13 Dec 2011

So Bad It Feels Good

I am not going to make sense in this post. i am going to write all the random stuff that pop into my head and then press publish without thinking.

they call it stream of consciousness…

i am not commenting as I wish, not because Miss AOI is taking all my time. oh she is incredibly good, she gives me time to do everything I want, really – time that some new mothers are dreaming of. I could sit for hours and blog if i wanted to… she’s already settled into her own routine, eating and wanting to be changed circa every three hours. when she is awake she is wonderful, cuddly and talkative (me doing more of the talking) – she is alert and makes noises, I can see her smile sometimes.

SO why oh why can’t I comment on all the posts I have been reading on my favourite blogs?

Because I have a visitor from UK and I don’t feel like blogging in front of her. i feel judged by doing it in front of my visitor or any other visitor who doesn’t know about my hobby. And I don’t want to hide and write something that I am supposed to enjoy freely. Plus, a big part of me would like to write something that I can send out for publishing when my thoughtful daughter gives me all the time to perfect my writing skills, but I am postponing until next year, because although I have beautiful stories in my head, they don’t want to come onto the computer yet… 

Instead of keeping up on the healthy eating regime, after my delivery, I am eating comforting food and postponing my healthy eating until next year. all bad food snacks that make one feel good, plus there are some of the things that I like during the Christmas season.sobadsogood i know, it is alright to be bad sometimes ;)…


  1. Mmhm I would rather have these instead of the healthy stuff too...I love Walkers cookies! Enjoy your time off...there will be plenty of time for blogging later:-)

  2. I think indulging after delivering a beautiful happy baby girl is totally legit! :)
    Blogworld isn't going anywhere.

  3. I would love some of those goodies right about now!

    I can understand about blogging when you have visitors. I have felt that way a time or two.

  4. I second everyone else... enjoy your indulgences and we'll be waiting for ya when you get back!

  5. OMG. Congratulations. I know I'm super duper late. Your daughter is so precious and your family is so beautiful. I am so excited for you guys and I'm glad that things are going well.

  6. Yum! I love that brand of shortbread too! :)

  7. Good for you TOI! Enjoy your little one and continue to build up your creativity! And enjoy all of the yummy good you want! :)


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