6 Jan 2012

Week 7 – I Captured A Smile

Darling Miss AOI,
today I managed to capture your beautiful smile on camera.thesmile
your smile opens a whole new world in me. it makes me wanna stand high on a skyscraper and shout out of happiness. your smile makes me believe that maybe i am doing something right as a new mother. and At My Most Beautiful by R.E.M came to mind
At My Most Beautiful by R.E.M. on Grooveshark
sometimes i can’t stop wondering how this beautiful child is my child, MY OWN child, mine… and daddy’s too – something that happens every day until i fall asleep at night.
our most intimate moments are feeding time, that’s makes me so special.P1067415
i look at you, your tiny feet playing in my free hand, your sweet baby defined arms, i kiss the knuckles and wrist, i kiss the warm cheeks, my heart melts like tropical sun,  i hold you tight, to no avail like many waters trying to quench Solomon’s love. to be a mother to such a diamond is such a pleasure.
        happy 7th week out of the womb.
all my love and more,
Mummy TOI.


  1. She and you are just beautiful together! I heart the smilIng picture...she is just too precious!!

  2. That pic of her smiling is just precious!

  3. Amen to that. Being a mommy is the best feeling in the world.

  4. She is so beautiful!! Happy 7 Weeks!

  5. what a gorgeous smiling girl! her smile just made me smile!

  6. Oh my goodness! She is just soooo adorable!!

  7. Awww, this is so sweet. She is so cute and I just love the pic of you breastfeeding her. So magical isn't?

  8. Oh my! That smile is breath-taking. I still can not get a pic of my little one with a full on smile.

  9. Love the beautiful pics! Thanks for sharing these moments!


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