28 Feb 2011

The Next Generation of Movie Stars

Well, well, the end of February eheei?

In part this month has been hard to survive due to waiting for something that we don't have any control over: motherhood and Canadian visa. This wait has filled me with nostalgia, it has made me read alot through my diaries. I've written about my 1995 diary entry about my love for Leonardo DiCaprio. I've started writing the love story between MrBP and I. About how we fell in love, it's a great sensation to relive.

I know in January I wrote that I will live in the present but right now, the present is static and the future seems uncertain. However, I found that watching movies and daydreaming about who is going to be the future movie stars is soothing. I love films and when I was young I wanted to become an actress - I thought that if I became model I could then become musician, actress and write my books because I would be like all the talented famous people, eheheh :)!

I believe that an actor can make a film or break it. The plot matters but one always tell the potential of an actor from one film. When I first saw Leonardo DiCaprio acting I knew the guy had got talent. I loved Leonardo from the early days. And up to date he acts like no-one else does- but then again maybe I am biased.

However, I've recently noticed some actors whom I can sense their potential in the future film industry. Although they are many great upcoming actors, I want to list just few actors who I believe are getting stronger and stronger each year.

In no particular order the next best actors are:

Name: Eddie Redmayne

DoB: 06-01-1982

Film I first saw him/her in: Tess of the d'Urbervilles, tv adaption of Thomas Hardy's novel

Personal Notes on him/her:
Isn't he a cutie? Those lips. I once saw him walking the streets of Kings Road - Chelsea, London. He is adorable... romantic actor from Britain (wealthy background, he went to the same college as Prince William and his brother Harry).

Films: My Weekend With Marilyn (2011).

Name: Carey Mulligan


Film I first saw him/her in:
An Education

Personal Notes on him/her:
First an foremost, her dimples and smile wins the heart of the audience. Although people compares her to Audrey Hepburn, she reminds me more of another great actress, Cate Blantchett. I believe Mulligan's films will all be timeless like Hepburn and Blantchett films. She a class A actress. The way she acts is just stunning, stunning. Most of her films are nominated because she is good at her work. I like her vintage style.

Never Let Me Go (2010). Drive (2011). Shame (2011). My Fair Lady (2012). The Great Gatsby (2012).

Now I need to say two things about these last two films. I already love the previous adaption of My Fair Lady especially because Audrey Hepburn performed as Eliza Doolittle - I love Hepburn films. The second is that The Great Gatsby with Mia Farrow and Robert Redford is on my list of fav films. But most IMPORTANTLY in this new adaptation no one but LEONARDO DICAPRIO is the new Jay Gatsby! OMG I can't contain myself for this duo. You all know that I H.E.A.R.T Leonardo DiCaprio, right? Read the declaration post here :)! I might go to the premiere when it comes out, the combo plus one is just perfect. Plus, I can tell is going to win some awards ;).

Name: Aaron Johnson

: 13-06-1990

Film I first saw him/her in: Nowhere Boy (2009)

Personal Notes on him/her: Look at those lips and curly hair? Those lips... (MrBP, you have those lips too :). I first saw him acting in Nowhere Boy and my, my, he made young John Lennon look cool! Wow... well, I believe is going to be the next Colin Firth, you know the actor who won the Oscars best actor yesterday? Johnson, is such a cutie and has proved that age doesn't concern him because he is engaged to Sam Taylor-Wood (the director of Nowhere Boy) who is 23 years his senior. The two have a baby girl born on 07-07-2010. Taylor-Wood has two girls 13 and 5 years old from her previous marriage.

Films: Chatroom (2010) and Albert Nobbs (2011).


Name: Gemma Arterton

DoB: 12-01-1986

Film I first saw him/her in: Tess of the d'Urbervilles (2008), tv adaption of Thomas Hardy's novel.

Personal Notes on him/her: She is the new English rose. Born from working class family, she has become one great actress. Since her big break, she's been working with well known actors and actresses. I like her next door beauty. She seems one of those girl I can easily become good friends with. She can act effortlessly, she can be a romantic girl, an action girl and the girl next door girl. She has done some epic movies as well, with one of my fav actors Jake Gyllenhaal. She doesn't look like she is shy to have the bootylicious body :).

Films: Men In Black III (2012). I've never watched the previous Men In Black saga, I may watch the the third movie.


Name: Anton Yelchin

DoB: 11-03-1989

Film I first saw him/her in: Alpha Dog (2006).

Personal Notes on him/her: I never watch the above movie until this month. Yelchin is so cute and sweet in the film.

(sidenote: Justin Timberlake is a good musician turn actor)

The film is based on a true story. Yelchin's acting made me hate the guys who killed the real-life guy due to a dispute over drugs with his half brother. Yelchin last speech before the massacre was touching and I wish the guys were not so mean to have killed him. I was happy to read at the end that the mastermind behind the killing was found out and he is still in prison. Prediction are that Yelchin is going to be busy in the coming years.

Films: Memoirs Of A Teenage Amnesiac (2010). You and I (2010). Like Crazy (2011). The Beaver (2011). The Smurfs (2011) - wow, who hasn't watched this cartoon before? It is going to be nice to watch it in a movie. It will be break or make. The Winter Queen (2011). Fright Night (2011), something to do with vampires - we are going to love to watch it girls; and Colin Farrell is in the cast. Odd Thomas (2012).


Name: Andrew Garfield

DoB: 20-08-1983

Film I first saw him/her in: Boy A (2007).

Personal Notes on him/her: Now with this guy is not about looks, but more about sweetness and first class acting. I watched his interpretation of Eduardo Saverin, in The Social Network, with trepidation. He made the Eduardo look quite innocent and charming. Garfield seems very shy and down to earth. Oh, he is going to be a great movie star, like Goerge Clooney? Even better I hope ;).

Films: Never Let Me Go (2010). The Social Network (2010). I'm Here (2010). The Amazing Spider-Man (2012).


I am sure they are more future actors out there but living in Europe I don't know them all. Have you seen any potential movie star out there? Share with me.

24 Feb 2011

Istria... between Sky and Sea!

To enjoy this post you should listen to my MUSIC playlist :), it will take you on a beautiful journey!

After every holiday that I spend surrounded by nature, I am relaxed and the emotions are so strong is difficult to recall them...

My photos don’t make justice to the beautiful sensations Istria provoked in me. My camera is not good enough to photograph such awesome place. My words are just weak compared to the feelings inside...


Well, as some of you know, we went to Italy this past weekend for some documents. After doing the necessary documents we decided to do a road trip towards Istria. I didn’t have idea of how the place would look like. I googled Istria pictures but still, I didn’t have a concrete idea about the beauty of the Adriatic coasts of Croatia peninsula.

We started the journey from the picturesque Vicenza...

...drove through the beautiful forests of Slovenia - I tried to take photos but they didn't come well ;(...
After six hours of driving, we arrived descending from the hills of Opatija. The city is stunning, perfectly situated, over looking the sea.

As true adventurous we didn't book our hotel. We drove through the city and soon we saw a sign for available rooms. We parked went to enquire if they were accepting guests. They allowed us to stay for the night ;). In the morning we discovered that the house is located in one of the hot spots of Opatija - looking straight over the sea. At this time of year the city is nearly empty because the real tourists start coming in March. Many hotels are still closed because of this reason - it is the best time for those who want to enjoy the place without the noise of rich tourists. We normally stay in comfortable places but not too luxurious because money matters :), plus we went there to be able to enjoy the beauty of Croatian nature around us.

I was in love with the sky!
The clear sea that seems to call you to jump in! I am telling you "I am still speechless for the pure beauty of the place...!"

My heart is full and satisfied.

People looked at me because I think they don't see Black people often, but I was oblivious, because I was there for the nature.


Thank you lovelies for your kind words - one day we might go on holiday together :)!

23 Feb 2011

I Am Back... ;)!

Hello my lovelies :)!

I am so happy to be back. The time off was much needed. I am relaxed and my mind is cleared from all my worries. I am taking everything with different approach.

Oh, I love Italy and the newly discovered place of Istria. I love the place, L.O.V.E it!

I will post more pictures in due course but for now enjoy the following :)!

19 Feb 2011

Dancing In The Rain

Well, well, well... the Canadian Embassy knows how to play hard to get, LOL! Now they want another document from me - I hope the last. Being a Ghanaian-Italian citisen, they need a document which I can only obtain from Italy. Thus, we must go to Italy...

Do I cry or do I laugh?

I laugh....., because as the saying goes...


...life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass... It's about learning to dance in the rain! Yep, we are not waiting for the storm to pass, instead we are going to dance in the rain and enjoy an unplanned road trip through Italy and Istra :)! We will do what is needed for the Canadian High Commission and then rent a car for our adventure around the Adriatic coast.

I will post loads of picture once we get back. I promise :)!

Thanks to your prayers I am staying positive! Thank you SO much for sending them our way. Please keep sending good vibes :)!

I wish everyone a fab/wonderful weekend!

P.S: I have another love story post coming soon.
I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it ;)!
I am happy to share them with you! Writing the love story brings flushes of wonderful sensations to my heart! I can get in the shoes of my teenager self and relive with matured heart/love how we got to be Mr+Ms Baby Plan! xx

18 Feb 2011

Do I really Want To Become a SAHM?

That's the question!

If you read my previous post you know that we are still waiting to become parents and still waiting to receive our Canadian visa - thanks for the prayers, we are more positive :). Living this uncertain situation, in which I don't work and I am not pregnant, makes me consider some aspect of motherhood.

When I naively began planning for baby, I expressed the desire to become a stay-at-home-mum (SAHM). I considered putting on hold my career in pursuit of motherhood. I was thinking about my need to be near our children for as long as they needed me. I thought about home schooling them for some times. Apart from caring for my little ones, I wanted to write the novels I have in my head, however my priorities were going to be for my beloved children.

But our current, unplanned, situation which has forced me into a temporary unemployment, makes me reconsider the above notion of SAHM. We've been living with my in-laws for more than three weeks. I am not settled into the routine I planned to follow from the end of January. Be in Canada, stay at home and write my novel. Stay fit and become pregnant and then spend the following nine months writing my novel. Then find a publisher to publish the book. I knew that the little person I would be carrying would inspire me to work hard on my writing career. I want to be able to do well for my children, and when I would be caring one inside, the baby would encourage me to break all obstacles.

The chance of me becoming a future SAHM is slimming down. Don't get me wrong, once I have my babies I will be the first to stay at home for as long as they will need me - MrBP and I have discussed this. But for the time being I believe I have to change my priorities. I have to make sure that my writing is viewed as something that brings in some income. I have to develope my career. I don't have to think about my pregnancy encouraging me to do well in my career. I don't have to think that SAHW(oman) is best for me. I must balance my priorities. I have to write but maybe not home school my future children. Maybe I should consider letting them stay at home until they are able to talk - two years?

Now that parenthood depends on fate and our visa depends on the High Commission of Canada, I MUST create the space and time to work hard on my writing career. Okay, okay, I am still crafting my writing skills – this blog is helping loads, and my lovely ladies reading my words encourage me to write more – but my family doesn't consider blogging proper writing. They will recognise me as a writer only once my work is out in print or on professional journalistic website. No-body will take me seriously until I point my finger at some other website or magazine and say "Yes, I wrote that." Oh, that would be sweet!

At the moment I don't care about money, I am MORE interested in getting experience and promoting my words. But getting articles accepted for publication seems so difficult. Maybe I am approaching the wrong magazines or writing the wrong articles. I will start focusing on approaching online magazines. I am working hard on my novel again and I hope things turns out fine. I want to feel myself again!

So, to answer the above question I would say when the time is ripe, I don’t want to be a SAHM but work-at-home-mum; even more suitable, I want to be a write-at-home-mum (WAHM). I want to get paid to write from home. I want to enjoy the happy moments of my children and be there when they need me most. I want to be able to enjoy motherhood and be happy in my career.

Another help sweet ladies - I know I am becoming boring :(!

1. Are you aware of any online writing opportunities available for someone interested in writing travel articles or life style articles? - I am offering my writing service in exchange for writing experience. I hope someone can help me get one :)!

2. Do you ever feel that your child inspires you do better for your life?

16 Feb 2011

With A Little Prayer... What Doesn't Kill You Makes You {ONLY} Stronger!


Yes, I say with a little prayer... what doesn't kill you makes you ONLY stronger!

My heart is full...

Apart from waiting for parenthood to come our way. We are also waiting to receive our Canadian visa.

We didn't calculate our time in this way and the unscheduled delay is freaking maddening! The situation is distressing... I am not the best planner in the world, but waiting for this long to get a visa is going to our minds. WE CAN'T WAIT ANY LONGER for this visa - but we have to wait this seems the case.

Oh, somebody help us! What if we don't get the %***& visa? WE HAVE TO GET IT, **full stop**, sigh! full stop!

In general I have optimistic disposition to life, but the wait is forcing me into a state of doubt. I am feeling SO, So, so down! MrBP says I shouldn't blame myself but how shouldn't I feel guilty! He is SO, SO sweet and LOVELY! But I feel bad because I encouraged him to take the Canadian position - he opted for that position because it's great for his career, but he also chose it because we both agreed on moving to Canada to discover that beautiful continent. You can read more here.

If we don't get if - WHICH IS NOT AN OPTION - all our plans will alter and we haven't planned anything else. MrBP says we can do anything we want if the visa falls through, and that we can decide to make a great unplanned adventure out of our situation. He is marvellous, understanding, caring and great heart! Oh, he is just WONDERFUL, my words can't express how much I L.O.V.E him! I thank God I met MrBP, he was born for only me!

WE WANT TO GO TO CANADA, because MrBP's job is important for the Canadian research institute and I hope the embassy doesn't make any stupid decision.

My lovely ladies please say a little pray for us - ask the Lord to send us strength and patience. Because if strength and patience doesn't kill us, they'll make us {only} stronger :)!

15 Feb 2011

Love Story: Water, The Accomplice

For the lovely ladies who wanted to read more about how chance helped me meet my true love again, the follow post is for you!!!

I met the English guys on Friday 13 April 2001. To the request of the one I liked I gave my phone number to him. He didn't phone me the next day until chance helped us again.

If you are reading the story for the first time please stop at The Love Story: One Night At The Pub, before proceeding :)!

I want to begin with some quotes about water:
Water has no taste, no color, no odor; it cannot be defined, art relished while ever mysterious. Not necessary to life, but rather life itself. It fills us with a gratification that exceeds the delight of the senses.
Antoine De Saint-Exupery (1900-1944), Wind, Sand, and Stars, 1939
In the world there is nothing more submissive and weak than water. Yet for attacking that which is hard and strong nothing can surpass it.
Lao Tzu

Nothing is softer or more flexible than water, yet nothing can resist it. Lao Tzu


Water gives life, strength, fertility and it leads two separate entities to love.
T. A-A. I.
Sunday afternoon came and instead of doing my school work (in February 2001 I started my education again) I decided to go visit my auntie. I knew that the English guy lived around the area and I was hoping to bump into him. But the possibility was slim. Why would he be out this quiet afternoon? I asked my dreamer self.

I left my flat and walked down the street listening to my favourite music on my Sony walkman. After walking for about five minutes, I saw someone coming from the other end of the street. He looked like the blond guy I met on Friday but I wasn’t sure because my contact lenses were weak. But when we got closer to each other I recognised him. He was the cute guy from Friday. Strange as it might sound, we were the only two people on the pavement - my little town was always deserted on Sunday afternoons.

“Hello?” I greeted him surprised. I thought about the irony - about how some minutes before I was secretly hoping to bump into him. And he was in front of me, I felt like it was like God's doing.
“Hello?” He seemed shy compared to Friday night. I observed him better, and noticed how heartbreakly cute he is.
“What are you doing around this area?”
“I was looking for somewhere to buy a bottle of water.”
“Oh..., all the shops are closed on Sundays in this town.”
“Yeah, silly me. I didn’t go buy water yesterday. Do you know where I can buy a bottle?”
“Yes... ehmm... there is a bar around the corner where you can buy a bottle.” I thought about taking him to my flat to offer him a bottle, but I wasn’t 100% sure about taking a stranger to my home. What are you going to tell mummy?

“Oh, that’s great? Where is it?”
“If you want I can take you there.”
“I don’t want to disturb you...”
“No, you are not disturbing me. I was just going... for a walk.” I lied, because I didn’t want him to think he was been a burden on me.
We went to buy the most expensive bottle of water, I believe, he has ever paid for – 4euros (4$). But a bar/restaurant can charge that and more.

After the water we started to walk towards my auntie’s flat. We talked all the way.
"I forgot my jacket at the bar last Friday."
"Oh... did you find it?"
"Yes, I went to collect it yesterday." we were doing small talks. I don’t know the reason but at one point he told me “One of my twin sister is expecting her first child in May.”

“Wow, that’s nice.” I know we were not making great conversation, but we couldn't bring ourselves to part from each other. Then he took the courage and asked me:

“Would you like to come for a drink with me?”

I played it cool. I thought about my auntie’s flat and having a drink with this nice guy in front of me. In the end, after much pretended thinking, I opted for the latter.
We went to another bar. I ordered juice and he ordered a cup of tea. I ask him "Did you really wanted to kiss me on Friday or were you just drunk."
"I wanted to kiss you... English people are very shy and when they drink they become... free..."
One thing was cleared then. And I changed topic.

“Oh, I love guitars.”
“I play the guitar.”
“Wow, that’s great. Do you know how to play Bryan Adams songs, I love him.”
“Yes, me too!” he smiled and I saw a faint dimple on one of his cheeks.
“Really? Do you like Bryan Adams?” that was like, wow... he likes my favourite musician. WOW!
“Not really...”
“Then, why did you say it.” I was disappointed.
“I wanted you to like me.” He smiled again and I laughed pleased. I was enjoying my afternoon and from his laugh I could tell he was as well. Thanks to the accomplice of a bottle of water, we were enjoying the company of each other. What if we never left our respective flats? That was the work of chance and the water symbolises that.

From that day onward we became friends. I came to know that we both knew some of the guys from my little town. For this reason we started to go out in group nearly every weekend. We were just friends for the whole month of April until an episode made my heart jump for him. But maybe that can wait for another post.

I wish you all a happy Valentine's Day. I hope you all enjoy it with your loved ones!

10 Feb 2011

My Face Care Secret Revealed

One thing I learn from young age is how to take care of my skin. I like to have a smooth skin and that's why I wrote about when is good to take care of your body in this post.

I thought I was good to my facial skin care as well. Every morning and evening I cleansed and washed with Simple face care. I was diligent but I couldn't see any improvement. I realised that I was using the products I've been using since my early twenties. I couldn't bring myself to venture out of those facial care because I thought they were good for me and I was scared to change products.

After the post on taking care of my skin I decided to research the right product for my late twenties face. I remembered Iman's facial gel I tried before which gave me the smoothest facial skin I've ever achieved. I went in search of the gel at the department stores. When I found it the price was too much for my wallet therefore I decided to find another alternative with moderate price.

I considered my age and my skin type - late twenties, without wrinkles but often dry skin - I did that by myself, but L'oreal can help you choose the facial skin care suitable for your needs. You can try this calculator. I opted for l'oreal facial skin care, because price is very resonable and the qualitity is excellent. I've waited to post about it because I wanted to see real results.

Today, after six month of trying it, I feel like I can tell you my facial skin care secret works. Now my face is smooth and cleared of any blemish.

I use this facial wash
after that I use the gel-creme moisturiser to hydrate my face.

... we like to say spend lots of money on the good essential items, and don't be cheap on useless things. ... this is one of my fav motto! But this time I researched and found out that my daily beauty facial skin care products can be effective without breaking my bank account. I feel good and expensive in my skin with as little money as I could afford! Also I am not scared to research and change facial skin care products.

What are your facial skin care secret?

P.S: In my last post my lovely ladies said that they would like to read more about our love story. I am so happy to comply! Next week you can read more, so, please stay tuned :)!

8 Feb 2011

Love Story: One Night At The Pub

I love watching movies and subconsciously I pick up movies which relate to my own life story. I recently watched Going The Distance and it took me back to how MrBP and I met. Also it reminded me of how we lived the first four years of our love story.


Going The Distance, starring Drew Barrymore and Justin Long, is the story about a young woman and a young man who meet in a New York pub one summer. She is originally from San Fransisco. He is in the pub because that evening his girlfriend breaks up with him.

During the evening he finds out that this new girl is the higher scorer of same video game he likes to play. He thinks she is very cool. Not the ordinary girly-girl. She finds him to be fun to be around with. They like each other and they decide to try to date. Once the summer is over she has return to San Francisco. live their love story although they live opposite side of United States.

One down side of the relationship is their different lifestyle. She is a bartender, therefore she lives night life. He, on the other hand, works in a office, therefore lives day life. When they hear each other on the phone it was hard to talk because he might fall asleep or she might be busy with work.

They manage to keep the relationship for at least a year. But it proves difficult for both due to the distance. They break up. Luckily not for long because he decides to set up his own business in Los Angeles, this allows him to be closer to her. They decide to date and love blossom again.


This film reminded me how MrB.P and I had to live apart on the opposite side of Europe for four years. Our story is longer, but I will keep it short.

I met my true love one night in a well known pub in my little town. He was new in town. I was in the pub by chance because the guy I really liked didn’t ask me out. That was the reason I decided to go out with one my best girl friends.

That evening we decided to practice our English. To add to the fun I wore a Union Jack top my friend bought for me while in London the previous year. When we got into the pub we attracted attention from the Italian guys because we were speaking English. I also noticed two new guys, one had blond hair and the other had brown hair. I made a mental note that I really like the blond guy but didn’t think about it too much because my mind was focused on the guy who didn't ask me out.

The questions which the curious Italian guys were asking me brought me to reality:
“Where are you from?”
“I am from Canada...” I lied then exchanged looks with my friend. She smiled back approving my invented explanation so I continued with “... she is from Germany.”

We were so sure how the information was going to make the Italian guys leave us alone. In fact, speaking English with my friend saved our evening... However, this lasted only few minutes because the blond guy I noticed earlier came to ask me:
“Are you English?”
To my surprise I answered “No, I am Ghanaian and she is Italian?”
I looked over my shoulder to check if the Italian guy was listening. I don’t know why I didn’t lie. He introduced themselves. Then, I don’t remember how it happened, we found ourselves talking to these English guys for the rest of the evening.

Then I found myself talking to the blond guy alone for the rest of the eveving. He noticed an ivory ring on my middle finger so in his poor Italian he asked me:
Tu essere sposata? (You married?)” Okay ladies, I was only eighteen years old, LOL! When he posed that question I smiled, amused! In a friendly-understanding tone I replied
Sei matto, se non ho neppure il ragazzo! (Are you mad? I don’t even have a boyfriend!)”
Then he said “Io posso sposare te. (I can marry you.)” We laughed together, because I thought he was just speaking druken nonsense.

He was funny and very handsome. I laughed a full warm heart laugh. He smiled back and his blue eyes which shone with excitement like a clear blue sky made me forget about other stuff... So, I laugh very hard at the silly conversation.

But I also thought I just met you and you are proposing marriage. What’s wrong with these guy, they always propose marriage to me. Or they want to marry or they don’t want to ruin our friendship.

The last phrase was mainly based on the guy who didn’t invite me out that evening. Luckily this guy in front of me changed the topic to a lighter conversation. He asked in his sweet poor Italian: “Io posso essere tuo amico? (I can be your friend?)”
Certo, perchè? (Of course, why?)” I asked unemotional. I really liked him but in that moment I couldn't envisage him in my tomorrow.
Perchè io nuovo qui e tu portare me in giro perchè sono solo e non conoscere il posto. (Because I new here and you take me around because I am alone and I not know the place.)”
Va bene, sono tua amica, perchè lei va in colleggio e ci sono solo io qua. (Okay, I am your friend, because she goes to college and I am the only one here)” This was how he got my number in the first place.

But he didn’t phone me until chance helped us again. But that can be another story.

Just like the couple in Going The Distance, we had our ups and downs due to distance. There were time I wanted to give up on us but my true love never let that happy. He travelled the world for me and I am ready to travel the universe for him.

It is thanks to him that I can write a post to dedicate to him and shout to the world I really L.O.V.E you and happy BIRTHDAY my True Love!

Please ladies help me wish him a very warm, heartfelt happy birthday :)!
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