30 Dec 2011

Week 6 - 2011… Wishes Do Come True

Dear Miss AOI,
today I compiled a list of my top ten moments of 2011, but they don’t review each wish I prayed for, therefore I am taking your sixth week entry to look back at how 2011’s wishes were for me. To start I have to go back in time.
31st December 2009 we waited 2010 with some colleagues of daddy and it went not so well. For this reason 31st December 2010 I took matters in my own hands. However, we ended up having a third wheel – one of my old friends who’s date stood her up. After going for a Jamaican meal and some drinks in a pub, we took the bus back home from Brixton some minutes shy from midnight.We wanted to go home to wait for the new year, but were still on the bus when the clock chimed 2011.
In my hand I had a piece of paper on which I wrote all the negative thoughts and actions I was giving up in the new year. I shredded the paper while the clock was still chiming. Before the sound ended I threw the pieces out the window into the air. Shred_Paper Away went all the negativity I was giving up in 2011, a year in which I was giving all my wishes into the hands of God.
However, when we woke up the following day, I dreaded to have started the year on the wrong note. The sky was grey and my friend couldn’t get the hint that I wanted her out of the flat, I needed those early hours of 2011 to be alone with your daddy. Finally, posed by a new force, I took the courage and made it clear – I wanted to act on one of my 2011 prayers and God’s resolutions {2. A fulfilled, revival, happy life with my Husband!}.
For 2011 I prayed for:
1. Innermost Peace - meditation, yoga and Pilates!
I found the peace I was looking for. I took time to meditate now and again. I did Pilates and yoga to connect my body to my mind. This helped in many occasions during the year. For my pregnancy and writing, when I needed to get into a zone.
2. A fulfilled, revival, happy life with my Husband!
God helped me began the year by doing just that. Making sure that my friend didn’t stay for the day was good for my marriage. Sometimes certain friends have to be away for you to succeed in your marriage or life, because when some type of friends are around you, you can’t discuss or accomplish certain things.
3. Myself and to love who I am - always!
The previous year I learned to love the mature me and sure this year I LOVED myself even more. I feel confident in my new body and loving my post-partum self (more to come on this topic)
4. A healthy baby for my Husband and Myself!
My wish came SO true that I don’t know how to thank Almighty. Having my baby in November proved that giving everything into the capable hands of God is always the right resolution – just have your wish ready!
5. Healthy-happy life with my family!
The relationship with my family has always been good but this year I made the extra effort to keep the communication flowing. My mother {your grandmother} and I are always on the phone and we talk like two adults – when she remembers that I am a mother, and not just her child, LOL! But still I am and will always be her child. I wrote a poem for her and sent her a book of affirmation to know how much she means to me.
6. My writing career - to write at least 500wds a day for each one my of stories!
I didn’t write 500wds for each one of my stories but I worked hard on my main YA story, and I know where it ends. I started to let the writer in residence of my city read it and I know the importance of the story. I believe in it. I am still in the process of editing – I am on maternity leave from it until further notice.
7. My Blogging skills without compromising my offline life!I improved my blogging skills and never compromised my offline life – THANKS TO MY READERS and my favourite bloggers who took over with their awesome guest posts and comments? The community behind this blogsphere makes daddy happy for me and encourages me to write more. He was very impressed with the letters to berry I wrote while waiting for you.
8. Letting go of negative thoughts, so that I can enjoy each day in 2011!
The symbol of throwing away the shredded paper on which I wrote all the negative actions and thought was very important. During the year, each time I caught myself thinking about something bad I thought about that action which was positive and sure enough I was very positive throughout the year and maybe my positivity nauseated some offline friends and some readers. However being positive made me enjoy 2011, even in the moment when the world looked like collapsing on us!!! We managed to look at life through a half full glass.
9. Letting go of bad friendships!I am glad God guided me in this. He took away bad friendship [this friend stopped contacting me and made friends with another person] and I am keeping it in that way.
10. Surrounding myself with positive people!God brought into our lives positive people who in front of all the adversities look at life through half full glass.
11. A happy smile on my loved ones face - ALWAYS!God was loving to my sister and brought a big smile on her face during her perfect wonderful wedding with her awesome husband – wonderful BIL. Her happiness brought big smiles on our faces. Having you, sweet lovely daughter, brought big smiles on my face and daddy’s and everyone we know.
My heart goes all soft when I see your smiling face – which you won’t let me photograph yet – I can’t stop photographing you but you move alot so most come out of focus. 2011 was a year full of smiles, even when there were few tears but Almighty always wiped the tears and placed them with smiles.
12 Love AND live with all that come with!
I did and do LOVE and Live in full with all that come along. God is a loving kind God and never gives you more than you cannot handle (The Mrs – you reminded me of this quote which I’ve paraphrased). He gave me more than I wished for because He knows I can handle that. I am so happy in my life thanks to Almighty – don’t want to sound sappy but I truly am. I cannot believe that the little girl who used to run wild on the street of a little town in Ghana is now living and loving in this little town where she found out and birth to the greatest gift God can give.
I left my life in God’s hands and prayed for health, happiness and love for both my Husband, myself and our extended family. Health, happiness and love for EVERYONE that comes my way and beyond!
I lived 2011 second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour and day by day. I didn’t think about what the future held but I made 2011 my honey and many beautiful things came along the way!
Putting everything into perspective make me conclude that one has to have her wish-list ready because it’s said ask and you will be given, seek and you will find, Almighty give all you ask when the time is right.
I hope your 2011 in my womb and two months out are full of positivity and smiles! Under God’s wings I am looking forward to 2012 with all my heart and soul.
All my warming heart and love,
Mummy TOI


  1. You write the most beautiful letters to AOI....I love that you let go and let God...he is amazing in all areas of our lives! Wishing 2012 nothing but happiness, health and love!

  2. This is so beautiful. Your daughter is going to love reading these when she is older.

    I am happy that things worked out so well for you in 2011. God is great and he definitely works in mysterious ways.


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