17 Jan 2012

AOI’s Birth Story: The Day Before

In the afternoon of 17th November I sat at my desk, opened my journal and wrote:diary17112011
I have three diaries, one for my poems, another for my thoughts to you. This one is for my thoughts about the days leading to your arrival. I feel emotional because I don’t know when exactly you will make your debut in this world.
I am excited and full of nerves. I feel your delicate movements more than ever, in fact I think you want to come because the room is getting too cramped for you.
I imagine your face but it is not clear in my mind because I think you are beautiful more than the way my poor imagination can describe you.
I am anxious because I really want you to debut in November and I don’t know what to do when you are overdue, to give another week before inducing or shall I wait until you decide to come. I don’t think it will be good for both of us if I wait too long I will be overly paranoid.
I will do what my instinct tells me to do around your due date.
I am feeling stronger jabs in the lower back and I hope they are helping the cervix open more.
This week has being nice.
Monday= I went to have manicure and pedicure.
Tuesday= I went to the chiropractor and massage therapist. In the evening we went to watch Contagion.
Yesterday I was reading and trying to find ideas for a poem or short story I want to write to submit to a writing magazine.
Today I am writing and also doing my hair.
I am presentable to meet my baby, I can say.
I wonder if I should squat more to help you descend.
I believe last night I dreamt that you were lying very low in the womb. It looked as if you were about to drop. I didn’t see which day.
But there are some scenes of how I envisage your birth.
  • It will happen early in the morning, when true labour begins – early morning around four o’clock. I will focus on cleaning your nursery, making it is clean just to have something to focus on.
  • Outside it will be snowing. We will have the water ready in the pool. Once I’ve done the nursery I will go have a shower for half an hour or more. I will oil my body and put myself in the grey vest dress with a scarf around my neck. I will be squatting and then go in the pool when I feel like I need my contractions to relax. We will be listening to Berry Playlist Love on loop from the moment I wake up.
  • Daddy will be supporting me throughout and the doula will be taking notes of my progress and pictures.
  • After four hours of active labour I will start breathing you and by nine o’clock you will make your debut.
  • Sounds easy right? Wishing, praying for and envisaging doesn’t harm.
That evening when AMI, my hubby, came back from work we went to the library to return some books because I didn’t want to get more fines. We came home just in time to see D., our midwife, who had to leave the birthing pool in preparation for the due date, 21st November. Once in the house AMI decided to blow two levels of the three levels pool.pool 1
When he finished I whispered to Berry in my belly “You can come now, we are ready for the delivery.” I felt such serenity around me. We went to bed around eleven without suspecting anything. Outside was snowing as per my wish, I was so happy.
To be continued…


  1. Oooooh my gosh I cannot wait to read more. LOVING. THIS. SO. FAR. :)

  2. Yay! Can't wait to hear the rest of the story! :)

  3. Sounds soo interesting...love how regular everything is before one's life changes forever!! LOVE your snow pictures above...too awesome!

  4. More, more, more. So interesting. I wanted to deliver in a birthing pool. Can't wait to read your experience.

  5. eeek so excited your sharing your story. i just started with this post. on to the next one. what a wonderfully positive vision you had for your birth experience


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