31 Jul 2011

What A Wonderful Two Days

Though summer sun brings along the annoying hot heat which is not good for a pregnant woman’s energy level, my weekend has been exciting, fun and romantic. On Friday we had dinner with some friends. Yesterday we had a great anniversary and today we are home just chilling…

This is my two days in pictures:

breakfast  I started our Saturday morning with me hand mixing and baking a homemade bun, served with scrambled eggs and wustle for hubby.

P7302768streetmusicP7302781 paintartist the street was full of artists – I love it! 

P7302771cute things

dogs dogs just being dogs :).

jellybeans In the afternoon we went to Starbucks and I bought a packet of jelly beans!

P7312810In the evening, after an Indian meal, we went to watch Smurfs 3D – yay right! It was fun.

mixer inspired by my desire to become good at making homemade pasta, pastries and bread, hubby got me a mixer today. I am so happy and feel like a grown up :)!


hubby concluded our romantic weekend with him using my the mixer to prepare a peanut butter cookie dough. Once baked is delish – isn’t he sweet!

This is my weekend in pictures, how was yours?

Unknown Mami


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30 Jul 2011

Our Summer Wedding: Six Years Ago

The love story is long. We dated for four years and before the big summer white wedding, we tied the knot in a small civil wedding. But… the one we love to celebrate with a bang is the summer one, which is today!____________________theringIt was a hot summer day, just like today, around this time of day, in a little town, located in the north-east of Italy, Europe. After an hectic morning of preparation, lack of appetite, a cry in the car because she didn’t want to be late for the ceremony, a shout at one of her caring brothers who wanted to comfort her, but all she wanted was to get into that church ASAP… to which her mother, in a later date, commented “Why? Did you think AMI was not going to wait for you?” She was a silly girl :)!P7272672After the chief bridesmaid came to retouch her light make up, the lovely flower girls, a shy (but not-so-shy) pageboy  and sexy bridesmaids (and I wish I had a photographer who cared to picture them properly) walked on the carpet first…P7272671 then, finally, as if all that drama never happened, a smiling-happy to be on time (for the first time) young woman, accompanied by her elder brother… P7272673 walked down the aisle…P7272668 to marry a smiling-happy young man. The young woman’s heart settled where it was supposed to. They exchanged rings…P7272664 P7272665They kissed! Her wedding kiss was too passionate for a church. But she couldn’t stop giving him the bacio, bacio, bacio (kiss, kiss, kiss)… so they carried on outside…P7272662 They posed for Bollywood inspired photo shoot… thelovetree thecourt They arrived at the castle for the dinner and more pictures…thearrival brightfutureThere was so much to take in but her eyes were for her husband, the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. The man she wanted to have her children with. From the moment her heart settled in her bosom, people could see her body but her soul was on cloud nine, floating with happiness. The audience was around them but not visible to her. Thus, she forgot to notice some details such as the flower arrangement…P7272666flower1 flower2but there is a video and more pictures to help her remember. BUT, who cares about those little things, if in the end the most important thing to remember is how the eyes of your beloved one are shining as if the sun and stars are alternatively twinkling in them?
The wedding was hectic, fun, happy and memorable!
If she could go back in time… she would do everything the same apart from… the photographer. She would like an expensive photographer with a digital camera to capture the castle, the church, the family, the friends, those who were not looking and those who were looking. Our LOVE!
After six years of marriage, lots of experiences and a baby in the way. I am so happy to wish my amore happy-HAPPY 6th anniversary of marriage. I want to shout to the world that I love him and through my blog I can :D!
I am happy to share the fragments of memories with you ladies :).
A big hug!
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29 Jul 2011

I Daydream About You – Week 23

Dear Berry AO,

I saw you move. At the sound of your name Рwhich is quite long Рyou move when you feel like you want to play. I love it! The movements excite me, they make me talk to you and rub my belly more. I giggle and hope you giggle too, because I believe you like our bonding. week 23I know that telling you I love you might sound a clich̩, but these words are simple compared to how much I really, really LOVE YOU. You are my world.

The other day a friend of us said “You are very dark (my skin is dark chocolate) and you, AMI, are fair and blond. Your baby is going to be very beautiful. If is a girl you are going to have boys lining up your porch when she is a teenager.”

I’ve been daydreaming about how you will look once you are out. Are you going to have dark caramel skin tone? Are going to have my lips, my eyes, and neck? Are you going to have your daddy’s cheeks and nose? Or are you going to take pieces of us and mix them perfectly together? We don’t mind, because if you come out with your own particular features we’re going to be happy the same. If you turn out to be like one of us we are going to be happy the same. If you turn out to look half like me and half like your daddy we are going the  to be happy the same. I am sure daddy is daydreaming about how you will look like too., because this morning he said to the belly “Berry, I want to see you soon.” For obvious reasons you have to swim for about 16 weeks and 3days. This will make you even stronger when you are here in our arms. Be strong and let those strong movements keep coming.

Oh Berry, if you are a girl I want you to have my character and attitude towards life with the patience your father possesses. My Berry, I am very glad and proud to be your mother, and daddy is very proud to be your father. You are making us so happy already and we feel your love. You are a blessing and always feel our love showering over you.

While on holiday daddy suggested we make a book for you. A picture book which tells you how diverse our world is. He would like us to use some of the pictures we’ve captured while travelling around the world. I am going to do that for you, even if I don’t do it before you are born, I am definitely going to make it by the time you will start looking and turning pages, by the age of one :). Our world is vast and there are various cultures and races. You are half Ghanaian and half British, but we will come to that in later date.week23

I read that this week your hearing is established and your lungs are getting ready for breathing. It is really fun to read about your development.

Yesterday I went to talk to a midwife. I want to have one, because the visits with her will be personal and longer. She told me that it takes around one hour to complete each visit. Plus, if I have a midwife I can have the choice to have a water and home birth. Of now I’ve chosen the hospital birth, I might change my mind on that. With a midwife we will try to make the birth less medical as possible, and I really like that idea. Plus, she can let me listen to your heartbeat longer at each visit.

I want you to grow strong-strong-strong and healthy-healthy-healthy. Also smile a lot, because you are deeply loved ;).

Loads of love,




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Thank you,


27 Jul 2011

Thoughtful Wednesday: Being Lazy

First thing first: THANK YOU SITS! Yesterday was a blast and I am still recuperating from it.


So, today I am being thoughtful to myself and decided to be lazy. Yes, sometimes to be thoughtful to oneself, one have to be lazy. So, I am watching movies (Indian and Italian), So You Think You Can Dance old episodes and catching up blogging. Oh, and I posted about my wedding dress on TC30s.

What do you do when you want to chill?

26 Jul 2011

Hello Ladies!!!!!

July is truly an important month in my life.

Many things happen to me in July but this year’s July is super-super dupa. I am loving it and I am over the moon that I got featured on SITS today. How to BlogGOSH, gosh, gosh I thought I was never going to be lucky enough to get featured on one of the most important and inspiring social media websites on the blog-sphere. Imagine my excitement when I opened my email and read that my SITS day is TODAY!

If you are waiting for your turn don’t give up hope.

I am sure most of you have found amazing bloggers to follow and support thanks to SITs, if you haven’t you must join the community.

I am rambling too much, right?

My heart is pounding as I write… okay, let’s me compose myself. Deep BREATH!


Let’s listen to one of my favourite songs.

My wedding first dance song. Getting married to my true love was like heaven, and Bryan Adams sung how I felt so well. This week I will feel like in heaven because my big wedding anniversary is coming up {the small one is celebrated in April} :)!

But before the music stops, few facts about my life:

  1. April 2001 – I meet a gorgeous, funny and warm hearted British guy in my small town just few hours from Verona and Padova, north-east of Italy. {One Night AT The Pub}. It was a long distance love.
  2. 2003 – he proposed to me, and we set the wedding date for July 26, 2003. I chickened out, awww.
  3. 25 December 2004 – he proposed again {Merry Christmas and the engagement ring}.
  4. 2 April 2005 – we tied the knot in a small civil wedding.
  5. 30 July 2005 – we tied the knot in a big church wedding in the castle of my town. We danced to Bryan Adams and some cool party eighties tunes. We left the ceremony just as the blessing of rain was descending from the sky. He is my true love, because he gives me patience, respect and love in abundance.
  6. 01 August 2005 – I moved from Italy to live married life with hubby in London, UK.
  7. February 2006 – I started university reading English Lit. and History.
  8. March 2006 – we bought our first place, a 1930’s flat.
  9. 25 December 2009 – I started this blog to document my journey towards motherhood.
  10. April 2010 – began TTC (trying to conceive)
  11. December 2010 – BA graduations 2:1.
  12. March 2011 – we moved to Canada, and we found out I am expecting.
  13. 26 July 2011 – I am featured on SITS.
  14. November 2011 – our first baby is due. week19love

What a great decade I’ve lived since I met my true love, eh? And the adventure continues__________All thanks to the Almighty. I believe that His blessing is eternal!


That’s me life in 200+ words.

So welcome, my new friends, I hope you’ll stick around. And I hope you’ll stay a while. As Bryan sings “…love is all I need…” and I find it in my hubby’s arms and your comments :).

I hope my ramblings don’t scare you off. Instead, stand by me in this journey ;)!

Now, feel free to look around my humble blog-home!



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Thank you,


25 Jul 2011

Love Story: ‘You Can Really Fly’

If you would like to read the previous love story anecdotes, they can be found here.


when you love someone - you'll do anything
you'll do all the crazy things that you can't explain
you'll shoot the moon - put out the sun
when you love someone

you'll deny the truth - believe a lie
there'll be times that you'll believe you can really fly […]
[…] – you'll feel it deep inside
and nothin else can ever change your mind

[…] – you'll sacrifice
you'd give it everything you got and you won't think twice
you'd risk it all – no matter what may come […]

__________story continues__________

As our hearts and feelings were getting closer for each other, the trial of distance was trying its best to divide us.

He went to USA for work as planned. I thought about going there with him. But we discussed the idea and he concluded that it was unfair on me. It was not good idea for me to quit my job and go live with him for three months. What next?

We just had to go by telephone calls, emails and online chatting for more months. After each conversation I missed him loads and to think that he was there all by himself made me crazy. After just a month of living in a different continent, away from his family and friends and girlfriend (me), I told him “I can’t go on like this. I really can’t. I want to break up.”

“Don’t do anything silly. I know you are suffering with this distance but soon we will be together and all that will pass.”

“But when I want to see you I can’t. I just have to hear your voice, what story is this and I am thinking about…”

“It doesn’t matter, I am coming there next week.”

“From America?” all that distance, just for me?

“Yes, I will book a flight tomorrow.” Just to come and see me, he didn’t care about work, he wanted me to be happy and he was going to book a flight to come and see ONLY me. If that was not another sign of how you can really fly when you love someone and believe that love to be worth the effort then…PeterPan flying with wendyHe was ready to shoot the moon for me. He was ready to do all the crazy things that people couldn’t explain. That I dreamt my prince charming will do for me. He was doing even more. He didn’t care what other people thought, he loves me for who I am.

He came for a week and we had a wonderful time. He bought me a promise ring – a ring that symbolised he will propose and marry me one day. When it was time to go… were tears. But my heart was quenched because I really believed he loved me abundantly.

A year later he propose, but I was not ready to marry – crazy, I know. He waited patiently, I was worried that he would give up on me but he didn’t. This goes to show that with me one needs patience, dedication, understanding, pure and true love.

He gave, and gives me, all that. The second time he proposed I was over the moon. I knew he is the one God created for me. And I gave him, and give him, my whole heart and respect.



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Thank you,


22 Jul 2011

Week 22 and some thoughtful actions

My sweet-honey Berry,

this week the weather has been hot for mummy. I was boiling so much that I couldn’t concentrate therefore I took less pictures.week22 Plus, while you’ve been busy giving me those butterfly-like sensations, I have been busy getting things ready for our first Canadian camping trip – we are off to Prince Albert for few days.

This might be our last holiday as two, just daddy and I. Once you are born we might travel without you sometimes, but we strongly doubt that.

To make sure that I can stand the hardship of sleeping in a tent, we did a night trial in our back garden. homecampingWe used our sofa-bed mattress and six pillows. It was quite comfortable but, for extra comfort, we are taking another sofa-bed mattress. We know, this is luxurious camping – will be funny setting up the tent.

Daddy made the hammock  himself, he is creative and likes building things. He is thinking about building something fun so you can use to play once you can run around the garden. He is going to be the most fun and loving daddy ever.

Also, this week you received a cute wool shawl and hat from your paternal grandmother. She is sweet, isn’t she Berry? She handmade it and posted it together with your daddy’s piano books. 

berry2ndgift-vertpianobooks Daddy is so happy about that, he wants to improve at the piano because he wants to teach you to play. He also got me a self taught tutorial book, I should practice my limited piano skills.  He told me piano playing is a valuable skill to have. Now, I wish I listened to my mother when she wanted me to learn to play the piano.

You are a lucky baby, because we all love you so much. Your little cousin EFF and big cousins can’t wait to play with you. They all live around the world but one day you will meet them all and become great friends. Your uncles and aunties ask after and they want you to be healthy and strong – I am waiting for those bladder trigger kicks they are talking about.

Another thoughtful action came from one of my blog readers. She was driving from her friend’s house when she saw this sign.berrysign

This made her think of me and you, Berry. It brought a big smile on my lips. And warmed my heart so much. Such a thoughtful and kind lady, eh. You see, you are blessed!

To the physical changes. week22

This week you are the size of a papaya. Your skin still have to develop fully, but there is nothing to worry about because by the time you are here you will be healthy and full. I read that stretch marks might bloom at this point… I just checked, I can’t see many. However, I can notice  my waist getting thicker. In fact I read that I should gain more weight steadily from this week on, averaging 225g a week. Awww! Well, I hope this camping trip and outdoor sports will help me stay fit.

Until next week,

your loving mummy!



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Thank you,


20 Jul 2011

Thoughtful Wednesday: Desperate Housewives?

I still question the title for the show Desperate Housewives, why desperate. I don’t think they are so desperate, maybe… okay, okay in their little they are all desperate. Especially Susan in her latest career choice.
I love the show and keep thinking about it since our move to Canada. Now that I am a stay-at-home-something – I write something because the term housewife freaks me out. I know, I know, I should just accept it but based on my upbringing in which women always, ALWAYS worked even when there were looking after their children at home, I can’t just accept the title housewife. Also in my mind I think people judge my new status – probably this is just my old workaholic mind speaking to my new way of life.
However, as the days roll into weeks and the weeks into months, I am starting to enjoy my new status. Yet, I prefer to be known as a wife who stays at home while her husband is at work and her first baby is growing in her belly, and who is ‘desperately’ writing (when laziness and blogging allow) towards her dream career: a writer. Sometimes I even think about looking into free article writing services  for my blog so that I can spend more time on my novel writing.
I am an aspiring writer, I write at home but not having an agent or a publishing house I find it difficult to call myself writer. So, I daydream to become an reincarnation of a desperate housewife. To be exact Bree.desperate-housewives-cast I am talking about her cooking skills, her ability to be a great host and manage to write cooking books – my will be fiction. But I would also like to have Susan’s motherly nature and good wife – not doing any bad career choices, even if we became desperate for money. I am working on my cooking skills, and trying to be a good wife. Once Berry is here I hope to become a good mother too.
These days I try to cook some elaborated recipes. I know hubby likes my Ghanaian stews so when I feel like I have time, I cook some delicious stews. So far, he seems to enjoy my cooking and he makes me happy when he says “I am getting used to the fact that you are at home.”
However, the other day I put on my desperate housewife hat.  I cooked jollof – rice in a tomato based stew – while we were eating he said “Jollof needs more stew, you don’t have to stretch it like you did this time.” How funny.
I stretched it because I put more rice into the stew to get more meals out of it. I also used some of the stew for a tuna sauce which I was going to serve few days later.
I had to do that because my days are getting hectic, I mean with writing. When I sit in front of the computer and my characters start to work through me I find it difficult to break the chain of thoughts to go cook the evening meals. Time flies but I am taking it easy. I’ve designated some days in which I write and days I cook meals worth for two nights or more. Hubby is very helpful and cooks some weekends. We share chores and that’s how I find balance.
I am not a superwoman, but when one is trying to become one, one have to use extreme measures. I guess this is exactly what most of the women in Desperate Housewives do, they take extreme measures to find balance in their lives, thus they become desperate in achieving balance.
How do you tackle your role as a wife, career woman and mother? Do you ever find yourself stretch to find balance?

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Thank you, TOI.

19 Jul 2011

iLove Tuesday Tunes: Circus

Since yesterday, I am enjoying listening to my ipod, especially to the al tempo songs. They make me dance as if I am not pregnant. Hubby saw make dancing and he was surprised how I can still have my crazy moves, LOL!
Circus by Britney Spears is number one!
Today it reminded me of my smear tests, because I am on show and the doctors observe. Therefore Britney is right to sing:
There's only two types of people in the world
The ones that entertain and the ones that observe
Well baby, I'm a put-on-a-show kind of girl
Don't like the backseat, gotta be first […]
I will put this on Berry birth playlist – and more dance music – because I might smile and forget about the contraction pains when is the moment. I don’t know how delivery will be but I am sure I am going to put on a show.
I will mentally sing:
I feel the adrenaline moving through my veins
Spotlight on me and I'm ready to break
I'm like a performer, […this delivery room…] is my stage
[… Berry is ready to come into the show].
I wish you could see me when I boogie.
What is your favourite dance song? Which music are you dancing to today or last weekend? 



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Thank you,


18 Jul 2011

Love Story: The Fear Of Loving…

If you would like to read the previous love story anecdotes, they can be found here.
We dated the whole summer until September, as I started school and AMI had to return to Britain. The night before his departure we cried because long distance love relationship was not what we would have chose for ourselves. I saw the whole thing as summer fling. I wanted to end it, but he said “If we don’t try, how can we know it won’t work?” He made a point so I trusted my instincts once more and decided to give it a try.
Ryanair, telephone calls, text messages, emails and chatrooms became our favourite pass-time. But my journals became the battleground for my heart and mind. For my faith and fear.
Initially it seemed simple. He came for my birthday the following month. Then, in November I went to see him in Cardiff, where he was working for three months. In December he came to spend Christmas with me and my family.
When the holidays were over for him, it was hard to let him go. But I did, by now I was 99% head over hills for him. I wrote Just In Love in which I expressed how a person can love someone but due to fear of being hurt, you guard your feelings. In one of my journal entries I wrote:
… he understands I truly love him, I don’t tell him every day, it is true I’ve said that phrase twice, but inside I feel it every day and my strongest desire in this period is to live with him forever. Maybe it something precocious, but my feelings are these and I hope to feel them forever. 
Sometimes I daydream about my future with him, I am scared it might not come true, but I pray the Lord to look after us as He has done until now. He told me that there will be never be another woman in my place, he always says beautiful things and I am scared of the future. I told him that I want a baby with him, it is silly but that’s what I would like. 
2001 New Year’s eve we celebrated together alone, away from the crowd. We welcomed 2002 together and I prayed for guidance and protection from the Almighty.  
Just before that trip my heart was getting bigger and bigger for AMI each day that passed. My mind and heart were in continuous conflict.  I became a bystander as my mind and heart argued. But in the end I took a stand.
… I can’t tell my heart to stop loving him, yes I can’t think that [but] I have to be strong about my heart but my heart is in love and it’s more stronger than my mind…. I don’t have to tell him all my feelings because they are very strong and I don’t want him to know anymore how I feel.   fearofloving (2)
I couldn’t live one minute without thinking about him. He was in thoughts constantly. When I wrote: I don’t want him to know anymore how I feel, by that I  meant I didn’t want him to know how I saw my future with him and how much I wanted to have children together. l know it was silly from my part but loving someone that deep scares the hell out of you. I was scared to see my world crumble beneath my feet, if he ever left me. My fear for loving him was tied with the fear of losing him and feeling lost without him by myself. However, I did an auto-psychology and concluded:
…I can’t deny that feeling [of loving]. I think … I can just live … this [love] story day by day … [without thinking] too much about the future. 
I stopped to live the story like Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights. I started to focus on the happy moments we shared together even with such long distance between us. Time passed and after three months of placement in Cardiff he had to go live in Kentucky for the final three months of placement. The distance was getting farther and farther than I imagine.
Still something told he was the one I’ve prayed Lord to send me all my life. Letting go of the fear of loving was not easy. He had to do something crazy for me to believe that he truly was the ONE God created for me…
Until next,

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