18 Dec 2011

1 Month

Dear Miss AOI,
what a busy week we’ve had.
we’ve been out and about. i must admit having visitors makes life busy more than having a baby – wait, i have to correct myself, having our families visiting makes life busy than having you as a baby, i believe you are going to be adventurous because you are doing so much already. at the moment all you need is food and a change and if we can do these two things you are happy to go anywhere with us.
last Sunday we went to church for the first time since your birth. everyone wanted to have a peak at you. they marvelled at your beautiful face and lovely long hair and how good you were, sleeping throughout the service and tea afterward. but as soon as we walked into our house you woke up ready for a feed and a change.
on thursday daddy bought a pair of ice skates and we went to watch him skate. skate well you slept. i think you have so many pictures of you sleeping {just because the way you stretch your arms and legs is so sweet to observe},but i also love photographing you when you are wide awake, alert and moving. well, i love photographing you every moment. sometimes you surprise me with your smile, those little moments melt my heart and i can’t wait to see the big grin i believe you will have very soon.
i love your lovely sparkling dark brown eyes, browneyedgirl i lose myself in them when you fix them on me and follow my movements intently, i guess, trying to make up your mind about me. i love you so much and i hope you love me too.
On Friday we went to see the paediatrician, then in the afternoon the midwife came and you are 8lb 14oz, such a healthy weight. then we went to our local art gallery, then in the evening we went to see some friends who have two children a boy who is two and half years old and a girl who is eight weeks older than you. she grinned when she saw you, i hope one day you will become friends. then dad went to skate with his friend and we stayed with his friend’s wife to chat. she is a nice lady, from january we will start to organising play dates.
Saturday we attended the 10th birthday party of my friend’s daughter, PC176705 PC176744 who wants to be your babysitter when she is old enough and her mother would love to have you as her own – it is nice to know that although we are far away from home and families there are people who will look after and love you if anything has to happen to us, but i pray with all my might  there was so much noise and at a point you found it difficult to sleep. today we are not going to church but going to lunch with some friends.
grandma (dad’s mum) is here until thursday, she is already missing you and thinking how to smuggle you into Britain, i don’t think she will manage under my vigilant eyes. it is nice to have your grandmother here, she cooks some English meals and pasties, but…grandma this visit and the question when is your mother coming? make me miss my mother being here {ohhh, did i say that out loud?}. well, yes, i miss my mother being here because she is the only visitor who will not make a mess, will wash dishes the way i do they and cook me some of her Ghanaian stews and pastries – well, i hope she can come sometimes soon.
when grandma leaves one of your uncles wants to come. he really wants to be together with us for your first christmas and he doesn’t care spending a fortune on flight. i hope he gets a cheap one to come over.
gosh, time flies, today you are one month old. ! Happy one month old,
Mummy TOI.


  1. Omg one month already.:. Look at her eyes...she is so alert and just gorgeous!! It sounds like a lot of busy but fu moments:-)

  2. It goes by so fast! You guys ARE busy and she's so angelic :) That hair! Oh my!

  3. OMG! Those brown beautiful eyes of hers are amazing! Full of soul already! She's such a beautiful girl!

  4. She's so beautiful and growing so fast!

  5. already one month?! where does the time go?! she is incredibly gorgeous. that hair, those eyes, that face! she is precious!

  6. Time surely flies by when you are having fun eh? My husband's family is from England too and they are actually visiting right now too. So funny. Keep enjoying your little blessing.

  7. congrats for your baby!!! he is really so cute and adorable, love his eyes!!! he is the best blessing that you will ever receive and am glad that you are so proud of him... you are such great parents!!! admire you so much!!! love your blog, following you now..

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