14 Oct 2011

Week 34 + 5 days = Perfection Is Not All

Dear sweetie,

today I want to tell you about one of my hobbies. I like painting. I started with drawing and now I prefer brushes and canvases. I am not great at it but it is not about perfection when it comes to pursuing your favourite hobby. I don’t intend to make it a career.

I painted something for you. A ballerina standing against a red and dark background. She might not be perfect but she is still full of sunshine and happiness because she did something she likes – dance. And she is proud of that achievement. ballerinaLittle child, life is not about striving for perfection but more about laughter, love and living life to it fullest. Also, the ballerina represents the light in the darkness, I would like you to remember that you are the LIGHT even when you feel like you are surrounded by darkness in this world.week34 I am enjoying the last weeks of you in the belly. You are turning more and I am feeling pregnant, sometimes when you are pressing on certain nerves I find it difficult to walk smoothly. I believe my posture is shifting. I wake up minimum twice a night for the bathroom routine. Wednesday I asked my midwife if she can tell your size. She said you are going to be a good size baby. I don’t know what she means, but the first onesie I bought you is for baby between 5-8 pounds. I was clueless at that point in time, but now I have some baby clothing from 0-3 months, 3-6 months and 6-9 months. And I saw a lovely outfit I just had to buy and keep if for when you are old and walking.

Until the next our little sunshine :).

Always my greatest love,

Mummy TOI.

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  1. I love the painting Toi!!

    And also, I feel like I just blinked an eye and you went from newly pregnant to NEARLY THERE pregnant! How exciting! :-)

    Also, your skin is just beautiful. It looks so smooth and even. I love it! (Hope that comment didn't weird you out. LOL!)

  2. Berry is going to love the painting! Not much longer to go. I know that everyone is getting excited!!!

  3. Wow you are so talented Toi! What an artist! I can't wait f
    believe the days are coming to close and the world gets to meet your little angel:-)

  4. wow you look amamzing! almost there!

  5. amazing painting skills too. keep painting this is so beautiful!

  6. i love the painting! it is beautiful!

    you are looking so beautiful! you truly have a the most perfect belly!


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