18 Jan 2012

AOI’s Birth Story: Breathing Baby Into The World

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The rest was as if in a dream.
The lights in the living and dining room were turned off. They left on the lights in the kitchen and in the hall. A. put on Berry Birth Playlist Soothing and Classic. Bella’s Lullaby began to fill the room and my body relaxed.
Each following contraction I let my body relax further. D. was wiping my face with cold wipes because I was sweating so much from the heat of the water. At intervals A. brought cold water for me to drink and pieces of banana to boost my energy. I couldn’t eat anything else.
At one point I had to get out of the pool desperately. I needed to pee. Someone told me to do it in the pool but the idea of accidently having a bowel movement there forced me to get out and go to the bathroom. I think that was the third stage of labour contractions. I went into the bathroom and sat on the toilet. D. came to count some contractions with me. Meanwhile AMI and A. were changing the water of the pool.
When I got out of the bathroom D. examined me. I was not making progress therefore she suggested I walk up and down the stairs. The contractions came stronger after each walk and I felt fluid dripping down my legs. “I am peeing myself.” I said near to tears for the embarrassment. Both A. and D. tranquillised me by saying that was amniotic fluid which meant that the baby was coming down. Their words gave me renewed energy and power. I walked for about two minutes then decided to stop because the contractions that followed were too strong to bear. D. asked if I wanted the pitocin. I turned down the offer because I could still go through the contractions, plus I didn’t want medicated pain reliefs. Though I didn’t need anything I asked which other non medicated pain relief was on offer. There must be something else apart from the water I thought. But there was nothing apart from my mind, my labour partners and the water. I went on my knees near the pool to give more room for baby to descend.
When D. checked again I was dilated enough because she began the preparation for delivery. She was very discreet and quiet but I could tell what she was doing because I was still alert of my surroundings. She checked the water to make sure that it was at the right temperature 38ᵒC-39ᵒC (that’s how I liked it). I needed to pee, after that she asked me to go kneel on the bed for some contractions. “I can see the baby coming.”
After those contractions I wanted to lie on the bed but A. encouraged me to stand up because she told me that, though lying on the side made labour contractions comfortable, it slows down labour. There was no way that I wanted to slow down labour so I got off the bed.
Downstairs D. was ready; she was waiting for me to decide what I wanted to do next. She asked if I wanted to give birth in the pool or not.
“In the pool.” That was all I wanted.

I changed again, this time I wore my swimming top.
At half seven I was in the tub, when I overheard D. telling A. to get ready to help her in case the baby arrives before the second midwife reaches our house. But luckily the second midwife, R., arrived just before eight o’clock. Things started to move fast from there on.
D. told me that from that moment on I could push if I felt the urge to do so. I didn’t know if I was doing it right. I was worried that I was never going to know that urge or that due to the strong desire to too see my baby I was going to push without that urge. These thoughts made me ask “Am I doing it?” to which A. answered
“You are doing it.”
“Am I fully dilated? Can the baby come?”
“Of course, you’ve been ready for the baby hours ago.” D. confirmed.
I was happy, relaxed ready to receive my baby. The music was going. “Listen, Mozart, Enya and Tchaikovsky...” D. pointed out to R.
“...The music I like.”
I breathed to the music, letting my body dance to it during the following contractions. Teardrop by Massive Attack began, I felt my baby coming further down. I could imagine my baby descending. It gave me encouragement. I wanted to welcome her to such beautiful song. I let myself go. The music put me into a trance, it was surreal “I can see the head... do you want to touch it?” D. asked.
“No... I am... worried that if I touch it I might not do the pushing right.” I was breathing with each push so I like to think that I breathed my baby into the world.
Then I started to chant “I can do it.”
“Yes, you are doing it.” A. encouraged me
“O. bra.” O. come I called to my baby in Ghanaian. Daddy was sitting behind me in the water on a blue bucket. He called to our baby in Ghanaian too. It felt magical and enchanted as I wanted it to be.
But I was worried that I was going to lose the energy when her head was in my perineum. It burned as if someone had put chilly down there. When they told me that it was the head of my baby giving pressure in that area, I didn’t mind the burning anymore, because I knew that in few seconds I was going to see my baby.
I held tightly to the tub handles. A. held my other hand and AMI supported my back. D. told me that during the last stages she wanted me to breathe more so that she can catch my baby for me. I did my best. She caught our baby at 8:30pm and brought her to me. I proudly received my baby girl.
I closed my eyes to savour my baby girl, my beauty, my dear daughter AOI. AMI and I were so happy.
Happy 2nd month in our lives my darling sweet daughter!


  1. Wow, this is amazing. I am amazed that you did a home birth, looks like it was very personal and the hubby got to be involved in the process from beginning to end. This is such a great summary of events by the way.

  2. what an incredible birthing experience you had. you are so strong and so brave. even when you had an option for drugs you didn't take it. very impressive. you do have a beautiful little girl and it's wonderful that you had your mom's prayers and your hubbby's support throughout the birth. thanks for sharing.

  3. That is a beautiful story! Probably the most beautifully written one that I've seen put to words. I've never written my birth story, but now I think I'll at least document it in my journal or something.

  4. Wow! Toi, what an amazing birth. I like how you wrote this. I wish I could have done a home birth. I was too scared to do one. I like how you envisioned your birth and it worked well for you.

  5. I love reading natural birth stories and yours is one of the best! I am so happy you had such a wonderful birth surrounded by such loving people. Berry is going to be so proud of her parents when she reads this!

  6. Awesome!!! I love your birth story!!

  7. Beautiful birth story! I know she will treasure the day she was breathed into the world.

  8. What a great birth story. It's so beautiful and very encouraging. You seem like a strong woman. Wow!!!

  9. Wow, beautiful birth story! You do so great!! I love how you envisioned her coming down and how the thought of her coming out motivated you so much, I am so happy for you!!

  10. Wow, what a beautiful story. I loved every bit of it. You did a great job. Congratulations, she is beautiful!!!

  11. I love how you called out to your baby in your mother tongue. What a magical moment your baby's birth must have been!

  12. What an incredible birthing story...so beautiful!

  13. Awww....what a heart warming birth story. I'm glad that you had such a wonderful first experience and that everyone around you was so supportive and encouraging.

  14. Thanks for sharing your story! And congrats to you. She's just gorgeous :) xoxo

  15. awesome story! I envy moms who did home birth, I wasn't brave enough, but with your post, i am beginning to have second thoughts. I might try it for my second baby. It seems way better that giving birth in the hospital when every body is shouting at you.

    BTW, you have a lovely baby. You should consider posting her pictures here as well: http://www.babypics.com/pics

    congrats and keep posting :)

  16. It's your language that I love so. It's the words you use like "caught my baby" and "breathed my baby into the world" and chanting - words that would not be used in first language English to describe birth but that I so love about English second language because I think there's something hard-sounding and definite about the English language that only becomes musical when spoken from the perspective of speakers from other continents - beautiful xx


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