28 Nov 2011

Guest Post: Latorsha from Life is Hard, Laugh Anyway

Weight Loss after Pregnancy

When I found out I was pregnant, I was 125 pounds and just knew I would follow in the footsteps of my sisters and mom and gain less than twenty pounds throughout pregnancy.

Well, it didn’t quite go as I had hoped. I gained and gained. I exercised, I gained. I stopped snacking so much, I gained.

My mom who lived in another state would ask how much weight I had gained, and I lied. I told her I gained about twenty pounds. I knew that she would not see me before the birth of our son.

I even hid my full term weight from my husband, he knew once I stopped answering him it was time he stopped asking.

One of the first questions that I was asked when I checked in to the labour and delivery triage was how much do you weigh? I remember feeling so embarrassed because I wanted to be one of those moms who remained teeny tiny during pregnancy and left the hospital wearing their pre-pregnancy jeans.

With contractions already at five minutes apart, later learning I was already at seven centimetres dilated, I mustered up enough confidence to confess I had gained forty two pounds.


Fast forward a few weeks.

The first twenty pounds pretty much fell off; I contribute much of this to breast feeding.

But that left another twenty pounds to go. So about a month later, I started walking. Where you ask? I walked at the mall and the park pushing my son around in the stroller. We also have a home tread mill, but I rarely could use it because my son needed me every min. I am pretty sure he waited for the exact moment I put my sneakers on to cry.

When my husband was home, I was able to do some and work very briefly. It wasn’t easy. Being new to motherhood, nothing seemed easy any more.

I tried to drink lots of water and eat healthy for myself and for my son, but often I confess many meals were skipped and replaced with quick and easy junk food.

By the time I went back to work 12 weeks after giving birth, I still had about ten pounds to get off. I worked in a large hospital and my role required lots of walking, so I was active.

However, I still had to put extra work in when I could. Sometimes it was a thirty minute work out when my son went to bed (before waking for a night time feeding).

I don’t remember the exact day, but within four months or so I had got rid of those forty two pounds. I can tell you at some point I actually began weighing less than before I got pregnant.

I know some of you moms are already mumbling under your breathe that it isn’t that easy for everyone, while the rest of you were at your pre- pregnancy weight at your six week checkup. My experience may not be your experience.

Honestly, I don’t have any magic secrets to share with you. I wish that I did. I’ll just share a few words that I hope might inspire you to hang in there:

  • There is no formula and everyone is different.
  • Know that you can obtain your weight loss goals.
  • Don’t give up and work at it.
  • Discuss a weight loss plan with health care provider.
  • Find an exercise buddy.
  • Join a support group or online forum.
  • Sweat pants are not your friend; they allow you to get too comfortable with the extra weight.
  • Don’t lose sight of that favourite pair of jeans, they can be motivation.
  • Water is not the enemy.
  • It is not easy to lose weight, but it is worth the effort. I’m not talking just appearance either. You need to be healthy for your child and that includes a healthy weight.

Best wishes to TOI and all new moms on the weight loss journey after pregnancy. Remember, you are beautiful and always will be. Your worth and value are not measured on a scale. Take it one day at a time and you can achieve your goals.

Do you have a secret to weight loss after pregnancy? Well go ahead and share it in the comments.


Latorsha, is the blogger of Life is Hard, Laugh Anyway, a place where she tries to remain optimistic by any means necessary, mostly laughter. She especially loves connecting with new people. On twitter you can follow her at @AnOptimisticMom. You can check out her blog Here.


  1. Toi! Thanks so much for the wonderful opportunity to be a guest on your awesome site.

  2. Great post! I think breast feeding really did it for me. I love zumba!

  3. No secrets here! I just wait for the weight to come off by itself.

  4. im excited to breast feed because i've heard this does the trick each time...thanks for sharing Toi!

  5. I am breastfeeding and so far it seems like something is working because hubby says I nearly lost the baby belly :).

    My weight is not close to how I used to be but I can wait for that to go to how it used to be, in the meantime I tight the belly with my scarfs (my mum's raccomandation) to tone up the relaxed muscles.

  6. so great she was able to achieve her prebaby weight! very inspirational. kudos to her.

  7. Thanks for this! I plan on having a little one within the next couple of years and am totally terrified about the weight. It makes me feel better to hear success stories of weight loss after birth! :)

  8. I truly believe breastfeeding helped, but definitely not required. ;)
    @ Rolex, I would encourage you to start getting in shape now and it will be easier for your body to "pop" back into place.
    @Cook n Mom - Oh no, that wouldn't have worked for me. My hips spread about 2 miles I had to get those back where they belonged. LOL

  9. I totally agree on getting in shape people trying for baby, that helps in 'popping' back into shape soon after baby :)

  10. Great advice Latorsha! My weight has always been a struggle for me and since my son is 10, I can no longer blame it on my pregnancy! LOL!

  11. Great post. I think losing weight is important and different things work for different people. I lost 0 weight after I had kids I have no motivation but I am slowly starting to change the way I eat maybe exercise may follow.

  12. I think breastfeeding does wonders. My baby is two years old and I still have ten pounds to lose but obviously I'm not in a rush. lol

  13. Great post! I think that breastfeeding certainly helped me with the weight and the ability to get out and walk every day.

  14. Thanks so much. I'm going to need use this! It seems completely viable.

  15. great post, it took me 6 months...with strict eating to drop the weight...no breastfeeding involved...but I surely though it would just disappear on its own, (boy was I wrong) great tips as well.

  16. Great post. I think breastfeeding was the catalyst that I needed to get my weight loss journey started. I weighed at my pre-pregnancy weight at my 6 week checkup, but that wasn't good enough.

    I've lost a lot of weight to date. I love your story, and I love how you inspire people.

    At first I was afraid to have kids because of the extra weight gain, but nothing is written in stone. If you wan to lose the weight, you can.

    Thank you for your story. --KalleyC

  17. Thanks to you all who shared your experience! Just confirms we are all different, but still achieving our goals. xoxo

  18. your little belly was so cute! Great tips! I used a belly band and breast fed. I also worked out before getting pregnant and throughout my pregnancy. Yes, this may turn into a post!

  19. I just had a baby and I'm trying to lose the weight now! I love this post. That's what my blog is partly about.

  20. Hey guys, Great stuff with lot of useful discussion! Thanks for posting! I'll be back often!!

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  22. Thanks for the post. They’re pretty simple yet useful, as you said.Keep it up.


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