13 Jan 2012

Week 8 – Shoulders To Lean On

Sweet Miss AOI,
eight weeks since your birth, eh?
You are so alert,  bright and active. You are talkative {baby talk} and laughs a lot when we sing the wheel on the bus. When I see your face looking at me I get so excited like a little child with too much sweets, and I ask myself what I did to deserve such a beautiful-wonderful daughter. Your eyes are expressive, when you fix them on me my head spins, because they pull me into your deep and beautiful soul. soulfuleyes    Some people say you look like me but I think you are so much beautiful than me and nothing can compare to you.
On Tuesday we went to a writers workshop. You were the first baby there. Nobody noticed though because you slept most of the time. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again – you make this woman enjoy motherhood so much.
Yesterday we went to see the midwife for the final check up. She was surprised to see how grown you are, you are already 60cm. She said you are growing beautifully and you are going to be quite tall.
The other day you were crying because you wanted to sleep. I was doing the dishes so I put you on my back in the carrier, then I wrapped the Ghanaian cloth daddy bought for our engagement. I took the carrier away and voila’ we had Ghanaian way of putting a baby in a sling.carrier1 That was the first time I was carrying you. You fell asleep straight away. Daddy tried the same trick but without the cloth. It was so precious to see :).carrier2 You like to be carried around. Our precious angel, always remember that you have our shoulders to lean on when you are need for shoulders to lean on.
All our love,
Mummy and Daddy!


  1. Your letters to Miss AOI always make me so emotional...you are right about her eyes...they are expressive and definitely can get lost in them. She is beautiful Toi! And I love the traditional and modern ways you both carry her!!

  2. she's getting bigger and more beautiful every day! I love the babywearing pics!

  3. She is one adorable baby. all that hair and those beautiful bright open eyes, just wow. Baby wearing African style is the best.

  4. Awwwwww. AOI is so cute and lucky. May she live long and bring you so much more joy!

  5. Such a beautiful baby! Getting bigger day by day.

  6. Aww...she's so beautiful! Baby carriers and wraps are lifesavers. I enjoy the bonds and closeness it gave me with both my kiddies! Hope you all are having a blessed Sunday.

  7. I love the wrapper you are using to carry baby girl! That pic made me smile because my mom use to carry me around like that in a similar cloth. I am so going to tote my own lil girl around like that too!

  8. Oh my goodness I love the back wrap you have!!! I am dying over the cuteness :-)

  9. I love that Ghanian wrap...gorgeous! What a beautiful baby she is. And so fortunate to have loving parents.

    joy and blessings,

  10. She is just beautiful! Such a doll baby!

  11. Miss AOI is so incredibly beautiful. What a little bundle of joy. She's growing so fast!

  12. Your letters to your daughter are beautiful. And she is so adorable!


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