9 Nov 2011

X Factor The Result: update

OMG, I am shocked.

I liked Intensity, they reminded me of High School Musical/Glee it would would have been nice to see them grow in the show. Last week their song was so much fun, so I don’t get it why they were in the bottom two. Their survival song was very nice although a little bit over the place in some points.

I am glad The Stereo Hoggz are still in the show, because they can put on a show. The song they sung last week was not my cup of tea but I like the fact that they can sing and dance well. I would like to see more than one person sing. The last song choice was not great, but the lead singer can deliver.

Well, good luck to all the other contestants!

Until next week’s X Factor Update  I am going to the library :).


  1. Lol...I was a little confused until I read your previous post..i think Melanie may take the whole thing!

  2. I can't believe you have to wait a week! The new episode comes on tonight where I live and it would be awesome if we did an X-factor blog discussion, lol! I was also shocked that inTENsity went home. I thought they were so "disney" which was cute but maybe the general voting audience is older than that. I think Melanie will win. But I honestly love all the contestants. They are so talented and the all have awesome stories.

    From Mrs. to Mom

  3. It would be awesome to discuss X Factor :)

  4. i think people don't relate to groups as much. it is hard to relate to more than one person so it is sad that they already had a disadvantage.


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