29 Dec 2011

Thank You Buddies

Monique’s post was the last guest post for my time off blogging – I was always online and I don’t think you missed my presence, LOL.

It is time for me to thank all the ladies who accepted to guest blog for me. I really appreciated it. Your posts have taught me so much.

Latorsha, thank you for sharing with me and my readers the journey towards your ideal weight after pregnancy and to remind us all that our “worth and value are not measured on a scale.

Keya, thank you for presenting us your lovely family. It was nice to read that race doesn’t really matter, because what matters is to raise children “who go on to be successful in life and accomplish their goals no matter how they look.

Unknow Mami thank you for sharing your experience as bilingual mum. Your post encourages me to gift my daughter the languages that I know no matter how discouraging it may be when she will respond to me in her prime language: English. Because just like you “I want [her] to have all the gifts that knowing more than one language has given me… to be able to think in more than one language, to understand in more than one language, to love in more than one language.

Mrs Pancakes, thank you for reminding us that godparenting  “is less about church and more about friendships so it's important as a godparents to model friendship and love. Be responsible to the child through friendship and love.” This encouraged me to be more in contact with my godchild.

Teresha, thank you for writing a beautiful post which reminded me and my readers that we should be parents but always remember that we should sometimes “take off the cape and be a human being.” I do too believe that motherhood, unlike pregnancy, is a life time journey and we better recognise that parents are humans too and enjoy what we love doing – writing and reading.

 Monique, thank you for delivering the sweet note your lovely niece and cute nephews wrote to Miss AOI. We are both looking forward to the day will make make a trip to NYC!

I loved reading what you all shared with me and my readers.

But I would have not being here without my READERS!

Every comment you left on this space filled my heart with happiness. Each comment made me aware that I was doing something write and I was not alone. This year I loved the interaction that happened between some of my readers and I.

Because of all the above, I wanted to thank everyone who stopped by my humble blog and took the time to write, read and comment.

Once again 2011 was super enjoyable because I was able to share my happiness with people who wanted to come along on my journey. thankyou

Thank you so much!

May 2012 be full of sunshine, life, great achievements and love!


  1. I also enjoyed reading your guest posts...thanks for including me!!

  2. You did have some wonderful guest bloggers! The subjects were very interesting! Thanks!
    Looking forward to reading your posts in the new year!

  3. happy new year to you, hubs and bay aoi! thanks for including me as well!

  4. you're welcome! sand thanks for linking all the guest posts so I can go back and read the ones I missed. Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family!


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