4 Nov 2011

Week 37 – Happiness Is Real Only When Shared

Sweet Berry AO,
I feel like not writing anything about the title, because it is so self-explanatory. But I want to share something with you. {play the music Society}
Last night daddy and I watched a lovely movie, Into The Wild.into-the-wild Such a beautiful and moving film. It is based on a true story. I hope you will watch it one day. {I love horses and I will take you horse riding as often as possible}
In the film the main character, Christopher (aka Alexander Supertramp) decides to give up all his life savings and depart on an adventure. He is running away from his parents who he doesn’t like, because their lives is materialistic. But most of all his parents are deceitful towards one another. On the journey he meets lovely people, who live simple life but he wants to go into the wild, away from society.
There is so much to learn from the movie. It touched me because it made me think about how I used to love solitude. I used to feel so good when I was by myself – even these days I don’t mind solitude.
I’ve written many times that I love being surrounded by nature, because it gives me inner peace. I love going to places where I can touch water, smell fresh air and listen to trees chatting with the wind. But I don’t think I can live by myself in the wildness without sharing it with someone I love. After I met your father I realised that happiness is real when is share with someone you love. I love sharing experiences with your dad, because we can recall something exciting together. I’ve experienced many beautiful moments surrounded by nature and I still love exploring different places with daddy and soon with you too.
Nowadays, I like to know that at the end of the day the one I love will be there to share the evening with me. To tell me how his day was and him to ask me how our {you and I} day was.week 37
I believe it was summer 2004, I wanted to go away from everyone. Take my bag and without telling anyone where I was headed go for an adventure. After thinking about going to the Alps, I decided to Rome, because it is one of the places that has taught me many lessons in life. I arrived in city in the middle of the night. I didn’t know where I was, but I wanted to participate in a talent show Amici. I found a hotel, but that night, alone in the big hotel room,  I realised how much I wanted to share that experience with your father. I realised that solitude is not everything I wanted in life. I wanted to share my life with him, I wanted to share my happiness with him. When he proposed the second time that Christmas, I accepted.
But Christopher, the main character in Into The Wild, didn’t have the second chance, he died before he could go home and tell his parents that he has forgiven them and he accepts them with their defects. 
I once thought that having a child is the inner desire of mankind to portrait their egotistic side. But now I know that when two become one, the best way to share their real happiness it through their offspring. Having children is not keeping a marriage going or showing one’s egotistic side; having children is sharing real happiness with the one you love
All the ramble above just to thank you for choosing me as your mother to share the journey of this life. And to tell you that I am happy each day because I am sharing my happiness with you and daddy, and I love you both so much.thankyou
I love you dearly – and I CAN’T wait to meet you in few more weeks.
All my LOVE,
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P.S: My ladies, thank you so much for the advice yesterday. I bought the thank you cards {see above pic.}. I will write them this weekend, so is out of the way. Thank you again!


  1. What lovely sentiments. Your husband and your baby to be are very lucky indeed, for you seem to understand the power and meaning of love.

  2. Thank you for sharing this with us. Into the wild is definitely a story many of us can relate to. I, too, enjoy solitude. But I have also found someone who I cannot imagine life without.
    I can't wait to meet your little one!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. 16 days...omg how exciting and I agree that you'll are just oozing with love and I can't wait to see how I translates when the little one is here:-)

  4. Aw congratulations sweet cheeks! You'll have the cutest bébé in the world. Oh and Into The Wild was a FANTASTIC movie!!

    kiss to ya!

  5. It's hard to believe you're already a few weeks from your due date! Can't wait to meet your little one through your blog!

  6. into the wild is such a great film i really enjoyed it. your tummy is growing so great. i owe you a guest post will get it to you soon...so behind!

  7. The countdown is on! I like what you wrote-"...to thank you for choosing me as your mother to share the journey of this life."

  8. i haven't seen the movie but you have just moved me to watch it.

    your post to Berry make my heart smile. it makes me excited for the day i to will be a mother.

    thank you for that.


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