16 Nov 2011

A Quickie

What are you thinking?

Naaa, I am talking about a quick post to update you on what is going on here in our casa.

Let’s me start from yesterday.

After I posted my update on X Factor I went to hand-wash more baby items (call me mad). While I was putting them to dry the post man came and gave me thisPB165649 really? wow, what else am I going to receive next I asked myself. Receiving food for my baby, food which I intend to give from my body made me think about the business behind formulas.

And I was so tempted to drink that milk, because I am into some type of baby food and I wouldn’t mind trying this one. Don’t worrying ladies, I am resisting!

The hours flew, and by the time I realised it was lunch time and I had to eat quickly and then dash out of the house for my appointment with the chiropractor.

My body needed some bone adjustments. Also, hopefully, going to the chiropractor will help my pelvic gain more room for the baby to come out easily cut down the time of labour. I have another appointment on Friday.

After the chiropractor I went to see the massage therapist, it was not as great I wished for. The lady was talking too much instead of letting me lay there and fall asleep in the process of pampering. Plus, I had to lay on my side instead of my stomach and my doula told me they have a hole in the massage bench, but apparently they don’t! Maybe it will be better to have body massages after Berry is born.

In the evening we went for a AW burger (I feel very bad about this. that was my last burger for a long time. My hips are getting too big – and it is not just because I am pregnancy, we have to start eating healthy again). While hubby was parking I saw a car parked worse than Mrs Pancakes’ parking style, LOL (wish I had my camera with me)!

We then went to watchcontagion_poster a good movie. Close to reality thriller – no sex scenes, I like that.

But we were impressed by two scenes not related to the movie.

  1. a 7days overdue pregnant woman and her husband sitting in front of us, enjoying their last few days before baby {maybe their baby is coming as I write this post}.
  2. In front of the 7days overdue pregnant woman, were sitting a mother, a father and their two months old baby. The baby was very good throughout the movie.

Hubby and I considered if it was appropriate to bring a little child to such movie. I think having a baby should not stop one from doing certain things, among which going to watch a thriller. But is it good parenting?

This morning while catching up with X Factor UK, the post man came to give me thisPB165651 I am happy to know that little Berry is not going to be famished IF it happens that I don’t have ENOUGH body milk (please Lord give me load of body milk :).

This is my quickie for you ladies :).

Questions: What did you do yesterday? Would you ever take your two months old baby to watch a thriller? Did you receive any infant products near your due date?


  1. I have tons of formula that the companies sent me. I happily gave them away. I also received diapers, wipes, rash creams, and a lot of coupons for free.

  2. Lol@my parking skills...there are others like me out there:-) thought your post was gonna say you were in labour!! Glad Berry will have food for days in case..I'm sure the little one won't need it though!!

  3. I confess!! I ran right over as soon as I saw the post title name. I was like "go Toi, go Toi". LOL
    Okay...back on track, we didn't take our son to the movies until he was almost 3 years old. We weren't sure if he would be one of those good babies or not and didn't want to risk being thrown out.

  4. If I had a quiet baby that would sleep for the entire movie I'd def take them.

  5. A parking job worse than Mrs. Pancakes?! You should have taken a picture! :)
    It's a big gamble to take your infant to a movie, I wonder if they had been prepared to leave if the baby became uncomfortable?
    I'm not sure what age children begin to recognize what they are watching or listening to. If the child was over 6 months I would say "no way" to taking her/him to a thriller. I'm not sure if a two month old has the capacity to absorb the output of the movie. However, I don't have children yet and I'm not familiar with the capacities of babies at their different ages.
    Interesting topic!

  6. Hi Toi! So glad to hear from you and hope you and the baby are doing well!

  7. How is nursing going? It seems like the first 2 weeks is the hardest...and then it just clicks.


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