5 Dec 2011

Guest Post: Keya from The Daily Life of Me

Raising Mixed Race Babies

Being a new mother is one of the most exciting times in a woman's life. I remember when I held my son for the first time, I was so thrilled and proud to be a mommy. I was also very nervous. I had all sorts of questions in my head. Will I be a good mother? Will I be able to take care of my child? But low and behold everything went smoothly.

One of the things I never let become an issue in our house was race. We have an interracial family. I am African American and Jamaican. My husband is White American, but he calls himself a mutt because he is of Welsh, German, English, Irish, Dutch, & French decent.

Many wondered how our children would look.

Most say that my first son looks like me.011 When I was pregnant with my second son I was so convinced he would look just like my first son. I was wrong. He ended up with blond hair & blue eyes, just like my husband. 010

Genes are so tricky.

We have never had any issues as an interracial family. I hope that means that times are changing and people are looking past their differences and hopefully race isn't such a big issue as it used to be. I did have one lady say to me "he's so white," referring to my second son. I was in shock and didn't have a response. I guess everyone has in their mind what a biracial child should look like. Not too much like one race but a perfect blend of both. It doesn't always turn out like that and that's okay.

One day I asked my oldest "what colour is mommy," he said "brown."
"What colour are you," he said "brown."
"What colour is daddy," he said "white."
"What colour is your brother" he said "white."
I never knew what my 3 year old thought about colour. Apparently it doesn't phase him. That's a good thing.
It's nice to know at 3 years old everything is just plain and simple. I just hope as my kids get older race will stay simple.

In our house we are just family despite our different skin tones. We care about each other deeply.

Our goal is to raise children who go on to be successful in life and accomplish their goals no matter how they look. We want our children to appreciate their diverse background and let it be a plus.


thank you so much Keya for this lovely post. the last paragraph sum up how both hubby and I want to raise Miss AOI.

You can find Keya at The Daily Life of Me! She also runs a group on yahoo for Black Women With Biracial Child, I was part of the group even before I was pregnant.


  1. I love Keya and her blog. She has such a beautiful family and a positive outlook on life. She's such a fun mom. I want to take my nephew to see Thomas because of her!

  2. this is a great guest post....the babies are adorable and i so agree that children should appreciate all diverse backgrounds!

  3. This is such a great post. I love Keya's blog and she has such a beautiful family.

  4. Love this post and Keya's blog. Where can I find the yahoo group?

  5. Awww thank you ladies. Thanks so much Toi for letting me be apart of your blog.
    Here's the address for the yahoo group.

  6. Great guest post..and what a lovely family!

  7. Nice guest post. It's true, we shouldn't make a big thing out of interracial relationships. Just hoping that things stay simple. Trying to do the same for me and my family.

  8. Great post Keya!!! I love how your family keeps things simple...that should be kept simple. My boys have a mixed family and I plan to do the same.
    Its funny bc my husband is mixed but looks white and my boys are different shades of brown. My oldest doesn't look mixed but my youngest does. One of our friends biracial kids all have the same complexion and then a different set of friends have a brown-haired blue-eyed son. And race has never been an issue either.

  9. her kids are so cute...great post! My oldest looks more like his dad and has blue eyes. So many people would ask how he got them and if he was really mine. 24 years ago it was so different having a biracial child.

  10. your babies are adorable! loved reading this!

  11. Just wanted to say Keya's kids are beautiful! so is she! Love the curls! Our family is mixed too. E looks like the 'typical' mixed baby so will be interested to see what my other kids look like.

  12. Thanks for sharing this interview. I hope & pray that you continue to move forward with your beautiful family with no racial issues. The world can be a cruel place sometimes, but it seems you are creating a wonderful loving environment.

  13. Your sons are adorable! I love their curls! :)


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