29 Jun 2011

Thoughtful Wednesday: Words Can Make You or Break You!

*After I wrote this post I wanted to delete it because it is too personal, but I believe the time is right to let my heart out. Hope I am clear with my words :).*

Every time I read pages of my teenage diary, I thank God for making me strong inside and thick skinned outside when I can be, because some words I heard in the course of those years would have broken my willpower…Louis crib

The first time I cried because of a word was in grade three when a classmate said to me “Sei egoista (you’re egoist)!” I didn’t know the meaning of the word and he didn’t know it either. He has heard it before on TV, but when I heard it I cried. I cried my heart out without understanding the reason.

Later on my favourite teacher calmed me down and explained the meaning “It means selfish, self-centred… but you are not at all.”

“Yes, I am not selfish!” I complained tears still choking me.

“No, you are not.” she wiped the tears away with her soft fingers. She was old and I loved her accent from Bologna. That was the first time I understood how powerful words can be.

But, hurtful words kept coming my way and multiplied by the time I was attending middle school. However, by then I had learned how to take the blows. Sometimes I responded back, but other times I analysed them in a positive way.

And years later I accepted the word egoist when I was told once more that I am egoist. I am not saying that I accepted to be egoist, because I am not and being called that hurts. But I know the people who call me that are those who want to borrow something from me and then return them as damaged – hope I make sense.

I don’t mind being called egoist if I want to have the one I love all by myself. No, I am not selfish in the negative way of the word. I have come to the conclusion that people use words casually without considering the implications. I turn meaning of words around so that they don’t break me but only make me.

The hurtful words I endured in elementary throughout to high school have taught me not to use words casually, but weigh each one against the other before uttering them. Because I am aware how much words can make you or break you.

I promise to always use words that will empower Berry and siblings.

My wish for Berry is never to allow words to break his or her will. I wish Berry never uses hurtful words to break others will. That he or she can stop to think before speaking and others do the same back. But most importantly I pray Berry doesn’t experience the verbal abuses I endured whilst young.


28 Jun 2011

iLove Tuesday Tunes For Berry: Swan Lake

Hubby and I love music. Hubby plays the piano and guitar in his spare time. I wish I could play any instrument – well at school I played the recorder, and had some piano lessons. But what I wish I can play well is the guitar. I had tried to learn by myself but without success. I can play some tunes and that’s it.
We read somewhere that babies like music too
and we believe Berry already likes music, all kind of music. So far Berry and I have listened to indie, church songs, African, R&B and pop music. Hubby have played some Radiohead music for Berry as well.
Last Sunday at church I felt Berry moving as if on a rollercoaster when a tenor singer came to sing a solo. It was the funniest feeling in the stomach ever :).
Since then we’ve decided to make sure Berry listens to some classic music. Hubby wants to learn tunes to play for Berry, but when I am alone with Berry we will listen to some CDs, so yesterday we went to the library to pick up some.
To start off we are listening to Swan Lake by Tchaikovsky.
I like the ballet, hopefully one day we can all go watch it as a family.

I really hope that once Berry is born I can use all the repertoire of music we are listening to as lullaby.

Questions: Do you play any instrument? Which kind of music did you listen to while expecting? Does your baby still like the songs? Can you suggest any tune a baby might like listening to?


26 Jun 2011

First Kicks…

heart on a rollercoaster,

going thumf into the belly,

like butterflies diving and swimming,


like the gaze of the one you love

and your heart going tum, tum,


like a great poem different to all women,

romantic, peaceful, pure,

unforgettable, mind blowing, heart warming

and you can’t seem to get enough of it!


24 Jun 2011

Week 18

Sweet Berry,

you turned eighteen weeks this week. The days are FLYINNNNG!week18

I read that you are the size of cantaloupe and I can feel you about one and half inches below my belly button, but I don’t have a clue. I haven’t felt your movement and this worries me, but your aunty R says it is too early. I really want to feel your moves, this is what I told the yoga class on Wednesday, that will make me know that you are okay and safe where you are. I also read that you have mastered the art of yawn and your hearing is more acute, I hope you don’t listen to my silly worries.

These past two days were unusual because I am writing the critical and difficult part of the project I am working on. I get involved myself too much with my characters. And maybe yesterday I scared you when I got worried about silly things, such as if the story is good enough and credible. And if the research I am doing might affect your wellbeing. And if I can sell it once is completed – I know I shouldn’t worry about that part yet, but being a worrier, I worry! And maybe that scared you too that’s why you are hiding and not pushing my belly forward?

This morning your daddy pointed out that my belly is smaller. What? After what I ate for dinner last evening, I couldn’t believe it. I assumed it was because I was laying on my back. But when I got up to take my shower I noticed the belly is smaller. week18f

After yesterday big feast I thought my belly was going to be bigger today. This is the list of things I ate: corn-flakes and soya milk for breakfast. For lunch I had spaghettini and pesto, then for dinner daddy surprised me with KFC. We don’t normally eat KFC, because it is unhealthy. So the previous night he said he was going to cook and he came home with KFC last evening. Thank God we don’t eat too much take away food, phew! After eating my share of the unhealthy meal, I was not feeling healthy. I was struggling internally, I started to count how much calories I consumed the day. I had cantaloupe for dessert, but I didn’t feel good. I wished I had a scale at home, but we don’t have one yet.week18You see I ate spaghettini in the afternoon because I don’t want to lose my appetite due to the research I am doing. I had to eat spaghetti for good nutrition, because I am not living life for just myself but for you and I. I want us to be healthy and I know that obsession can affect one’s health in a bad way. I should not worry and not get attached to my character’s life. But I have to admit, reading her story makes me worry about the amount of calories I consumed yesterday. It made me think about my body image after you are born. I know I shouldn’t think like this because I am a pregnant woman, but I am also a woman and I really don’t want to be unhealthy and fat because I want to like myself and feel confident after you are in my arms.

Luckily, thinking about your health stops my stupid worries. I am going to take care of us and feel happy with myself – I am happy, but during this week my body image after birth and my career made me worry a little. I am sorry if you felt that and for that reason you are hiding, please understand that I am feeling much better. Your daddy and I went to the library to work together, so you see we want to you be happy and grow healthy.

Then again, maybe the proud Berry Belly I was spotting last week was just Bloated Belly :(. However, tonight I can see a sweet little belly and I am proud of it :)! I really like to see my Berry Belly :D!week18fe

Berry you are my saving grace for sure, because you help me understand that my characters are not me. They are from me but out of me, they live their own lives! That’s why I dedicate Saving Grace by The Cranberries to you:

…It could happen here today
And I can't wait to see your face
No I can't wait to see your face
Can you hold on while I take hold of myself

You're the little thing, my saving grace
You're just a little thing, my saving grace…


Your Mummy!


22 Jun 2011

Thoughtful Wednesday: Soul Surfer

I cried a little.

Yep, yesterday I went to watch this movie. It really touched my heart I cried. It happened when the main character encouraged a young boy to enjoy the ocean again after he was traumatised by it – I don’t want to give too much away in case you decide to watch it :).

So, if you want to watch a beautiful, refreshing and thoughtful movie I would suggest Soul Surfer. It’s based on an inspiring true story. I love the character, the location (HAWAII, Maui), surfing and the message that conveys: have faith even in front of the worse situation.

A big hug,


21 Jun 2011

iLove Tuesday Tunes: Kimi Djabate

I recently discovered Kimi Djabate’s music. I think is beautiful. Today I am listening to him.

What are you listening to?


19 Jun 2011

Rockin' the Berry Bump Photo-shoot Week 1

week17 dedicationweek17 mondayweek17 tuesdayweek17 thursday


p.s: today daddy found a father's day card you wrote him. YOU ARE SUCH A THOUGHTFUL AND SWEET BABY!

17 Jun 2011

Berry in the Belly – Week 17

Berry amore,

do you like the title? I like the way it runs on the tongue and WOW, you are 17 weeks!week17I read that this week you are circa five and a half inches long, you have mastered the art of yawn. You can hear noises so I listen to music and today I am listening to a compilation The Very Best of North Africa. I hope you can hear it too, the sound is sweet to the ears. Let's me dedicate a song I love to the one I LOVE!

Sometimes I believe you are moving inside because I have the sensation of gas in my belly. I am listening to my body more and I hope by next week I can confirm that is you who is moving and not my mind moving you around. For that reason, today I started to use fortified soy milk – with vitamin D and calcium – with my cereal. I want you strong so I can feel your kicks when the time comes for me to feel them. I want you to surprise daddy one evening with your kick, that will be funny. Imagine he puts his ear on the belly like he likes to do and you kick on that spot. I think he will like that.

I am also eating blueberries in my cereal, that’s yummy. I hope you like what I eat because my appetite is good. I am not too much into sweet things, but yesterday I ate one bar of kit kat. Because I am not too much into sweets makes me believe that you are a boy, because one of your uncles is not too much of a sweet fan. I believe you will be calm, cool and gentle like daddy and this uncle of yours.

One morning I woke up and felt something hard in my stomach. I pressed a little I think I heard your heart beat against my finger. As you grow so my heart is getting bigger and bigger for you. I am so much in love with you and daddy. I look at him and I am glad a little bit of him is growing inside of me. He is happy to see my belly growing, and keeps telling me I look healthy – I am HAPPY!

This week has been exciting because mummy is writing again, not just trying to write but literally sit down and write. I have found a routine which drives me and inspires me. I am reading novels in the same genre of what I am trying to accomplish. I feel happy and alive. So much in love with you, daddy and my characters. OH, I am just happy I don’t know what to write. I feel like floating through the clouds and I never want to come down. Maybe it is also because I can photograph my changing body.

Yes, I did a photo shoot of you growing in my belly. I smile every time I look at the pictures, but for today I will share just these three (on Sunday I will put the weekly photos on the blog).week17collageIt is mind blowing how you are taking space in my stomach, my belly looks like I’ve drunk loads of water and it has shifted forward putting pressure on my lower back. It pains a little, I have to do some exercise to prevent too much pain in later stage. Well, first I have to draw another routine which will allow me to do those workouts. But, the curves are pretty to see, and I like to see my belly growing because that means you are growing well and healthy, and mummy is doing something right. I believe the belly button will pop out very soon. That will be exciting to watch. Ahhh :)!

I can still sleep alright, but I have to put a firm pillow between my knees, because I believe the weight put too much pressure on them. It is not comfortable sleep on my back because my belly pulls me when I wake up from that position. Sometimes I lie on my stomach and I am scared to squash you. You will let me know if I do that, won’t you? So far, I like to sleep on the left side, it seems comfortable.

Oh, another thing yesterday daddy and I started to go through the alphabet with possible names we like. This morning he said “We need to start thinking about names seriously.

Yes, I agree.” you see Berry, names are very important and we have to choose a name that suit you from baby to adulthood. A name that has a strong meaning and will positively influence your life. I hope you like the name that we will give you once you are born, because we will choose it with all heart.

I dedicate these lines from Aicha to you

“J'irai a ton souffle nous mene
Dans les pays d'ivoire et d'ebene
J'effacerai tes larmes, tes peines
Rien n'est trop beau pour une si belle […]

Je dirai les mots des poemes
Je jouerai les musiques du ciel
Je prendrai les rayons du soleil
Pour eclairer tes yeux de reine […]”

I hope you will learn French so you can teach me some words, we are thinking about sending you to a French merging school. I will speak to you in Twi and Italian at home and daddy with speak to you in English. We hope you learn four languages. But REALLY, one language will do :D!

Je t’aime moi Berry!

15 Jun 2011

Thoughtful Wednesday: How Many Children Are Enough?

family of eight When I was young I wished I was the only child. One of my elder brothers was bossy and my younger brother was a pain. I had to take care of him when our mother was at work. I had to take him with me whenever I went and all I wanted was to be alone with my friends. He would go through my things and I was always shouted at because of him. For these reasons I wanted to be the only child. In my opinion I had too many people around but I was misunderstood and lonely. Maybe I was only missing my sister, whom I was separated from when I was little.

You see, my sister and I are two years and 9 months age apart. We grew up together until she was sent to a boarding school and I was sent to a school near my granny. We both made new friends but we click easily as soon as we see each other. She is one of the few people I honestly trust. Not living near her made me feel like I wanted to be the only child, without painful siblings. Thankfully things have changed, my younger brother is not a pain anymore and the elder brother who was bossy is not that anymore.

However a part of me always fancied the idea of the only child, even when friends who were only child were telling me it sucks to not have a sibling. I wasn’t thinking about my own child and hers or his siblings. I was thinking about my personal experience and what other friends who have male siblings said. But I knew that if I was going to have more than one child I was never going to separate them. Also, I wanted to give them equal love and attention so that one will not accuse me of loving the other more. And also help them have a strong fraternal or sisterly bond.

When we got married, hubby and I didn’t talk too much about children but when we did I was convinced that I wouldn’t mind having just one child. To which idea hubby would say “A child without siblings might be lonely.

To which I would reply “The child might grow to be creative.” obviously that didn’t convince him, however I wasn’t ready to start a family because my attention was on other stuff. I really wanted to enjoy my children and give them the time and attention they deserve.

Now that Berry is on the way reality has hit home and I seriously have to consider how many children I would like to have. I know hubby wouldn’t mind having three. In my heart I wouldn’t mind having just one. But when I think about my sister and remember our bond, I know that I wouldn’t like Berry to be the only child. In my mind I don’t want three children because the bond will not be the same. So we have to compromised and two seem to be the perfect number – but if the next pregnancy is twins then God’s blessing is always welcomed and accepted.

I know that having three children would take our growing family to my favourite number thus becoming a family of five. But a family of four seem ideal. Low age gap and two children, in this way they will not feel like one is bossing the other around.

Yes, two children would be enough for me. How about you?


14 Jun 2011

iLove Tuesday Tunes: Hometown Glory

She is beautiful and talented. She writes great music and sings with deep and soothing voice!

Today I am listening to Hometown Glory, what are you listening to on iLove Tuesday Tunes.

Share with me :)


13 Jun 2011

Welcome Oly


I am so happy to have our DSLR finally at home with us. It is not a Canon but Olympus E-PL1 which was one of the cameras on my photo-camera list. It is so pretty because it looks like an old camera yet it has all the modern functions. It is perfect for us at the moment because we wanted a step up from the normal point-and-shoot without spending too much. It is not heavy like some other DSLR camera therefore easy to take around with us. The down side to this new purchase is the lens, it is expensive to replace it.

Both hubby and I are still learning to use it so we don’t need to get a new lens. Hopefully I will manage to capture some exciting and interesting pictures with our new Olympus. And maybe one day threat ourselves with different type of lenses.

Do you like our new camera? Which camera do you use?


12 Jun 2011

From Delicious Food to Dangerous Bicycle Rides

I can’t believe June is already 12.

The weeks are starting to blur into each other. Perhaps it is because my days are filling up with activities. Since June 1st I’ve been going to yoga classes for pregnant women. Most of these women are seventeen weeks and above.

Then Saturday and Sunday, June 4th and 5th, we had a guest from London. For this reason we didn’t go to church. Oh yes, we found a church where we feel at home. Although we didn’t go to church, it was nice to show our guest around. It felt good to host somebody, because it made us feel like we know the place a little bit.

I found a bakery which bakes nice bread like the ones you might find in Italy. Tuesday, June 7th, I went to buy Mediterranean focaccia bread. The focaccia had Asiago cheese, black olives, red pepper and rosemary. As soon as I step out of the bakery shop, I started to eat the bread. One piece followed another one and then another and then another. I couldn’t stop myself.

Once at home I opened the paper bag to cut a piece of the focaccia to eat. At each piece I said to myself I am going to eat this last piece and then no more. Well by the time I went to paper bag again the big focaccia I bought from the bakery was gone. I was so full I couldn’t move from the sofa so I just carried on watching house developments TV shows. I guess good food makes one feel at home.

In the evening, together with some of the ladies from hubby’s work, I went to a garden centre, where I arranged a beautiful potting – putting succulent plants into a pot. Up to that afternoon I though potting was about making pots, LOL!

Wednesday, June 8th, I started my day off by doing meditation. After that I went into my studio and wrote scenes for a story. I was sitting there thinking about how Push can be classified as young adult novels. I opened the book to read through the first pages to make my mind up. I was just curious. I didn’t expect anything, but from page one I was sucked into the journey of Precious. I couldn’t put the book down, I kept turning page upon page until I finished the whole boom in five hours.

Although the story is disturbing, Push is the kind of story that stays with and you cannot stop walking side by side with the characters through their struggle from the moment you venture into their worlds. I haven’t seen the film which was inspired by the book but I don’t think I am going to watch it in the near future.

Friday our neighbour organised a get together with some other neighbours across the street. We all had to prepare a dish to share. I cooked jollof rice, a West African dish – generally you can find it in the kitchen in a Ghanaian and Nigerian household, but I am sure the surrounding countries in West Africa have their own version of the dish.

Yesterday was manic, and I am feeling the consequence even today. It all because of a bicycle. From the end of May I have an old bicycle one of our friends’ lent me. Hubby is a great cyclist and he cycles to everywhere. Yesterday morning I went to do box-excise with one of my neighbours. Once back home we cycled to lunch with some of hubby’s work colleagues. We had delicious dim sum. After lunch we cycled to Future Store to buy our DSLR!

On our way back home hubby decided to make a four month pregnant woman do an off road cycling with a city bicycle. I was scared, crossed and annoyed at the same time. First thing, the chain of the bicycle falls off easily and it could block the wheel at any time. Second thing, the track was muddy and close to a cliff. I wish someone would have taken a picture of me on the track. Hubby realised how silly the trip back was after he saw me struggling to cycle back home with no smile. I was so tired I couldn’t even enjoy our new camera until today.

Today, apart from my back pains and muscle pains, I had a great day. We went to church and then we had a barbeque in our forest-garden. I ate two and half burgers. That’s not healthy but thinking about yesterday, I deserved it. After the meal we played chess. It was another perfect day :)!

I am getting used to some beautiful shaded streets where I walk when I am going to the centre. Walking under green trees and near green grass make me enjoy the city even more. I am happy, settled into a routine, hubby loves his work, we love our rented house and enjoying our new life. We are making new friends. We love each other’s company and Berry is doing well.

I don’t know if you remember when I wrote about how I was missing Europe and all the other places I’ve been to before. Since the weather turned around into this beautiful sunny days I feel so much at home here, I don’t think about Europe anymore – well, I daydream about when we will to go Europe and Africa with Berry.

I am listening to my body to hear if I can sense Berry moving inside. Nothing has happened yet, but stay tuned :)!


8 Jun 2011

Thoughtful Wednesday: Are Children A Great Sacrifice?

This is what one of my husband’s work colleagues said few weeks ago before we told him that we are happily expecting our first child.

I will refer to him as KC. He is of those who is over the top with enthusiasm but who can also annoy you easily, because you know that as soon as you turn your back he will stab you. And my intuition tells me he is fake. During our stay in Canmore and Banff my hormones couldn’t stand him.

But before that we are driving to Banff and he is sitting on the back seat. I don’t remember how the conversation started but at one point he declares “Having children is a great sacrifice.”

I think about my situation, about how we planned and really wanted our first child without thinking too much about what the future holds. Just the hope and fantasy to see OUR LOVE reflected in the eyes and smile of a little version of us is pure joy. So I ask back “Why having children is a great sacrifice?”

“A person have to give up many things.”

“Did your mother give up something for having you?" KC doesn’t answer so I carry on “Maybe having you was a great sacrifice to your mother but I don’t think having me was a great sacrifice to my mother.” I know about the physical ‘sacrifice’ women go through when having children. I’ve heard about sleepless nights due a child. I also know that some women go through great depression but I don’t think having five children cut short my mother’s dreams. And all the good things about being a parent overcome these ‘sacrifices’.

Maybe according to KC child rearing is a great sacrifice to some parents. I believe that having children empowers people. If I think about how I’ve personally helped my mother over the years, I like to believe that I am a blessing and a God sent child :) and if I was a sacrifice to her, in the end I proved to be worth it.

Coming to my current situation, when I think about how I dreamt about our child, the desire to have Berry, is it NO way a sacrifice to my dreams. God blessing, I haven’t had a bad pregnancy so far. I am also lucky enough to be able to stay at home and work on my future career. Berry could have not happened to us in a perfect moment. So to hear someone say having a child is a great sacrifice it felt like a splash of pure iced water on my bare back, harsh and cruel. Not every person believe that having a child is a sacrifice.

During a North American range styled barbeque in Banff, when we saw some children happily playing around, KC asked my husband “How many children would you like to have?” AMI didn’t want to answer so I whispered in his ear to ask KC “How many do you want?”

KC said “None.” that explained it.

Then last Friday, after my prenatal visit, hubby happily told some of his work colleagues about our great news over a drink. Once AMI told everyone KC pointed out “It will cost at least 20% of your income to raise a child.” as if bringing up children is all about money.

Obviously, we pray we can financially support our future children, but what we care about most is to raise them with LOVE, AFFECTION, HAPPINESS, HEALTH, SECURITY and all that a person need to grow strong personally and socially.

I don’t want KC too close in our lives because I believe he springs out negativity. And from 2011 onward I did not want negative people around our lives. As soon as I got pregnant my sixth sense didn’t want him near. Thinking about it, maybe, this explains my sixth sense.

We planned when we wanted to start a family. We were looking forward to have a baby after my degree and now we are looking forward to hold Berry in our arms. To have our first child in our lives, and soon after a sibling – yes, we’re already thinking about the second child, (I have the nickname) LOL! And we will never thing that Berry and sibling are sacrifice to our lives. They will only be blessing! Our sleep might be cut in half after the baby is born, but I don’t see that as a great sacrifice, because the joy and love in us will overlook that.bush_holding_crying_baby-ashx Okay, I know KC is a funny chap and I should ignore whatever he says because he is not worth it. But maybe some people believe that having children is a great sacrifice. No-one should have a child if they are not ready. I believe in the philosophy “don’t do things to please others but only yourself.” And life shouldn’t be lived in regrets.

What do you think about this KC? Do you think having a baby is a sacrifice? What do children need most in their lives?


7 Jun 2011

iLove Tunes Tuesday: Just The Way You Are

What can I say about this song that you don't already hear in the lyrics? Well, it might end up on Berry’s birth playlist. It is beautiful! Enjoy it.

What are you listing to today? Leave a comment and let me know.

Have a great evening.


4 Jun 2011

155 beats and Healthy

Yesterday hubby and I went to my second prenatal appointment. I was excited and maybe he was little scared.

As soon as we got there I was weighed. I am growing healthily. Let’s say I haven’t put on weight that might sound alarming to my obstetrician. My blood pressure is quite normally even after cycling to the appointment. My blood tests are fine. But most importantly, Berry is healthy!

After the initial prompt measurements, the OB took long to come. I was getting distressed. But then she came to do a part of the test. To my mild disappointment she didn’t do a scan. She said that Berry will be formed properly by week 18, that means she will do the scan at the next visit :P!

I was emotional at this point but then she did something that took my mind off that disappointment. She made us hear Berry’s heartbeat.

She started off by letting us hear my own heartbeat a faint thub, thub sound. At this stage I started to wonder if Berry was going to be heard. I was still scared that Berry might just be my own illusion so I was thinking OMG, OMG is Berry really there? Oh God let Berry be there. After this prayer I heard something, but I was still in denial. Is this it? A strong frush, frush sound or something similar.

“This is the baby’s heartbeat! It is very strong, 155 beats per minutes.” the OB said as if she was reading my thoughts. I am sure she could read all my feelings on my blank face.

“Oh.” was all I could say. I was excited but also worried because I saw her putting away the Doppler. I felt like taking the instrument from her hand and placing it back on my lower stomach, far below the belly button. The beat was a beautiful sound and I wanted to heart it for at least twenty minutes more. I wanted to settle my heart that Berry is turning and twisting inside me as I imagine. It was lovely to hear the beat but it was too brief for my liking. I looked at hubby and wanted to tell him to record the sound, but I stopped myself. Instead I asked “Are we going to listen to the baby’s heart another time?”

“Oh yes, every visit we will hear the heartbeat.” That quenched my thirst to hear Berry’s heartbeat again. It was more than satisfying but I wish I recorded it for tonight. I am going to do that at next visit.

However, after the appointment I was emotional, because I felt like it is taking ages to have a glimpse of Berry. Hubby is adorable because he comforted me by saying “I know you want to see Berry right now, but it is not like buying something off the internet. It takes time for these things and you have to be patient. Berry is healthy and the heart was very strong.” But soon, as per his usual, he teased me by asking “Would you like to buy one of those instruments so we can hear the heartbeat again?”

“YES. Where can we find one?” I was serious about that. And if anyone knows how I can get a Doppler, please let me know.

“Of course I am teasing you.” he is just adorable because only him can still playing with a pregnant woman’s mood like the way he does. He makes me smile! I want Berry to have sweet and adorable character like daddy.

The 155 beats confirmed that Berry is really inside my belly. Once out of the building hubby said “Wow, I have a little bit of me in you.” That was so sweet to my ears. I hugged him. I felt like a little girl hearing something very naughty, but I was happy to hear hubby so enthusiastic. He is adorable and he is going to be a great daddy :). I am so emotional but that’s normal in pregnancy! I am so much in love and surrounded by love it feels good and scary!

May God guide to success what He has plan for us, because our little family is in His great hands!


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