22 Dec 2011

Our First…

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas by Christmas on Grooveshark

{one of my favourite Xmas songs}

since 2001 AMI and I have been, alternatively, going to each other’s family for Christmas. Every Christmas tree that I’ve decorated was bought by someone else, my mother or hubby’s family.

but this year there are many first things for both.

our first baby, our first Christmas away from family {apart from my younger brother who is coming for the festivity}, our first Christmas  in Canada  and our first tree. PC096445

i am not sure if we would have bought it if it wasn’t because we wanted to celebrate an early Christmas with AMI’s mum when she was here {she left yesterday, i couldn’t go to the airport because our car broke down and they had to take the taxi :(}. now, i am excited to have this Christmas tree because it is a symbol for our growing young family, we are starting our own tree tradition. 

we opted to buy a real tree as oppose to fake due to costs {three times cheaper}, though it causes ten times mess with all the pine leafs on the floor.  because it is our first tree we kept the decoration simple hoping to add more items each Christmas {making some ornaments myself thanks to some inspiration i am pinning along}. PC106457 thinking about Miss AOI we bought some handpainted wood ornaments which we hope to use each year to decorate the tree. page

ornaments they will remind us of our her first Christmas. we hope to preserve them for as long as we can.

i also added the elephant card Miss AOI’s future babysitter gave her.PC226889

for the top of the tree i made a pink ribbon to represent Miss AOIPC226891 our own angel.

Questions: what is your favourite Christmas song? how many Christmas you and your other half have spent together? which ornament do you have to remind you of your children’s first Christmas?


  1. My fav Christmas song is Donny Hathaway, This Christmas! That gets me in the mood.

  2. I love the baby ornaments. I couldn't tell you which of my fav songs is call I love so many of them. Maybe walking in winter wonderland, it always puts me in the mood.

  3. I am like Mrs. H and can't narrow down my favorite Christmas song ... I love them all!

    Your tree is beautiful.

    Hubs and I will celebrate 5 Christmas' this year ... so many together, wow.

    3 married Christmas together :)

  4. Favorite song - O Holy Night

    This is our 6th Christmas together!

    We have a couple of ornaments given to us by our parents. One of a cute little snowman family with a snow baby and another of porcelain baby booties.

    Thanks for the peek in to your first Christmas as a family of three!

  5. Merry Christmas TOI we got our first tree this year too. This will be ours second Christmas together. Our first one was in Argentina, we were traveling and didn't have a tree. Enjoy the holidays!

  6. I love all the Christmas songs. My husband and I have spent 7 Christmases together. And we purchased each child their own special ornament for their first Christmas. JJ's is a baby bottle with a teddy bear, building blocks and picture frame. Moo's is a gold plated angel.

  7. Oh my goodness! I'm so happy for your new family's Christmas together. The tree looks fabulous and the ornaments are cute!! :)

  8. Oh my goodness..i LOVE the christmas tree..and it's meaning..so beautiful! and i love the Mariah Carey song, all i want for Christmas is you and Silent Night..always gets to me!

  9. Pretty Tree! Merry first Christmas with Berry!


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