7 Oct 2011

Week 33+4days = Like Catching Snow On Our Tongues

Dear little child,
As I promised in my last entry to you, I would like you to know some things about the woman who is carrying you. The woman Almighty chose for you to come to the world through. It happens to some of us to wish to be born in a different family, but we forget that Almighty placed us in that family for some reason. So I believe you are my child, specially sent from above to enrich our lives with your laughter and love, and for us to shower you with our laughter, love and protection. You were desired before God sent you to us.PA065099
Like I believe you are a special gift from God, one day my mother told me how I came into her life. You see I am the last born of my father – who was very old when I was born. I have always thought I am unique, God’s special gift – and I always value myself and never think I am not worth the time people might take to get to know me. My Ghanaian name, O, means Queen of Ofosu, a town in Ghana, but I am not a real princess – my father saw the value I place on myself. I want you to know, always, how valuable you are in this life.
When I give my heart to someone it is difficult to let that person out of my life. I have been lucky to have loving and caring people around me, people who return my affection. Always give help to people without expecting something in return, because is God who gives the best gift.
Sweetest Decline takes me back on the road of Montebello going to Verona, sitting in a Marelli Motori car near your father summer 2001. I never thought then that we would be listening to it on the roads of this city in Canada autumn 2011. That you would be jumping up and down in my tummy as I turn the volume up because I like the song very much – yes, this week you’ve been turning a lot, LOTS!
Since your father played the cd of Beth Orton back in 2001, I’ve always liked this song and some others without knowing the reason – okay, I admit I liked and still like this song because it’s melodic, melancholic and hopelessly romantic like me. But recently, while I was listening to it, after nearly ten years, I paid attention to the lyrics. It taught me another way to interpret regrets. week33
I don’t like to live in regret and so far I don’t regret nothing in my life, because everything that has happened to me has been a lesson which enriches every joy that comes along. But if one should ever regret in life then Orton is right to sing:
What are regrets? – They’re just lessons we haven’t learn yet – It’s like catching snow on your tongue – You can’t pin this butterfly down…
So, little child always live life without regrets but if you ever regret something in life then remember that regrets are things we haven’t learn yet, like catching snow on our tongues.
Forever my love,
mummy TOI.
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  1. You are getting so close! You look great! I love all your letters to your little one! Its amazing how much you can love your child! I found this quote the other day, you may have seen it, but I LOVE IT!!
    “No one will ever know the strength of my love for you. After all, you’re the only one who knows what my heart sounds like from the inside”

  2. you are going to the best mama ever! you were desired before God sent you to us...how beautiful and i love your outfit! cute shoes!

  3. Love the quote about regrets. I couldn't agree more. Well, you don't have much longer to go. I know that you all are beyond excited to meet your bundle of joy soon.

  4. @ Jessica I do like that quote "you’re the only one who knows what my heart sounds like from the inside", because it is so true :)!

    @ YUMMummy, today I went crazy baby clothes shopping - I thought I was never going to be good at clothes shopping for my little one, but I was feeling like that because it wasn't right time. Now I have to be careful if not Berry will have too many things, LOL :).

  5. This was so sweet and heart-filled. You are going to be a wonderful Mom.


  6. This was so sweet! I have chills!

    Have a wonderful weekend :)

  7. You know what I'm liking too? Seeing your pregnancy fashion :)

    Thanks for checking out my ninja post!

  8. such a beautiful post...and you look so wonderful!

  9. Very sweet! :) I can't believe how fast time is going by! You look great! :)


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