15 Nov 2011

X Factor Update

Poor Paula, I felt for her last week. She is finding it hard to lose her acts one after the other. But we all know that not many can relate to groups. Just few groups make it at X Factor, even when they got the factor, like The Stereo Hogzz did.
I know she really wanted The Stereo Hogzz to do well, but I think her song choices were so wrong for them. Also I didn’t like the fact that there is only one lead singer.
During the show, I made my list.
Astro = who doesn’t like this guy. He is very talented, he can write songs and I still remember the first audition, the song {Stop Looking At My Mum} will be a hit if he ever release it, which I think he will even if he doesn’t win, LA will definitely give him a contract. Watch out JZ.
When he comes on stage it feels like he already famous and in his own concert. That’s how he treats the show, he is own concert each week. Which is very good.
Josh, Lakoda Rayne, Marcus Canty, LeRoy,
Melanie Amaro = She reminds me of Beyonce so much.
Chris Rene = I like Chris, and I was glad he sung that song, and wrote some part of the lyrics. He is talented like that and he should keep on write some part of the songs LA gives him to sing.rachelcrow{LOVE THIS PHOTO} 
Rachel Crow = I like her voice, so vintage yet modern. I think Adele’s music suits her voice – hope she stays in the show as long as possible. 
Drew = I didn’t like her as much as the first night. Plus, I asked myself the same question as LA asked “In which film Fix You appears.” I remember the song in The O.C. (do you remember Seth, Summer, Brian and Vanessa? I used to love that TV drama), but I am sure they are many films which feature the song which I don’t remember.
Stereo Hogzz = I like the way they can put on a show. The outfits, the dancing but I didn’t like the song choices.
Stacy = I love her voice, I really do and that red dress she wore was hulala! But I didn’t know the song so I didn’t connect.
 Which act did you like? Which didn’t you?

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  1. I love Astro too...he is so talented! I dont know if he will win but he is talented:-) too bad Drew didnt do well!

  2. I feel bad for Paula as well. She's losing all her acts! I personally don;t like Astro. His first impression (the cockiness) left a bad taste in my mouth. Although his attitude has improved greatly- I think the first impression was a lasting one for me. I'm not really feeling Drew much- she hasn't shown any versatility. And while that may be okay because that's just her style- I don't think it will last very long in mainstream America. I heart Melanie and Rachel. Everyone else is pretty good, nothing good nothing bad. I just think the judges needs to really evaluate their song choices for these artists because I think bad songs is what did Stereo Hoggz in.

    From Mrs. to Mom

  3. Astro is my absolute favorite and i just love Rachel! she is such a cutie! If either of them win all is well with the world.

    I agree that Paula didn't do justice for that team but how far could they go with just one of them singing? It was like a group of guys just filling space and the lead singer wasn't even the best voice.

  4. Yes, forcing Paula to choose was pretty heart wrenching. But those song choices were just plain silly for the stereo hoggz! I was looking at the tv while they were performing thinking, how talented they are but "Ain't no other man?" 0_0

    LOVE astro, pulling for him cuz he is from my backyard, and he writes his own lyrics. I love Rachel I feel like we could go to the mall and have a blast.


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