2 Dec 2011

Week 2

Dear sweet AOI,
I can’t let the week pass without a quick entry for you. You are doing well, apart from the baby pimples on your face. But thanks to my blog ladies, I am not worried because it is normal.
This week we did so much. Daddy loves to be close to use and now that you are not in my belly he can experience how it felt to have you in the womb. carrier He enjoys carrying you in one of the carriers we received from a work colleague. You love to be carried, maybe it reminds you of the cosiness of my belly just two weeks ago.
We went to buy booster juice and then we went to the library and borrowed some books we can read to you. Daddy is reading Treasure Island and I Three Views of Crystal Water.
Most times he plays the piano to youpiano You listen to the music with such attention and calmness.
Wednesday he went to work for the day and we both missed him a lot. You behaved so well. You had your feed and then slept. I managed to have a shower while you were soundly asleep. And take some pictures as I used to do couple of weeks ago with you in the belly.AOIAfter a good meal you love to sleep and I hope you are like your auntie N, who cherishes her sleep so much.
I love watching you stretch your muscles in your sleep and clicking your tongue together. It is so much fun to observe. You are like a little miniature of daddy and I – the cutest vision. I absorb in all the little details about you and I wish you stay like that. But obviously I want to see you grow healthy and strong, so keep up the great work. Eat well and sleep well.
Having you close by my heart as much as possible is all that fills my heart with join and I hope it fills your heart too.embrace
We are still two hearts that beat at one.
I love you so much you can’t imagine the strength of that love.
Always my #1 love,
Mummy TOI.


  1. You two look so lovely together. Mom and daughter. A beautiful relationship!

  2. My heart is filled everyone I read your post lady...those pictures are just beautiful..life really is a series of moments!!

  3. aww so wonderful you've been playing music for baby a and going out and about. i think the baby acne will go away on its own. i'm not a mommy but i've had a lot of experience with my nieces and nephews. good luck and let us know what you decide.
    hope you all are well

  4. You letters to the baby are so sweet. Truly lovely.

  5. she is so loved. love reading your posts to your lovely daughter. i look forward to reading them for years to come.

  6. I absolutely adore your letters... they such a beautiful act of love.

  7. this was so beautiful....i got choked up. love this! such a wonderful mommy!

  8. Hi TOI...Congratulations on your baby girl. I followed your blog for a couple of months but never left comments. Well, what better time to do so. I love the letters that you write to your sweet baby, so thoughtful. I look forward to following you a making more comments.

  9. oh my gosh you're going to make me cry at work! Too sweet... I mean I seriously can not wait to have that bond with my baby...! Enjoy every moment with your little one. She's so precious!

  10. Beautiful! I love her little feet!


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