7 Nov 2011

Strange Dreams Related To Breastfeeding

During the second trimester of my pregnancy I had some strange dreams, the frequent ones were related to breastfeeding.

Dream #1:

I was still pregnant with Berry. I was in my current house but the layout was different. My mother and her friend’s daughter came to visit me. They came in the house and as a sign of affection the young woman said “Oh, I can’t wait for Berry to be here, so I can give my breast milk.”

I was furious, I thought about telling them to go. I was afraid my mother would ask me to have her friend’s daughter over to help me with Berry. I was annoyed about her suggestion to feed my baby for me. Did she want to take my child away from me?

Dream # 2:

Berry was freshly born. I believe I fell asleep after the birth so my mother-in-law gave Berry some of her breast milk. When I woke up – in the dream – I was very cross with her. I told her “How dare you take my daughter away from me?”

I went to talk to my sister-in-law, who had her baby in January, and she agreed that it was unfair of her mother to feed Berry for me.

I love all the benefits of breastfeeding  - bonding between baby and mother, increased immunity, lower incidence allergies… Maybe I was worried that I may not have enough milk because throughout my pregnancy I’ve been lucky not to have sore nipples – but now I know that not having painful nipples doesn’t mean I will not have milk.

Also talking to my midwife at one of my prenatal visits I came to know that every mother is able to produce milk, although sometimes it is not enough, every mother can produce milk. That tranquilised me, because my goal is to breastfeed Berry for as long as is possible.

I also discovered that there are products which help breastfeeding women enrich their milk. I am going to use this natural breastfeeding supplement, by Fairhaven Health. At my last prenatal class we watched an interesting breastfeeding video in which the lady talked about how to prevent nipple soreness while breastfeeding. She pointed out that there are many creams out there but the best ones have to be lanolin free. In the Fairhaven Health products there is the perfect nipple nurture balm for me, it is organic and lanolin free.PB045486These two products are in my bedside drawer and as soon as Berry come into the world I will be using them. Until then I am reading more about breastfeeding and will be going to some of the breastfeeding classes hosted by my local La Leche League. I am so excited for everything – the count down is going FAST :)!

Questions: Did you prepare yourself before starting breastfeeding? Was it difficult to breastfeed? Which products did you use to facilitate the experience?


  1. Enjoy these last few days of pregnancy. Your Berry is truly blessed to have you as the Mama.

  2. I'm so glad you are preparing the best you can for breastfeeding. You already know how difficult it was for me so I pray that you are successful.

  3. I'm so glad you chose to breastfeed. I'm still breastfeeding and my baby is 14 months. I never knew I would be breastfeeding this long. I didn't use any supplements. They do encourage you to continue to take your prenatals while breastfeeding. When I had soreness I would use Lansinoh nipple cream.
    It was a little difficult in the beginning the babies weren't latching on right. I even got mastitis with my first. For the second I had a lactation consultant help me. Make sure the baby is sucking on the whole areola, well only as much as their little mouth can take, not just the nipple.

  4. I just want to preface this by saying I had my son four months ago. I didn't have problems breastfeeding, it came easily for me and my son. That's not to say that it will be easy with the next one, but for some reason my son and I were on the same page. To prepare I watched a lot of YouTube videos, read books and attended La Leche League meetings. All I can say is be patient, be patient with yourself and with Berry. There will be times where you will envy those who formula feed or pump. I love nursing my son, it's our time. He "tells" me about his day, saves certain smiles for me... and I just feel very connected to him. Again, just be patient. It's not easy, especially the first few weeks but patience is key.

  5. My friend nursed for 20 mos, but she is a lactation mentor in her spare time. I didn't nurse for very long with my first and i felt very insecure for his whole first year of life whenever another woman (my friends or my mom) would hold him bc of it. Weird, but I really did.

  6. I nursed our oldest for 10 months and the youngest for 13. I never had any problems...best wishes to you!

  7. I nursed for 9 months, and I honestly I don't think anything can prepare you. ;)
    I wish I had thought about something to help increase my production, I think I could have produced more.
    Definitely invest in lanolin for your nipples.
    Good luck to you!


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