28 Dec 2011

Guest Post: Monique from Tipa Tipa

Note To Baby AOI from Monique’s 5 years old niece and 8 year old nephews

Dear Baby A,

Greetings from Queens, NYC. We heard that you were born recently and wanted to welcome you in to the world with a little note to let you know what things are like for us hear in Queens. On Sundays, we go to church. After church we get our homework done and head over to the skate park.

Photo_1It's so much fun skating with an ocean view. The ocean also makes it really cold but we really love living in The Rockaways (a peninsula, that is
part of Queens). Photo_3What we love the most is being outside, riding our scooters, skateboarding and playing basketball or soccer. Photo_2We hope that you enjoy Canada as much as we love Queens. Welcome to the world baby A. We are sending love and hugs from Queens, NYC.


Niyah, Jerry, and Zion


Thank you very much Monique. the letter is touching, very sweet of Niyah, Jerry and Zion (love the names) to send such lovely note to Baby A.

Wait a sec… oh, Miss AOI just told me to tell her new friends that she will learn how to skateboard, rollerblade and skate here in Canada so that when, one day, she comes to NYC she can skate with Niyah, Jerry and Zion.


Ladies I am sure y’all know Monique and LOVE her as much as I do, so don’t forget and stop by Tipa Tipa. You will be enthralled like I am always.


  1. TOI you are so sweet! I hope that one day they can all meet! That would be so amazing. Have a wonderful new year!

  2. Beautiful kids, just like their aunt Monique.

  3. awww...that's the cutest letter ever!! the kiddies are too cute!

  4. A beautiful family! :) Can't wait to have kiddos!

  5. awww, so sweet! i just love that they wrote a letter to Berry :)

    they are so cute ... but i am not surprised ... they are Monique's family!


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