24 Nov 2011

Guest Post: Trina from Baby Shopaholic

Mummy and Baby Fashion

I am honoured that TOI asked me to do a guest post while she is taking care of you new little lady bug! 

I decided that I would put together an easy look for TOI and little Berry! I know after having a baby picking out clothes is the last thing you want to do!  It takes time to adjust to your new body.  I think these looks would be easy for Mom and baby to hit the town during the Holidays!

  • Jackets are your best friend after having a baby!  I had my baby in the summer!  Go for a cape / poncho style to hide that left over baby bump. 
  • Add a fabulous infinity scarf.  
  • My legs were the only thing that looked normal on me so I would go for some good stretchy skinny jeans that come up high on the waist to hold down that bump!
  • Comfy boots!  Uggs are my BFF!
  • A brilliant nursing top!  How cute is this one!  I would wear it now!
  • A fabulous diaper bag! Diaper bags are your new purse so make sure you have a fly one. 
Babies are easy!  They look adorable in anything and have way more clothes then you!
  • I am a fan of a fantastic baby hat! You have to keep the head covered while out. 
  • Of course Baby Uggs! 
  • Great snow suit they will fit in the car seat.  You need one that is easy to get them in and out of.
Thanks TOI for having me!  Can't wait to hear about the little one!


Thank you Trina, Miss AOI and I are grateful for the fashion tips. Below I link your page. Ladies, don’t be shy and forget to stop by Baby Shopaholic and say hello!


  1. These are great ideas Trina...I would wear the poncho!! And the adult and baby uggs are so awesome!! I need to get some too!

  2. Great looks! I'm feeling both looks and need those jeans cause I just had my baby and need the pooch to be camouflaged! Great job Trina!! And congrats to TOI on new baby!

  3. I agree these are great ideas Trina. I love a poncho or a cape. That infinity scarf is great, I have to get one asap. That snow suit for baby is adorable. Oh, and I always love uggs on babies. Too cute. :-)

  4. How darling are both of these looks! I think I unconciously dress my daughter and I similar on a daily basis...I love the baby uggs, she needs a pair of those!


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