21 Oct 2011

Week 35…

Dear AO,

sometimes words cannot describe what I feel when I am surrounded by the beauty of nature.

Last weekend we went to Kananaskis Country, Alberta. This is the beauty one finds there.  lake2While standing in the lake I imagined you playing in the water happy while I photograph you. I want you to be full of laughter. We will go KC often because daddy might have a project which is based in the mountains of Kananaskis Country.

I love the colours of autumn and this year, people say, we are lucky to have the trees still bright in October.week351

This morning I was very tired, I couldn’t wake up. The sun fell on my face at 10:30am so I decided to wake. Coming out of bed was a struggle because there was a pain in my groin. I didn’t want to do anything but then I played the dance playlist I’ve put together for pre-labour contractions.

Before you my all life was acapella! Now a symphony’s the only song to sing…

I moved my hips and legs to the music. It motivated me :). I went to have shower, the water and music did the magic. I even did some laundry.

Sweet baby, this is the last month before I see you in real life. Last night I dreamt of you again and I really can’t wait to see you. You are moving more than ever, I believe you can’t wait to me too. The Braxton Hicks are frequent, and I think I am having mild contractions. This weekend daddy and I will write our birthing wishes.

From next week, to take my mind of the anticipation, I will start washing your romper suits and blankets. I will finish your nursery, although you will not sleep in your crib until you are a little bit older. You will sleep in the bassinet next to our bed. That will keep you close to us and make it easy for me to breastfeed you in the night. week35filmSometimes my belly button goes back in, I have to go on all fours to pop it out. Funny! 

I love you and love you and love you before I even met you,


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  1. how beautiful...there is so much beeauty in the world isn't it?! you are looking gorgeous lady..love the last pictures!

  2. Counting down the days...yet you still look fantastic!

  3. glad you had a lovely time...glad you danced and enjoyed autumn in all its glory...you look soo beautiful!

  4. Toi,

    You look amazing I love this color on you :)


  5. you are so beautiful! pregnancy suits you! 35 weeks already?! it feels as though time has flown! wow ... few more weeks! :)

  6. That is a really sweet baby bump you have there! From what I can tell, you look beautiful. :)

  7. Beautiful pics! I know you can not wait to meet your new bundle of joy!!


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