30 Jan 2012

HELP?!!!… A Party For My Love…

Good Monday my lovely ladies :).

Hope the day is going well for everyone, but if you need an inspiration please stop by TC30s – I’ve started contributing again.

Now on to my post title.

I need HELP, because in two weeks nine days, my lovely hubby will turn 35. I want to throw him a birthday party – that will be the very first one – but I don’t know what to do.

Some of my friends are willing to help me organise something but obviously they will like some directions from me. That’s why I want to turn to you my friends for more tips ^__^!

Questions: Have you ever organised a birthday party for your better-half? What do you suggest I do? House party or out party?

Please share with me.


  1. The mustache bash is still super popular right now and that's fun for adults and kids of all ages. If he's into camping that's could be fun. What sort of things does he like: movies, books, hobbies, etc? I like to throw a party that takes a spin off of a fave of the guest of honor.

    I can help you bounce around ideas if you'd like: info@pip-events.com. I own a custom party business: PipEvents.etsy.com. Most of our stuff is for kids, but over the holidays we styled a Vegas/Casino party for a corporation, so we can do stuff other than kiddie parties. Good luck!!

  2. I wish I could help you. I want to throw a party for my husband this year too. I have never thrown a party before so I'll need all the help I can get.

  3. I think guys prefer to stay in and invite people. I always do small group, dinner, board games deal :)

  4. I say go out and enjoy some time outside the house. Plus, you don't have to worry about decorating or cooking. You can just reserve a table/booth/room at your favorite restaurant, bring a few balloons, presents and a cake.

  5. I never threw a party for my husband before. But I always love house parties.

  6. oh the party outside looks lovely BUT i believe it's cold where you are around this time...so definitely a house party sounds like a great idea. those are always fun and cozy!!

  7. oh by the way...i LOVE the new button!

  8. I like the suggestion of hiring a room in a restaurant for his birthday dinner. :)

  9. I tried twice to throw my hubby bday party. first when he turned 21 and then when he turned 25. He wasn't into them so I stopped. now I just take him to his favorite restaurant and he prefers that. If your hubby likes parties make it simple and stress-free...at home with good friends, good food, good wine and good music

  10. Get a small group together and stay in. Cook his favorite food and just enjoy the company. :)

  11. I have never thrown a party for the hubby before either but I will stay tuned for inspiration. Good luck, I am sure whatever you come up with he will love (thought that count and all).


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