23 Nov 2011

Coming Soon To Entertain You!

Hello my ladies!
first thing first, thank you all SOOO much for your lovely comments you left on my last poorly written post :D! I promise I will post Miss AOI’s birth story, how nursing is going and much more sometime in the near future. For now we want everyone to know that we are doing well. AOI is feeding well (the latch is good and I have some tips on how to sooth sore nipples :). She sleeps well and does her private business beautifully.

AMI and I both feel so blessed to have AOI and to know that her arrival is celebrated by many people over the world is another bonus. She's grateful for all the love you are sending her way.

We love to hold her, we can’t let her off our sight for a second. AO1We are loving parenthood very much. Hubby is the best daddy ever, you should see how doting he is with Miss AOI. Looking at her gives us fresh of breathe air each time.

As Miss AOI and I are getting ready to meet-and-greet, I have some fabulous blog friends to take my blog-house.

You're going to enjoy them because these ladies are some of my favourite on the web... many of them are mums, some others are newlyweds but have some experience with children. Trust me, they won't get too preachy on you, just ladies sharing some experiences. So, please welcome my ladies and check out their blogs if you haven't already.

I will pop over now and then to give updates BUT most of the time I will be  savouring our sublime, our pure love, our true breathe, our dream daughter.AO2

I am just behind the scenes :)!


  1. she's beautiful! glad to hear your family is doing so well!!

  2. What a beautiful baby girl and I mean it! I am glad you all have your dream daughter!

  3. She is adorable!!! I would play with her hair all day!

  4. I remember when my girls were just born. I couldn't stop staring at them. I just was so amazed that they were once inside me. And I loved them intensely from the moment I saw them to the present (they are teens and it's sometimes not easy to love teens).

    Enjoy your precious time with your baby.

  5. OMG! Oh my goodness Toi a huge congratulations! With traveling for the hols I have been so behind in reading. I'm so elated for you....isn't she darling! She is just so precious...congrats again!!

  6. She is just gorgeous!! You are so beautiful Toi as a mama...beautiful...enjoy every moment!!

  7. She's beautiful. Precious little baby! Enjoy your time together and we'll see you soon.

  8. What a gorgeous gorgeous child. CONGRATS AGAIN. She's beautiful. Glad she's latching well and getting her sleep. She's so precious and I'm just so elated. I showed her to DH and said "now that's one cute kid" so he sends his love as well lol

    Love and hugs to you, your hubs and your little wonderful daughter.


  9. thank you very much ladies :).

    @Dani, say hello to hubs for us too :).

  10. How beautiful the two of you are!

    much joy and many blessings to you and your family,

  11. What a DOLL! She is so beautiful. Such a blessing

  12. Congratulations! She is so cute! :)

  13. Aww...she is just to0 precious!!


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