dawn Part 1 (18-11-2011)breakingdawn

I want to watch the movie and I am putting it on my twosome dates’ list.

OMG, did you see Jacob, ripping his top off when he receives the letter for Bella’s wedding? {@ 0:40)

Ah the rain, the run and the wolf!

Mmmm, thank goodness he’s of age!jacobOMG, who can resist such fi[c]t-ious body – we all know that is just fantasy right? Let’s enjoy it then :D.

I was talking to one of my friends who is Team Jacob and we both agreed that nobody likes to cuddle a stone like Edward.

I prefer to cuddle a warm wolf!

2. The birth of our baby Berry ^_^ – (21-11-2011)


I really hope Berry comes around her due or dream date, because I want a November baby!

1. 30 days to go

2. 34 +/- days to go (the home stretch! and my belly is stretching like a balloon!)

Questions: Which team are you? Edward or Jacob, why? When do you think Berry will pop out?


  1. Sorry, I don't watch the twilight movies so I don't have a team. But Jacob has a nice bod! I think you will have the baby a week early! So yay November!

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  3. I love the Twilight series! I'm team Edward though because he just has this air about him that I like.
    I'm gonna guess November 18 for Berry's arrival.

  4. i am team Jacob all the way ... Edward is a little scary for my liking, haha.

    and for Berry's arrival ... i will say November 21, i think the due date is right on, hehe :)

  5. I was born in December. Love my birthday being in December.

  6. I haven't really gotten into the whole twilight series but OMG...is Jacob hot?? Those abs...oh man! OK so I have a silly question but are you by any chance related to Mrs. Pancakes?

  7. I am Team Edward. I don't like how Jacob tried to squeeze in there and steal Bella's heart while Edward was away! But I must admit Jacob is much hotter than Edward....Anyway I am soooooo looking forward watching Breaking Dawn. I was addicted to those books when they first came out and have dragged my hubby to each movie thus far. It's going to be me, him and a bunch of tweens in the theater on opening night.

  8. i haven't been able to get involved in Twilight as i wanted to..but oh well! I think your second date in November is MOST exciting! Berry will get better reviews i think than Twilight...just saying!

  9. I have no idea about the twilight info you listed. The pics are nice. ;)
    I hope baby arrives in Nov before the holidays. :)

  10. Ubah, uhbah uhhhhh....

    My mouth won't close from that photo. ::drooooool::

    Me and the Twilight Lovers Group will be going to the midnight showing. The leader and several members are also camping out for the premiere here in L.A. Too hardcore for me lol


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