25 Nov 2011

Week 1

Darling AOI,
i am writing this entry while you sleep in the swing. AOIswing
In just a week you’ve grown so much.
Every time i look at you I catch my breathe, because it feels like dreaming, just a week ago you were dancing down from my womb. You are such a beautiful dream transformed into reality. I will never stop saying this because IT IS TRUE.
I still have to write your birth story, it was the most beautiful and empowering experience in my entire life to date. I can’t wait to put it into words.
Welcoming you into the world the way I envisage it was a blessing. Having you in our arms at the end of Friday 18th November was speechless. 8.32 pm is the time you were born. We never thought it was going to be an easy ride as it was. You are enriching our lives very much.
We are learning how to care for another human being who doesn’t have a say yet and we hope we are doing it right. God gave you to us and we promise to protect and guide you with all our might.
I am taking everything day with an open heart, even the challenges. Last night you found it difficult to sleep easily but in the end we managed to sooth you to sleep. I don’t see it as a bad night but just another turning curve. As crazy as it may sound I will enjoy the sleepless nights as a mother because they are worth it. I want to enjoy each minute of this journey.
When you cry I console you by speaking a mix of Ghanaian and English. I kiss your tender sweet cheeks. You are delicate and innocent and you make my heart melt. AOImummy Daddy is very helpful, he does everything to help. He cleans you, soothes you to sleep and plays with you. He cannot take his eyes off you for a minute. AOIdaddy I love to watch him watch you, it fills and calms my heart to know that you have such a wonderful father. He is enchanted by you. I feel blessed to have both of you in my life.
We love your silky and smooth hair, it reminds us of superman’s curl.
Just like daddy, I love watching you sleep. Your little arms stretching in the air tells me your strength. Your cooing in your sleep tells me you enjoy your sleep.
You are very clever. As soon as you came from my womb you breathed out without any help. Within minutes from there you learnt how to eat from me and your body is releasing all the necessary waste.
There is so much more I want to write but we have the whole time in this world.
I love you dearly,
Mummy TOI.


  1. oh my goodness she is absolutely precious. beyond words.

  2. Aww! She is one seriously cute baby! :O

  3. How precious! I love the picture of her and her daddy :)

  4. So precious...love the photos!

  5. She's absolutely gorgeous. I remember when my girls were newborns. I would just sit and watch as they breathed. I couldn't get over the fact that I was lucky enough to be a mother.

  6. Congratulations TOI. She is absolutely adorable and all that hair. I have been following your blog for a while but never made a comment, well, here we are.

  7. How adorable is the daddy-daughter sleeping pic?!!! Love it.

  8. Parenthood looks good on you and your hubby!

  9. oh wow..im tearful right now because this so beautiful..i love how your love story with your daughter is evolving! i can`t wait to continue the love story!

  10. Love the pic of her sleeping with your hubs. So precious!

  11. Beautiful! So sweet! Love the pictures with baby sleeping on daddy!

  12. Thank you so much ladies :).

  13. She's so beautiful!! You have me getting impatient to see my own! :) Congrats again... she sounds like a true blessing!

  14. Toi, she is soooo beautiful! Look at that gorgeous head of hair! I just love the picture of her with her daddy. She looks so happy and content!

    Congrats again. I am so happy for you all!

  15. sooo sweet! :)
    She's gorgeous, Toi

  16. Oh my goodness! She is beautiful! You two must be so incredibly proud! :)


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