10 Nov 2011

Rambling of A Pregnant Woman

This post is going to be nonsense. I am not going to make sense and I might contradict myself as I am sure it has happened before. But I feel like rambling today. I am tired to hear the question:

Are you ready?

This the last question people are bombarding me with.

I know labour is like a marathon and I need to be prepared but how can one be ready for something that she doesn’t know when exactly will happen? The dates are indicative, and the more people ask me are you ready the more I want to see my baby now. That question doesn’t help me keep calm. It stresses me out. The question puts me off, because I don’t know what they want to hear.

It is a close question which can mean a lot.

Are you ready physically, emotionally or mentally? Are you ready to push? Are you ready with the baby items?

My paranoid self believes they want to hear me say I am scared, but I am NOT SCARED. In fact as strange as I may sound I can’t wait to to feel each contraction, the strong ones. Because, although I don’t know how drugs affect someone, it will feel like natural drug to me. Each contraction will take me into a state of sublime.

But I answer “I hope I won’t forget how to breathe.” that’s the only thing I can prepare for because breathing is essential in that moment.

But based on the same question I can say that I am not ready! No, no don’t get me wrong; I mean, I am ready to see my baby – but I haven’t decorated the nursery although that’s the one thing I can actually prepare.

I am ready/not ready but more questioning leads to more stress. Because I don’t know exactly when baby will be here, it make sense to have scheduled c-section (kidding). I am counting the days but that doesn’t mean I want to hear people asking the are you ready? question.

I know I am not making sense, but try to understand me.

I feel like I am going to sit an exam which I don’t know when it will be and everyone asking me: did you study enough? do you think you can make it? are you ready? Just like when I was a student, I’ve been reading how to prepare myself for labour, but when it is time I will not remember one word of what I read because the questions will be different from what I imagined to answer. All I can do is to keep calm and breathe…

keep calm {via} edited by TOI

…forgetting about the many questions and in that moment giving all my best in hope for a good result.

Questions: Did you have to answer to similar question when you were close to labour? How did you react to that?


  1. Oh yes, people asked me everywhere I went. At the store, in the drive through, at school...everywhere. I always just said yea and let out a little smile.

    Labor is so intense. I am not talking about the pain, I am speaking of the feelings and stages your body goes through. It is amazing. You can feel your body change and the baby making his/her descent. Just remember to keep calm and any second you will have your baby!

  2. This post makes total sense. I understand completely what you mean. Although most people are well meaning- it is an extremely aggravating question. It's not like you can turn back now- the baby is coming whether someone "is ready or not". It doesn't make sense to ask this question. I got it a lot and it annoyed me too.

    From Mrs. to Mom

  3. I remember getting that question over and over again. At one point my answer was "I'm as ready as I can be". People mean well... it's just one of those things. I understand your post and your frustration.

  4. Some questions are totally unnecessary (I'm guilty of asking a pregnant person this question recently) but people are
    Going to ask...just smile and answer "yes" and keeping it moving. You don't have to go into detail but this is coming from someone that's not in your position...remain calm and don't stress yourself out...we are hear if you need to rant and ramble some more:-)

  5. I was due with Clint in Texas at the end of August 2009. I got SO tired of everyone saying towards the end "Oh you must be soooo hot!"

    Ummm. No. This didn't just happen overnight. In fact it's taken 9 months for my belly to get this big. And, I've grown up in Texas. I'm used to the heat and having a baby in my belly isn't like I have a sweater on in the 100 degree weather.

    So annoying! (But those hormones at the end make everything MORE annoying too! haha)

  6. @ Mrs Pancakes, great I can rant more :).

    @ Mama E, you are right, i think the last days of hormones are kicking in, LOL :).

  7. When I was asked this question it would make me scared when I thought about everything, but I would always say, "not really, but I will be!" Honestly, when those contractions hit big time (not talking braxton) you aren't even thinking with fear. You're ready because you're in pain and want to get the baby out. Those contractions are signifying the baby is READY and can no longer survive inside.....and you can no longer survive with those contractions, lol. And then all the things you've learned kick in without even realizing it.

  8. All of the questions and unnecessary comments were the most annoying part of my pregnancies. It's not like you don't already enough on your plate without people making it worst. Don't worry yourself needlessly. Just enjoy these last few moments of being pregnant.

  9. I think people just don't know what to say and this question seems like a no brainer to ask and start a conversation.
    Honestly you can only prepare so much for this experience, and what you aren't prepared for the midwife, nurses, doctors, etc. will help you.

  10. i can only imagine ... but i have a feeling i will be feeling the same exact way.

  11. You will be ready. I truly believe that when you lay eyes on your baby, you will be all the ready you need to be. Hold tight!


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