9 Jan 2012

Questions Anyone?

I was looking through my old posts, and I noticed that I am becoming boring and close to that mother that doesn’t do anything else but talk about her child forgetting that she is a human being with her own likes/dislikes. I never intended to become a mummy-blogger, therefore I promised not to turn my online space into my child’s online space because she might not like it one day.
After all this blog is called Life of TOI and not life of Miss AOI – obviously she’s part of my life so now and again a post about her will appear.
As much as I love my daughter, thanks to the posts from my guest bloggers I remind myself daily that I am a woman, a wife and a mother with her own passion which is not only her new family.
But everything that pop into the head seems to be related to her, it hard to write a post, but I really want to write.
For this reason I would like your help. It would be nice to have a ball rolling towards me so I can catch and throw back. All that boring sentence just to say that although I am not cool or glamorous as some bloggers out there, it would be nice to have some Q&A posts to delight this lady here.

If you decide to help out your questions will not appear at the comment sections because I will keep it private until the answers are posted, but then you might not ask anything and that will be ok but I will be a little SAD.
You can ask me about anything: my memories in Ghana?, Italy? or Britain? Marriage?, Motherhood – the dirty laundries?, my favourite food? musician? books?, my writing journey {post one of my poems?}, … anything you fancy. Just ask me something fun, mind blowing and good please :).
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