31 Aug 2011

The Recipe

On Sunday I posted a picture of blueberry-apple pie I baked and one of my kind blog friends, The Mrs, asked for a recipe. I couldn’t disappoint her therefore today I am posting the recipe :).

I am still learning to do things in the kitchen so if I can do this thing then anyone can do it!

I got the Ingredients for the Pie Pastry from Kitchenaid Booklet

2 ¼ cups all-purpose (brown in my case),

¾ teaspoon salt,

½ cup shorting, well chilled

2 tablespoons butter or margarine, well chilled

5 to 6 tablespoons cold water.

In a mixer bowl place flour and salt. Attach bowl and flat beater to mixer. Turn to stir speed and mix for 15 seconds. Cut shortening and butter into pieces and add to flour mixture. Turn to stir speed and mix until shortening particles are size of small peas, 30 to 45 seconds.

Continuing on stir speed, add water, 1 tablespoon at a time, mixing until ingredients are well mixed together and smoothly hold together as a dough. Divide the dough in half. Pat each dough into a smooth ball and flatten slightly. Wrap in plastic wrap and let it chill refrigerator for 15 minutes.

In the meantime I made up my own pie filling by tossing together

1 cup wild blueberries

2 medium apples (crunchy red or as you like them), thinly sliced

2 tablespoons lemon juice

¼ cup granulated sugar

Set aside until.

Roll half of the dough to 1/8-inch thickness between sheet of waxed paper. At this point be creative and fold pastry as you wish. Ease into 8- or 9inch pie plate and unfold, press firmly against bottom and sides. {{{I stored the other half in the refrigerator up to two weeks. Before using it I made sure it was completely unfrozen at room temperature.}}}

Gently mound blueberries-apples in the center of pastry, leaving 2-inch border of dough on all sides. Gently press dough to filling reinforcing shape.

Bake at 400*F until pastry is golden and filling is tender, for about 30 minutes. Cool pie on baking sheet on wire rack 10 minutes.

I served it warm with two spoonful vanilla ice-cream. berrypieberrypiefin

I have some left from the other day and I am going to eat it after my lunch today.


29 Aug 2011

The News That Led Me To A Cute Video

This morning, the first news that hubby gave was “Beyonce is pregnant!” I was happy and wanted to know how many months.

So, after I had shower and breakfast, I went to read more on guardian.co.uk.

She looks happy and proud, just like the way I felt when I found out I was pregnant for the first time.beyonce-2-440 {via}

She looks beautiful – more than before!

I am SO happy her and Jay Z – I am glad she is showing off her beautiful bump. I thought she was going to hide her pregnancy like some celebrities but… I AM JUST SO PROUD OF HER! Proudly showing off her belly makes me like her! I understand the effect pregnant women have on human beings – oh, I am just proud for her, I am sure she wanted her baby more than anything else.

Hurray to proud pregnant women!

This led me to youtube videos for more information. But instead I ended up watch reviews on other stuff. I then watched Whip My Hair by Willow Smith. Her video led me to this cute video. The Figure skater is so cute:

Her name is Starr Andrew, above she is 9 years old and then I watched this performance of when she was 6. 

Isn’t she cute?

She warms my heart and Berry is dancing to the music too.

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28 Aug 2011

Blueberry-apple Pie

Another wonderful week is over and is time to show some pictures.

Wednesday and Thursday I was surrounded by nature and for the first time I tried my hand at taking detailed pictures like a nature photographer.

This is what came out:pregnatureP8243516wildmushroomflower1   hiddenberrycranberryApart from taking pictures, I picked some blueberries:     blueberryP8273623And yesterday I baked blueberry-apple pie – I prepared the pastry two week ago.   berrypie

Berry’s first blueberry-apple pie! It was YUMMY – wild berries are the best, small but full of juice.berrypiefin

Hope your week was fun and you are having a great weekend :)!
Unknown Mami
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26 Aug 2011

Looking Like Pregnant + Nature – Week 26 and 27

Dear Berry AO,

last week I didn’t write you a letter. I decided to take the week off writing on my blog. While away from the blog I read other blogs, read more poems, wrote you a poem and went to the beautician for something special(post will come on that).

This week we entered in our third trimester – daddy says he is sure we entered the third trimester yesterday. He is studying my mood! I don’t see the difference apart from him disturbing more than usual. Body wise, my back pains me more and I am a little bit more stiff in the morning – I am keeping up Pilates and pelvic floor exercises.

WOW, sometimes I forget how all started. We are less than 90 days. The countdown to your arrival is going about like blink of an eye.

Regarding blinking, this week you have added this trick to your repertoire. Baby you are growing very well. You are the size of an eggplant, that sounds better than just a seed when the journey began. You and I have come so far, well done to you, Berry. You are such a good baby to me I can’t stop repeating it and I love you. I still sleep the whole night through (so far I wake up just once for the bathroom). My bladder is not in trouble yet, LOL!

Your movements remind me that you are getting stronger. I love it when you surprise me with a quick nudge. I’ve been trying to film them but you are too quick and I don’t know when to click record. Your daddy can feel you through my belly wall.

I believe you are getting into the position for labour because sometimes I feel your body pushing against one side of the belly. The movements are the best sensations ever, I can’t find the words to describe them.

I’ve completed the first birth playlist: 27 songs al tempo (dance – yah right!). I will tell you more about the songs on the playlist another time.

This is how the belly looked like at:week 26

Your aunty R. said I finally look like pregnant. I believe her because apart from my belly my cheeks are fuller. Your daddy says I look fine and I should remember that my body is working for a baby. My belly is bigger with each passing minute and I love that but, like every woman, sometimes I wonder if my butt is too big in some pair of jeans.

This is the belly at:week 2 7 week27 week27belly

I think I don’t have stretch marks on the belly but maybe I am biased. I am using oil religiously, never out of my sight. Daddy calls me seal, because I love, LOVE to rub oil on my belly and body. He has agreed that he will help me oil and cream your body once you are evicted from the belly. You have to enjoy the routine of oiling and creaming your skin because it will protect and make it smooth always.

I love chilled water, ice cubes and chilly – not together. If someone asked me what was the crazy pregnancy food I ate while waiting for you I would say: chilly, chilled water and ice cubes.

On a different note:______ Wednesday daddy and I went to White Gull Creek, is a little place about one hour north of Prince Albert. Daddy went there for work and he said I could go with him. While he was working, I read. I couldn’t stop reading for the rest of the holiday work trip. Being away from technology helps one’s passion. I love reading but internet and few other distractions force me to put literature aside. But while away and surrounded by nature, I immersed myself in The Book of Negroes by Lawrence Hill. By the time we got back home yesterday I’ve finished the whole book front to back. I’ve found another great author for my library.

I saw a bear on one of the fields’ pathway. When it heard the sound of the car approaching it quickly ran out of sight. I also made time to pick wild blueberries, take pictures of them and the late summer flowers. Daddy took some pictures of me in the lake. I was daydreaming about you and I playing in the water while daddy was working. I can’t wait so we can all go there one day.

Talking about dreaming, I read that this week you may be dreaming about me too because studies show that brain wave activity measured in a developing fetus shows different sleep cycles, including the rapid eye movement phase, the stage when dreaming occurs.

Dream, dream little angel because you are my only dream.




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23 Aug 2011

DIY Maternity Photo-shoot: Outdoor Inspiration

Hello ladies.
How are you all? Thanks everyone for taking time to comment on my last post.
Taking the days off have revitalised my mind and thoughts. I concluded that my worries were nothing in reality. As Mrs Pancakes rightly wrote “In regards to your thoughts..give them to God and let him help you process them! […] You and hubby do what you can and God will take care of the rest. Trust in the God with all your heart and lean not unto your own understanding! […]”
I want to leave all in God’s powerful and capable hands. He is the one who gave us our little one and he is the ONE who will take care of our journey. Plus, life should be viewed through positive eyes.
Also Janeen wrote “You don't have to worry about being boring, use your blog to document your thoughts and if people comment, fine, if not, oh well. Just know people ARE reading. :)
Nervousness, anxiety, and whatever else you are feeling is completely natural. Just know that when the baby comes, everything will fall into place.”
Janeen is right, I am on this blog to documents my thoughts and I should write my feeling without setting myself to a standard. And as it happens at times people read but not everyone can comment. But most importantly one day I can show this online journal to my children.
I love taking weekly photos of my growing belly and I’ve been doing that since week 4 of my pregnancy. However, I would like some professional photos.
Today I spent nearly the whole day browsing our local photographers’ websites. I think the price is reasonable - the highest I’ve found is $550, include in the price is shooting, copies of the retouched photos with CD/DVD with all the printing right. But at the moment I don’t have money for that luxury. For this reason I am thinking about doing DIY maternity photo shoot. I want outdoors, indoors and those type of photos celebrities love to take.
I will use my tripod for most of them, but I’ve asked hubby to help me with some – especially outdoors. I don’t know how those will turn out, because I might want a style, setting and position that hubby will deem demanding. When the lighting will not be right I will make sure to get it right and he might get fed up with that – he will think I am wasting his time. He might take a photo in which I am making horrible face and I might get upset by that.
To make the DIY experience painless I am collecting samples. Hopefully they will make my photo session with hubby move smoothly. So far I am inspired by these outdoor pictures:
yellow is the colour – field is the location
love the lighting (more yellow) and style – I was happy to find out that the pregnant woman is the cool Melissa from Dear Baby, one of my fav blogs. I would also like a little bit of glamour in the photo-shoot

I am also questioning when to get these pictures taken. I read that 7-8months should be good because the belly will not be too big to find some positions uncomfortable. However, I’ve seen some pictures with 9 months pregnant women in them. Some looked gorgeous, some looked tired.
Did/Would you have a professional photographer to memorialise your pregnancy? Did anyone do a DIY maternity photo-shoot? At which month did/would you have your maternity photo-shoot taken?
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16 Aug 2011

Say Hello Wave Goodbye

David Gray’s songs are so GRAY like his surname, but I love them. He is a world known British singer.

Although the lyrics in Say Hello Wave Goodbye don’t come close to describe how I feel, the title explains this post.

I want to say hello and wave goodbye to my readers for some time.
I am finding myself boring and although I have many things I would like to write about, I don’t think they are interesting enough. I love writing my weekly pregnancy update but I don’t think there is room for feedback on them – and I appreciate my ladies who write the comments on them :).
I started my blog to be able to have feedback on some on my queries regarding pregnancy, but so far, God’s blessing, my pregnancy have been uneventful and I am feeling great. This makes me one boring pregnant lady.
However, as the days shift quickly into weeks, I’ve began to worry about motherhood. I am questioning myself if I am going to be a strong, good mother who can protect her child from outsiders.
The thoughts are so many I don’t know how to voice them out. They are intruding my dreams.  For this reason I want to take some days/weeks off to put these thoughts together and try to find some answers. I need to put them into one folder and take a step back to look at them again.
Inside I am scared to come out as a paranoid woman, but in this delicate moment every little worry for me might seem a big issue.

Waving goodbye is very difficult but I need to regain balance in my thoughts. Bare with me.

I will be back soon!

Please, DON’T LEAVE me behind in this superfast lane blog-sphere!


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12 Aug 2011

Endless Love! Paranoid Dreams? – Week 25

Dear Berry,

How are you doing today? I hope you are doing fine and you are comfortable in my womb. I can’t stop imagining you turning around inside that little space. I wish I could see you. But feeling your movements, which for me are like strong hiccups, settle my heart into its place. week 25 It feels surreal – more or less than 101 days I will have you here in my arms. This knowledge makes me very emotional. The tight bond we have will be interrupted and it will be my daily duty to create it until you are not a baby or toddler anymore but an adult.

I was listening to Endless Love by Lionel Richie and although some lines sound declaration of passionate love between two lovers some other lines describe the pure-unconditional love a parent feels for her or his child. 

My love, […]
The only thing that's bright – My first love, You're every breath that I take, You're every step I make – […] Ooh yes, you will always be
My endless love – Two hearts, Two hearts that beat as one
Our lives have just begun – Forever (Ohhhhhh)
I'll hold you close in my arms, I can't resist your charms – […] 'Cause you, You mean the world to me – […] And I'll give it all to you – My love, My love, my love, My endless love

Right now having you in my womb secures this tight bond. At the moment “You're every breath that I take, You're every step I make […]” But once you are born other people will touch your hair, face or little fingers. I won’t like that, but how am I going to tell them without sounding a nasty person? People wanting to have a piece of you will make me so jealous! You are mine and I don’t want to share you with anyone else but your father – is that wrong of me.

Yesterday we went to a  barbeque and one of your father’s colleague (AN), the one who commented “[…] Your baby is going to be very beautiful. [...]” based on mine and your daddy’s skin tone, put his head on my belly. He is a nice guy and everything but I was taken aback. I start to giggle nervously and say “You can’t hear anything. I can feel the baby moving, but even when AMI comes to feel the movements the baby stops and then starts again when he is gone.” I took hold of my belly with my arms in shield. I resisted to slap his head off, because he didn’t mean any harm.

My love for you is so strong it scares me. What if it turns itself into paranoia. I believe these feelings are playing in my subconscious through some paranoid dreams:

In one dream your paternal grandmother breastfed you soon as you were born and I was sleeping. I woke up (within the dream) I freaked out with her. I said “It is unfair that you want to take away from me the bonding with my baby. That’s unfair!” I was very upset I told your paternal aunty and she agreed with me.

In another dream I was till pregnant. I had your maternal grandmother visiting me with her friend’s daughter, who is about my age. They came in the house and as a sign of affection the young woman said “Oh, I can’t wait for your baby to be here, I want to give her my breast milk.”

I was furious, I thought about telling them to go. I was afraid my mother will ask me to have this young woman at my place to help me with you. I was annoyed she suggested feeding you, Berry. Did she want to take my child away from me?

You are mine baby and I want to breastfeed you. For me, my milk is another way to show you my endless love, the bond I want to create with you will start from that. And I am scared someone might try to take that away from me. 

Yesterday at the midwife appointment I asked if is possible for a mother not to have milk to feed her baby. She said that every mother has breast milk, sometimes it might not be enough but every mother has breast milk . That comforted me. I want to have enough milk to feed you through my body supply – and the lack of sore breast during my pregnancy thus far send into paranoia.

You and I are “ Two hearts, Two hearts that beat as one, […]”. You, inside me and I, outside you. It’s mind blowing, you have your little personality but we are one. Nothing is like the endless love a mother can feel for her child and that’s what I feel for you: ENDLESS LOVE!

Having you attached to me through an umbilical cord makes me understand what endless love really means. I cannot ever, EVER stop loving you. The love I have for you is not a passion based love, it is pure like clear waters in a summer day. There are no strings attached. As much as I LOVE your father, I know my love for you is STRONGER.

I hope you will love me back always.

My endless love,



QUESTIONS: Can a mother love too much? Did'/Do you have any strange dreams? What would you do if someone put his/her on your belly?



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10 Aug 2011

London On Fire – English Riots

This is  a post for when the fires will be watered down and I will need to go back to see these current events with fresh eyes. Being away from the scene might affect my understanding but the issues are similar to every riots.

My heart and prayers go to all the people who have lost their houses or businesses due to the increasing riots around London. I am very sad about these events because I am scared for my friends and families in London. So far the areas affected is not close to where they live.


Since Saturday 06-08-2011 London and surrounding English cities are going through riots and looting. And as we are aware there is a reason for every unrest.Shooting-in-Tottenham-Hal-007

The mayhem started after a young man, Mark Duggan (29), was shot by a police officer while trying to carry out an arrest. On August 8th it was reported that

… the C019 firearms officer has said that he never claimed Duggan had shot at him.

The firearms officer is understood to have told investigators that he opened fire because he believed he was in danger from a lethal weapon. Two shots were fired, it is understood; one hit Duggan and one missed, lodging in another officer's radio.

That shot was fatal to Duggan who died on the spot. After his death, around 200 protesters gathered together demanding some answers. The demonstration which friends and family member began as a request for further information was peaceful. After four hours of not getting any information the women decided to leave the scene. The youth ceased the opportunity to start the revolt. They have had enough of the police mistreatments. Although there was an issue behind the revolt it was not what the main focus became; thugs hijacked the situation to keep up the disorder.

The unrest was not supported by the family.

Leaders of the community spoke about the frustration of Duggan’s death. They compared the situation to the events of 1985’s riots.  

The media used Duggan’s death as the source of the upheavals because it was easy to blame on something.

Surely there is a long story behind the shooting, but it is obvious that the family is frustrated due to the fact the lack of police regards to their emotions. After the killing no authority had the courage to go to the family personally to announce the death of Duggan. It was through the media that they learnt about the tragedy. The story may vary from reporter to reporter but the community believes it was race discrimination. Also the fact that the firearm officer shot his gun because he was scared for his own life might indicate race discrimination.

One of the community leaders pointed out that the police might be trying to cover up the death of Duggan and although there was a gun at the shooting scene which might have belonged to Mark, it was in a sock. Tottenham has been targeted by police, and the majorities of people who get stopped and searched are young black men or ethnic minorities.

These events are taking people back to memory lane. The social context and the killing of Duggan re-echo the events that sparked the riots in Brixton in 1981. The editorial of guardian.co.uk compared:

…riots taking place against the backdrop of a royal wedding and an economic downturn; riots in some of the same locations, even in some cases the same streets; riots repeating many of the same patterns of events – including the looting of clothes and televisions – and all of it resulting in many of the same public and political responses. Some things, though, are different.

Although socially things might seem better from afar, the issues are still hanging in the air :

[…]Thirty years ago, Lord Scarman's landmark report concluded that the Brixton riots were "essentially an outburst of anger and resentment by young black people against the police". The evidence for that conclusion was overwhelming. Thirty years ago, London's police had provided repeated provocation for concern and anger. Much policing of that era was too aggressive, too high-handed, based on crude and often racist stereotypes, and lacked any convincing accountability, either strategically or for individual abuses.

[…] But it is also clear that there have been major changes, almost all of them for the better, in the policing of London and of black communities, in the years since Scarman. Police training, behaviour, leadership, methods and accountability have all been qualitatively improved. Tottenham is also an improved place in countless ways.

As argued above rough policing has improved, but one can counter argue that it is still tainted with discrimination. The relationship between the police and young black men had been stretched to breaking point since such improvement. Nina Power points out:

One journalist wrote that he was surprised how many people in Tottenham knew of and were critical of the IPCC, but there should be nothing surprising about this. When you look at the figures for deaths in police custody (at least 333 since 1998 and not a single conviction of any police officer for any of them), then the IPCC and the courts are seen by many, quite reasonably, to be protecting the police rather than the people.

Is easy to use Mark Duggan’s death as the source of the mayhem, however there is more to it. Last November students took over the roads of London centre in protest for the government spending cuts. The students’ frustrations came about when the Tories decided to increase the students tuitions and to cut education funding. This affected those in need, the people from ‘ethnic minority’ and low income households. The living conditions of some people living in deprived boroughs of London tend to be impoverished: intellectually, socially and economically.

Combine understandable suspicion of and resentment towards the police based on experience and memory with high poverty and large unemployment and the reasons why people are taking to the streets become clear. (Haringey, the borough that includes Tottenham, has the fourth highest level of child poverty in London and an unemployment rate of 8.8%, double the national average, with one vacancy for every 54 seeking work in the borough.)

Those condemning the events of the past couple of nights in north London and elsewhere would do well to take a step back and consider the bigger picture: a country in which the richest 10% are now 100 times better off than the poorest, where consumerism predicated on personal debt has been pushed for years as the solution to a faltering economy, and where, according to the OECD, social mobility is worse than any other developed country.

To fight the riots and looting the British government increased police forces from 6.000 to 16.000 last night. It was later reported that the increased saw results. Cameron, the Prime Minister, reinforced that:

“We will not allow a culture of fear to exist on our streets. Let’s me be clear […], full contingence planning is going ahead. Whatever resources the police need, they will get. Whatever tactics the police feel they need to employ, they will have legal backing to do so. […] The police are already authorised to use baton rangs […] we now have in place contingence plans for water canons to be available at 24hours notice.”

This is fear against fear, which in case of social unrest, every government likes to employ to push the real issues at bay – what’s the difference between a developing country and developed country? In all revolts, the police seem to have more power over civilians. But one have to question how does one resolve a big issues as mistrust between those who are supposed to protect your wellbeing becoming your perpetrators?

Government mismanagement of the economical situation, social stratification and increase discrimination against the ‘ethnic minority’ have escalated these rioting. However the thugs have to be stopped so that the real issues can be dealt with. Until then, slowly, everything that happened will be forgotten and blamed on some silly issues. Meanwhile the great issues will be swept under the carpet like a big elephant in a small room.

8 Aug 2011

Water and Sun

Hello everyone, hope your Sunday was fun.

We had a good weekend, which included me starting to paint something on Saturday– hopefully once is done I will have the courage to show it on this blog.

We went to church and then had lunch with some friends at their cabin on Blaine Lake. The invitation included sleeping over as well. In the evening it was just me and hubby, we watched Castaway, and just enjoyed each other’s company. We felt blessed.

This morning the sun coming through the windows wake me up. The water of the lake played it music against the shore. It felt good. I felt blessed to experience such a wonderful moment. I wish I had a camera to capture that moment – I forgot the card at home. But it didn’t matter because the most important thing is to cherish each precious moment without worrying about cameras.

The stay at the cabin made us think that in life is important to live rather than accumulate all the riches in the world without enjoying each moment that the sun brings us.

We want to live and enjoy life together with Berry.

Have a great week my lovelies.


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5 Aug 2011

Indulging In the Small Things: week 24

My Berry Baby,

today mummy started her day with a little bit of indulging.week24You see, I’ve sent myself some deadlines. From day 101 I want to start organising the studio in a way that we can accommodate the necessary things for you. Yes, we (you and I)are going share the studio.

But until that date I am indulging in the small little things. Today for instance I had a long bath. Read some poems from the New Canadian Poetry anthology… poems and listened to classic music. indulgence

P.S: After the morning indulgence I am writing, so just a little bit of indulging… :).


A quick update: On Tuesday we went to see the OB and your heart rate was 138. I am sure you were sleeping because it was an early morning visit. It was not an exciting visit, but still was good to hear your heartbeat. Apart from that nothing major is happening. You are moving and I can see some of your movement through the belly wall. It is exciting to see. My belly button is not out completely.

Today I want to be brief because sometimes I talk too much._______________




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3 Aug 2011

TOI’s version of Hamburger Rolls

I love bread, but as I also know bread is not good for my waist line. However since we moved here I decided to learn how to bake bread because bread is expensive in the supermarket and sometimes I want to eat some. For this reason, before I got my brand new kitchen aid mixer, I started learn by mixing all the ingredient together by hand.

Although my mother used to be a baker in Ghana and for some time had a business, I titled Mummy’s Bread, in Italy, I never learnt how to bake bread her way. So, this bread baking thing is a new endeavour for me.

The first thing I needed was a good bread – I searched the internet and tried some but none came out well – in the end I went to the library and got this book:thebook

I decided to try hamburger roll with a twist.

The ingredients: ingredients

  • 3 1/4 cups of bread flour
  • 1 cup water
  • 2 tablespoons sugar (I opted for brown sugar)
  • 2 teaspoons salt
  • 1 tablespoon dry yeast
  • 1tablespoon non-fat dry milk
  • 1/4 cup butter, room temperature
  • additional flour for assorted tasks


  • 1 egg, beaten for brushing
  • 2 tablespoons sesame seeds, for garnish 

mixingdough1. In a bowl mix the water, yeast, milk powder, sugar, butter and floor – the book suggests you use a standing electric mixer with the dough hook attached, but I didn’t have that privilege at the time so I used my energy. Still mixing add salt and continue kneading for 10 minutes.

P70114062. Place the dough in a large floured bowl and cover with plastic wrap. Let rest for 1 hour.

3. transfer the dough to a floured work surface and flatten in out with your palm of the hand to remove air pockets.

4. Divide the dough in half, then each half into 4 equal pieces, for a total of 8. Form each piece into a ball – my came very bad.

5. Using a lightly floured rolling pin, roll each ball into a1/2-inch-thick circle. Place the dough circles in a parchment paper-lined baking pan 1 inch apart – optional, brush with the beaten egg and sprinkle sesame seeds on top. Let rise for 1 hour.

6. Bake in a preheated 350*F oven for 15 minutes, or until golden brown.


If I was baking for look wise, I wouldn’t pass the test, but I would pass for taste.

I wanted the rolls for both hamburgers and also as breakfast rolls. For this reason, I took the liberty not to use egg for brushing and sesame seeds for garnishing.

As soon as I took the rolls out from the oven, I toasted few and spread orange marmalade on top for breakfast. breakfastrolls It was yummy.

Now that I have my kitchen aid, I am sure I am going to become better with practice – watch out Bree and Nigella Lawson!


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2 Aug 2011

Starry Eyed

Just love British music and Starry Eyed sounds great for an al tempo birth playlist.

What do think of the song?

Today I feel fruity find out on TC30s the reason :).

1 Aug 2011

Our First Canadian Summer Holiday…

… in Waskesiu, Prince Albert National Park, was memorable, even with the vampires mosquitoes trying to suck all our blood. They are vicious and blood thirst. I was always fighting against them, I killed some and some sucked our blood. We went to a campsite that is secluded in the forest, therefore it was inevitable for us to get so close to all types of wide life. Deers were our every day neighbour. They were shy of humans, but came to eat in the around the campsite when they thought we were not observing. Hubby captured a picture of one that reminded me of Bambi –

so cute!likebambi It was really nature at it best. Green wild life and blue, blue sky and lake. We canoned and went fishing – yes, a pregnant woman casting a fishing rod :). preggofisherwomanI caught a tiny fish…tinyfishand hubby initially caught a medium size fish…smallfish …but we let them go, because they were not big enough. After more fishing hubby caught a big one – I was so proud of my man.bigfish The fish – pike – was slimy, but once cleaned, peppered and put on the barbeque…fishonfire … it was yummy with a little bit of sea salt. yummyfishfinishedfish We also so saw few elks. The cutest scene happened on a rainy day. The beach was empty, we were chilling and drinking hot chocolate under a nearby public kitchen shelter when we saw an elk crossing the street with her little one – so, SO sweet!elk The following day we went to chill under the sun.coolpreggo

It was a perfect short holiday, but we really enjoyed it. It combined our love for nature, water and sun together. We minded about the mosquitoes, but it didn’t make us not want to go there again. It is also a family friendly place and although some people looked at us, we know they were looking because truth to be told… we are darn cute mixed race couple ^_^!. Well, we can’t wait to go there with our little Berry and our extended family next year – however, we might go there again next month :).

Where are you going on holiday this summer? As a couple of mixed culture and race do you find people looking at you more in some places? How does that make you feel?

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